How to be Good in Bed

6 most common mistakes guys make in bed

how to be better in bedIf you want to be good in bed, to be a lover that can keep a woman sexually satisfied, then you stop making these common mistakes that guys make.

It’s not enough to overcome premature ejaculation and last longer in bed. Even if you can get hard and stay hard all night long it is still not enough.  If you really want a woman to desire more sex from you and you alone, take a look at some (or all of the mistakes you may be making.

1. Failing to notice when she fakes it

I’d like to share a somewhat shocking statistic with you. It’s the result of a survey carried out by best-selling author Naura Hayden.

And here’s what she found:

After interviewing close to 500 women she discovered that 89% of women fake their orgasms most of, if not every time they have sex.

Can you believe that? 89% of women!

And the thing is that most men don’t even realize it’s happening.

As far as they know they think she’s completely satisfied, until one day she decides she doesn’t want to be in that relationship any more.

Or perhaps another man comes along who seems like he could truly satisfy her and next thing you know – she’s sleeping with him.

So, how can you tell when she’s faking it?

Well here are some of the signs a woman gives off when she does orgasm. If all of these are missing then it’s a good indication that she may well be faking it.

  • Her skin gets hotter
  • She spasms and her muscles become tense
  • Her nipples become erect
  • She becomes more “lubricated”
  • She releases white sticky fluid – aka cum
  • Her pupils dilate
  • She becomes tired directly afterwards

Most guys have no idea these signs exist, let alone do they pay attention to them.

You can’t afford to make that mistake.

If you want to learn how to be good in bed begin paying attention to her sexual satisfaction. If she’s not satisfied, then immediately go figure out what does satisfy her so she doesn’t end up looking, elsewhere for the sexual fulfillment she craves.

2. Trying to imitate porn stars

Before you go imitating what you see in adult movies there are two things you’ve got to realize:

1 – Adult movies are most often designed for the viewing pleasure of men

2 – The female actresses in adult movies are PAID to act satisfied

Together, what this often means is that the male actors will get told to thrust fast and hard (because most men prefer to watch this type of sex)…

And then no matter how she feels, the woman will act as if she’s having a great time.

In fact, the male actor could be the worst lover ever and she would still act satisfied, because that’s what she gets paid to do.

Overall this means adult movies are incredibly misleading as to what it really takes to satisfy a woman in bed.

Don’t be fooled into thinking what you see in these movies is what it takes to have a woman yell your name out loud…

And definitely don’t base your sexual education around what you see in them.

The truth is that there are many highly effective things you can do to be better in bed and give to give a woman intense pleasure and help you last longer. These things are never shown in these movies, purely because they don’t look that interesting for guys watching.

3. Not knowing when to go fast and when to go low

For most men sex is about speed. But if you want to know how to be good in bed you need to rethink this.

It’s about getting a woman’s clothes off as quickly as possible and getting things going as quickly as possible.

This is a huge mistake.

Although this is great for us guys – women need more than just fast physical stimulation and progression to feel great.

For a woman to truly enjoy sex it takes giving her emotional stimulation.

For women how she feels emotionally is just as important as how she feels physically.

So here’s a great tip – vary the speed with which you do things before and during sex to stimulate a woman’s emotions.

If you have periods during foreplay where you take things really slowly she’ll welcome the change of pace and soon she’ll be begging you to take it to the next level…

At which point she’ll enjoy it 10x more than if you rushed straight for it.

Plus what’s also great about occasionally slowing things down is that change of pace like this also helps to increase your overall stamina.

Guys who are really good in bed already know this.

4. Relying on oral sex alone

Oral sex is a fantastic way to give a woman pleasure.

However, relying on this alone is a deadly mistake and doesn’t make you a better lover.

For a woman to feel truly sexually satisfied she needs a man who can satisfy her through full-blown sex.

Full-blown sex provides a level of intimacy and stimulation that nothing else, including oral sex, can compare to.

And for most women to orgasm through sex they will require you to last at least 10, if not 15-20 minutes (or much longer if you plan to give her the ultimate satisfaction of multiple orgasms)

But once you do this she will become sexually addicted to you, because orgasm through sex is the greatest pleasure for a woman.

And something she will secretly crave and possibly even seek out elsewhere if you can’t provide it.

So don’t make the deadly mistake of thinking that being great at oral sex is enough. If you want to learn how to be good in bed you will have to expand your abilities

5. Letting anxiety take over

For many men who can’t last long in bed and deeply satisfy a woman sex can be a scary, nervous and sometimes even traumatic experience (I know, because I used to experience all this negativity too).

However, you can never afford to let this anxiety get the better of you…

Because what you’ll find is that anxiety actually breeds poor performance, more anxiety and even earlier orgasm.

In other words, the more you worry, the worse things get.

The key to breaking this vicious cycle is to stand strong in the face of anxiety and not let it push you around.

You have to give yourself confidence by acting confident even when you don’t initially feel confident.

The way to do this is to adopt the body language as if you were feeling confident and focus on your strong points and not your weaknesses.

What often causes anxiety is repeatedly focusing on your weaknesses, past failures and likely future failures.

Focusing on these things would make anyone, including the most confident of men, feel fearful, so instead you’ve got to start consciously focusing on what makes you feel powerful and confident. This is the trick to making you better in bed.

And when you add to this some great techniques for lasting long in bed and giving women intense pleasure you have learnt how to be good in bed.

Then fear and anxiety around sex will become a thing of the past.

6. Not getting help

This is a biggie.

And it’s a mistake that too many men make.

And I believe this is the reason why so many women fake their orgasms.

Because most men never go out and learn what it really takes to satisfy a woman.

I can personally say that the day I stopped making this mistake was the day that my sex life began turning around.

Like I’ve mentioned before… I used to be able to last only 10 seconds in bed.

And every time my premature climax happened I felt painfully embarrassed and hated the fact that I couldn’t fully satisfy my lover.

At one stage a past girlfriend of mine even cheated on me and slept with another man while we were dating, because I was so hopeless sexually.

So I got committed to figure out what really works.

I did a ton of research, spent a ton of money on different “solutions”, tried a whole bunch of different things…

And eventually I stumbled across a few simple techniques that changed everything for me.

And as a result now I can last as long as I want. With my new-found confidence I’ve gone on to attract the girl of my dreams. I give her multiple intense orgasms almost every time we have sex. And she enjoys sex so much that she’s always asking me for more.

All this started from me seeking out help to make a change.

Now if you’d like to learn more about the techniques I discovered that changed everything for me, then  make sure you check out my free video on “The Unique Approach To Sex I Use To Last Over 30 Minutes In Bed”, which you can watch here.

This video will not just show you how to better in bed but how to be the better in bed than most guys out there.

Learning how to be good in  bed, really good, is just a matter of getting the info you need and applying it. Here’s to years of great sex!
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