Suffer from PE? You’re not alone.

So how many men suffer from PE?

suffer from PEThe facts may surprise you. Premature ejaculation is actually a quite common problem with many men. So what percentage of men suffer from PE daily?

First, premature ejaculation, or PE for short, is when a man ejaculates within 1 minute of vaginal penetration and intercourse.

Given this definition, studies show that around 30%, or 1 in 3 men suffer from severe premature ejaculation, PE.

That’s almost 1 in 3 men cannot last more than a minute after commencing intercourse with a woman.

That doesn’t include a much larger number of men who can last more than a minute but then bust their nut no long after, say 2 to 5 minutes.

The fact is that if you want to satisfy a women you will need to go for 20 minutes or more. That’s because women take a lot longer time to warm up and achieve climax themselves.

Whether you have severe PE where you cannot not even last a minute or medium to mild PE where you can last no more than 5 minutes, the fact is that most women partners will remain unsatisfied.

Sexually unsatisfied women is a major cause in relationship breakdown and infidelity. Even if she remains faithful, an unsatisfied woman is a grumpy woman which makes for a lack luster relationship at best.

Of course it stands to reason that if 30% of men experience severe PE, a much larger percentage are plagued with moderate or mild PE. That percentage of men who cannot go for at least 20 minutes, enouigth to keep her satisfied, must be huge. Perhaps 75% to 80%!

That means that over 75% of men suffer from PE and 75% of women in relationships remain sexually unsatisfied.

So if you suffer from PE, don’t feel alone. You are in a majority.

That’s bad news. But the good news is that PE is curable. You can become that select minority of men who can go the distance and truly satisfy their female partner.

Curing PE

There are all natural methods to cure PE delivered in a training program and pharmaceutical pills that can cure PE.

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The quick route to curing PE

dapoxetineThere are a bewildering array of mental tricks you could acquire to achieve premature ejaculation prevention.

A few of these techniques may work if you could take enough time to perfect the techniques. Mind you this requires practice and persistence.

However these advanced methods won’t be good for everybody. Do you have what it takes? Only time will tell.

The quickest way for preventing PE is medication. You may not want to hear that but it is the indisputable fact.

But aren’t medications are harmful to people? These pills that help you last longer help thousands of dudes without any harmful effects.

On the contrary the consequence is life enhancing – ejaculation control.

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How to control PE

How to Control PE and Become a Stud!

Jason JuliusUs guys often get a bad rap for having a relatively boring orgasm.

You know “one and done” type thing.

The problem with this belief is it isn’t true.

The people spreading this kind of false information are the ones who are clueless about what a male orgasm is capable of!

They’re the ones that settle for the status quo and never dig deep enough for the facts.

The real truth is you can condition your body to react in anyway you want during intercourse and during your orgasm.

If you want you can control PE and last 20 minutes, no problem. Even if you want to last 60 minutes, no problem.

Eliminate PE and experience bigger orgasms – when ready

control PEIf you want to experience an orgasm that is 10 times greater than any other orgasm you felt before, no problem.

You just need a little guidance to help you understand the simple steps and techniques involved for getting to that point.

Lucky for you that’s where I can help!

The short story is I spent two years reverse engineering the techniques and methods of guys who have no problem controlling their orgasms or the sensations they feel during intercourse.

And I developed a system that you can follow to achieve total and full control over your orgasm, put an end to premature ejaculation. Learn how you can control PE and create a more powerful orgasm for yourself.

All in as little time as possible.

These are the same techniques and strategies I use night in and night out to control PE and giver her and myself mind-blowing pleasure in the process..

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A shortcut way to control PE and last longer in bed

There are many ways one can acquire to develop long lasting control.

A few of the techniques could result in success if one can take the time to perfect the mental tricks. Mind you this takes practice and dedication.

Remember these advanced techniques may not work for you personally. Do you have what it takes? Only time will tell.

A quick method for lasting longer in bed is a pill. You may not want to hear that nevertheless it is the indisputable fact.

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The fact is the result is beneficial – goodbye premature ejaculation.

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What to do when she orgasms

How to send her into mind-blowing ecstasy when she orgasms

Jason JuliusI received a great question from a client wanting to know what to do once his girlfriend begins to have her orgasm. He asked:

What do I do when she orgasms?


A lot of people say and do speed-up whatever stimulus they are applying, much like a man’s escalation to his orgasm when she orgasms.

But when I slow down my motions, almost as if to tease her during her orgasm, that she experiences a much more prolonged and pleasurable orgasm.

I’ve also noticed holding her, maybe on the last orgasm of the night, brings her to a very emotionally connected state of mind.

Do you have any words of wisdom on or beyond this topic?  Specifically things that amplify or give even more pleasure to her orgasms?

My Answer: What to do during her orgasm

when she orgasmsAt the time a woman is experiencing a full body vaginal orgasm you will actually stop touching her and let her experience the orgasm.

In most cases her vagina will clamp down on your finger. You can leave your fingers inside as she experiences the orgasm. Often times her vaginal wall will swell so much it will actually push you out of her when she orgasms (typical of female ejaculation).

Stimulation during the actual orgasm may even be annoying to her as she will be VERY sensitive.

Let her experience the orgasm for the moment and when her body begins to relax. Resume vaginal stimulation. Often times you will be able to fire off another orgasm shortly after the first one.

Rhythm is the key

In terms of the actual escalation to the orgasm, rhythm is key. Find a steady pressure and rhythm and keep it steady and let her body do the work.

If you suddenly change the speed as she progresses to the orgasm it’s going to throw her off.

Imagine when you’re getting a great BJ and she’s hitting the sweet spot. But right before you’re ready to blow she stops or completely changes what she’s doing and it screws you up.

It’s sort of the same thing only more important when it comes to female orgasms. Keeping a constant rhythm helps women get to the mental place their mind needs to be in.

Gradually slowing down the rhythm as you describe can lead to more anticipation and more build up to the orgasm. Which is great. What I’m talking about above is when you completely break rhythm.

Holding her while she orgasms is very powerful emotionally for her. It’s also very rewarding as a man to hold a woman in your arms. You just gave her one of most pleasurable experiences of her life!

Give her orgasms she will never forget!

If you’re not at the point of being able to give your lover multiple orgasms every single time you’re intimate you need to go through my training The Female Orgasm Blueprint

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Give her mind-blowing sex tonight

Tips to give give her mind-blowing sex with strong orgasms

give her mind-blowing sexEveryone loves to have great sex. And contrary to conventional wisdom, women love sex as much as guys do, if not more! Read these tips below to learn how to give her mind-blowing sex regularly.

But what if you feel that your sex life has turned somewhat dull and dreary and needs a little oomph? Well, there is plenty you can do to turn your ordinary sexual experiences into toe-curling erotic adventures in (and out!) of the bedroom and give her mind-blowing sex day in and day out.

Discover 69 sensuous tips for making your wife or partner melt in between the sheets and giving her the best sex ever.

1 Get her engines warmed up

The bedroom becomes a drab place if you’ve lost (or never found) the art of teasing your woman to arouse and excite her. Women aren’t turned on instantly but once they do, they can stay aroused for a long time. Use your hands and tongue to heighten her anticipation and sexily craft an atmosphere of desire. Focus the first 10 minutes exclusively on her… it will soon get her erotic engine purring.

2 Let her on top

Instead of the standard missionary position, let her get on top so that she has total rhythmic control over the speed and intensity of penetration. This position also enables you to stimulate her breasts and clitoris and build up her arousal quickly. For a variation of this position, have her face away from you. This allows you to have a greater chance of stimulating her G-spot with your penis.

3 Try a little being caught risk

Nothing gets a woman aroused faster than the risk of being caught in the act. It’s the ultimate taboo. If she’s all for the idea, try it! Be bold, be adventurous and use a little imagination. Try out this fun fantasy in the fitting room of a retail store. As she heads to the fitting room, slip in unnoticed, watch her undress, caress her and get in the act, all amidst other shoppers in the background.

4 Erotic films exposure

Watch an erotic film together during one of your intimate nights. Pick any suggestive videos that both of could snuggle up to. Pay close attention to the scenes in the media material because after viewing
some of them, you should be ready to relive each moment. Do a remake of the scenes and let these run for 15 to 20 minutes.

5 Hide and seek oral sex

When both of you are at home, one of you go hide out. Whoever finds each other will perform oral sex. Have fun for a few minutes then hide and seek out each other again. Do this a few times and soon her clitoris will be throbbing in ecstasy… and she will crave for you to enter her.

6 Power of sweet nothings

A woman’s mind is the central repository of all her sexual emotions and energy. Thus your words and the way you touch her can be the gateway to turning her on. Whispering sexily into her ears is a very
powerful skill and a good start place to start. Gentle, non-sexual touching works wonderfully well too. This can be something as simple as running your fingers through her hair or holding her close to you.

7 Mix it up and avoid routine

The fastest way to bedroom boredom is to keep doing the same things, same techniques, same positions over and over again. Try something new. If you regularly make out in the bedroom, try out in the backyard, on the dining table, in the laundry room (right on top of the washer!).

8 G-spot stimulation

Let her lie on her back, lift her legs up so that they embrace your shoulders and then enter her. This allows you to penetrate deeply and hit her G-spot, especially if you have a penis that bends slightly
upwards when erect. Hint: Give her simultaneous clitoral stimulation using your thumb while you are penetrating her. This will double her pleasure and prime her for a truly fulfilling orgasm… only faster!

9 Take your time

Cliche as it may sound, sex is not something done with clockwork precision. Relax and enjoy each other’s company and body. For a woman, sex is as much an emotional experience as it is a physical one. Start on the right foot and you will set the stage for a sensational orgasm for her later.

10 Cunnilingus orgasms

Oral sex alone can trigger an amazing orgasm in a woman… even without sexual penetration. A good 10 minutes is enough to set her up for the big ‘O’ very quickly. Try tracing the letters of the alphabet with
your tongue on her; she will find this extremely arousing as your tongue stimulates her in different directions. Hint: She will love the lower-case letter “i”, with the dot hitting her with erotic pleasure.

11 Sex toys?

No matter how good you are in bed, sometimes you need a little “help” to maximize her pleasure. Why not bring along a sex toy? Choose one that is intended for anal stimulation. Anal stimulation, together with clitoral stimulation with your tongue, can provide a deadly “combo” and give a woman incredible pleasure.

12 Pleasurable position

Have her lean over the edge of the bed so that the top half of her body is flat against the bed. Then penetrate her from behind while you’re standing or kneeling. This position makes penetration extremely
pleasuring for both of you.

13 Sex and food

There are a thousand things you can do with food… in your bedroom! Smear whipped cream all over your partner’s body and then lick it off… sloooowly! You can even try chocolate for a more flavored
experience. Spread the good stuff all over your partner’s body. Licking it off slowly will take her over the moon.

14 Broadening stimulation

While you rub, stroke and stimulate her clitoris, do the same to her breast, mouth or even her toes – or anywhere that she loves to be touched. This works magically to ramp up her anticipation to a level
that you can easily bring her to an orgasm later.

15 Standing sex

Having intercourse in a standing position can be extremely arousing. Let her face you while standing, with her back to the wall. Open her legs just a little and penetrate her from the front. For the extra climatic factor, do this with both your clothes on, with her just wearing a skirt and no panties.

16 Give her mind-blowing sex with G-spot stimulation

Once she is well-lubricated, insert two fingers into her vagina to locate and arouse her G-spot (it feels a ribbed bump, a little like the roof of your mouth). Rub against it with your fingers using a “come here” movement. You can also stimulate the G-spot during penetrative sex – especially in the doggie-style position – and give her sensational squirting orgasms.

17 Don’t neglect her neck

Women love to be touched on their necks with tender loving strokes. The lower neck are full of nerve endings, so every single touch with your fingertips to that erogenous zone will pleasure her to no end. Hint: Try planting some delicate kisses on her neck while you’re stroking it. It will amp up her anticipation very quickly.

18 The harder the better

A penis ring reduces the amount of blood draining out of your erection, and keeps you harder for a longer period. Did you know that a very hard penis stimulates a woman’s vagina slightly differently? In fact, the sensations are much more intense compared to a member that is getting soft around the edges.

19 Work up to her breasts

A woman’s breast is an erogenous area that men love to touch. But it pays to be patient. If you focus on the rest of her body first, starting with her hands, wrist, her neck, it will get her aroused much faster.
When she’s highly aroused, move on to her breast and nipples, gently kissing, stroking and licking them.

20 Hot kitchen sex

Many women fantasise making out in the kitchen, so why not have a go in the “hottest” place at home. If this is something new to her, chances are, it will blow her mind too. Think about it… your kitchen
has plenty of comfortable nooks and corners that are comfortable for oral sex or even intercourse. Get her up on the kitchen counter, the dining table, or even the kitchen sink. Be adventurous, take your
chances and spice things up. This little surprise will UP the excitement for her.

21 Dirty dialogue

Most men don’t know what truly turns a woman on in between the sheets. The way to this is simply ask her! Get into some hot dirty dialog. Observe her when she touches herself and learn where her hot
buttons are, then stimulate her the same way. This will get her sexual desires up in a hurry.

22 Tongue her hot

Oral sex works exceptionally well to get a woman all hot and sexy under the sheets. If you want to send her over the erotic edge every single time, try this: gently stimulate her clitoris. When you see she’s
slowly getting aroused, vary the intensity of your tongue movement. This will push her closer to orgasm very quickly.

23 Coloured lights

Turn on a purple-coloured light bulb in the bedroom for that extra sensuality. This color is known to intensify a woman’s orgasm… plus, it adds a really hot and sexy backdrop for any lovemaking session.

24 Start at the edges

There are plenty of erogenous zones where you can work her up to an erotic frenzy without even starting intercourse. Stroke the bottom of her neck at the back, and watch her get aroused. Now stroke and kiss her neck… this will send her sexual anticipation soaring very quickly.

25 Enhanced doggy-style can give her mind-blowing sex

The doggy-style is a great position that women love, because it is primal and can give them wild orgasms when you penetrate with the right angle and tempo. Here’s a little variation that will blow her mind: Instead of getting her down on all fours, place a pillow beneath her tummy and let on lie flat on the bed. This slight elevation helps you thrust downwards into her orgasmic zone and stimulate the upper walls of her vagina.

26 Anal teasing

Still on the subject of doggy-style…While you are penetrating her, allow only your penis to touch her. Lick your finger to lubricate it with your saliva and rub it against her anus (make sure you keep your nails clean and trimmed). If she’s clearly enjoying what you are doing, slowly insert your fingertip into her anus. Withdraw your finger and repeat again. The stimulation to both her vagina and anus can bring a woman to an amazingly intense orgasm.

27 Tease her with speed control

When you’re penetrating her, vary the speed and intensity, and make sure your pubic mound is rubbing against her clitoris. When she’s on the brink of orgasm, slow down your penetrations. She will want you to give it to her as feverishly as you can. This trick will not only make you last longer and boost your sexual stamina, she will get a mind-blowing orgasm just knowing how erotically you’re teasing her!

28 Share sexual fantasies

You’ll be pleasantly surprised that your partner has plenty of sex fantasies that she’s probably keeping them from you – because you never ask! So why not have some dirty talk with her. If she’s too shy to
open up, then share your fantasies with her! Both of you could very well act out her fantasies and have a night both of you will never forget.

29 Kegel exercises

Most women need at least 10 to 15 minutes of stimulation before they can climax. Unfortunately, most guys last only a short 2-4 minutes. Kegel exercises are great for improving sexual stamina by
strengthening the PC muscle. You can locate this muscle by halting your urine flow midway; the muscle that you feel contracting is the PC muscle. Doing kegels for just 5 minutes a day for 2 weeks can make
you last as long as she does, or even outlast her.

30 Lips attention

Her soft, sweet lips hold thousands of tiny nerve endings. You’d be pleasantly surprised how this simple gesture can turn her on very easily. Kiss her and give her lips some tender loving attention. The trick is to start slow, plant gentle kisses, then kick up into a more intense and passionate mode.

31 Don’t dive straight in

When giving women oral sex, many men make the mistake of jumping right in and start stimulating their partners with their tongue. Women are analog. You need to slowly turn the dial to heat her up. Take your time to playfully tease her; kiss her on her neck and nibble on her ear lobes; gently stroke her inner thighs. All these little gestures will turn a woman on quickly and get her ready before you start going down on her.

32 Totally naked is not always best

Don’t undress completely during sex. Let the rough texture of your clothes work a little magic on her bare skin. Then undress her and watch her as your clothing brushes against her skin – your shirt buttons, belt buckles, the tail of your shirt. These things can create incredibly sexy sensations in her. No woman can resist the spell of a man on top of her, fully dressed!

33 Give her a hand job

Most men don’t regard a woman’s hand as sexy. But her hands and wrists are highly sensitive areas that she would love you to touch her. Try gently stroking her palm or on the inside of her wrist. Give a long gentle stroke from her inner wrist all the way to her lower arm. This will get her aroused and wanting more.

34 Role playing

Explore and act out her fantasies. Let her release all her hidden desires. If she’s too shy to suggest any, lead her on! Have her play these delightful roles: high-school discipline master, cheerleader, White House intern or even a policewoman (complete with handcuffs and baton). Use your imagination.

35 Ear orgasm?

A woman’s ears are one of the most sensual parts of her body. Try leaning your body against hers, gently whispering into her ear. Tell her how much you want and adore her. The gentle stir of warm air around her ear will heighten her sexual anticipation.

36 Take your time

Refrain from heading straight for her genitals. Instead, tease her playfully. For example, kiss her gently, allowing your tongue to work its magic on her sensual spots from her ears, to her neck, down her
navel (skip her vagina) and traverse down her inner thighs to her toes. When she expects you to go for her breasts and clitoris, purposely avoid them. This will escalate her sexual anticipation. And when you finally decide to reach those sensitive zones, her heart will be racing and her chances of achieving a toe-curling, sheet-gripping orgasm will increase tenfold. She will beg you to get physical.

37 Spice it up with different places

Instead of the bedroom, try making out in the bathroom. The steamy mist from the running hot water will ramp up her sexual temperatures. The bathtub makes for one hot titillating place to make out. Or have her bend over the basin and penetrate her from behind. Better yet, do this in someone else’s bathroom for that added erotic adventure!

38 Observe and repeat

Observe where and how your woman touches herself during sex. Then do the same to her, stimulating her the same way. This will amp up her erotic enjoyment in the bedroom.

39 Many hands and fingers

Stimulating her clitoris alone can get her aroused; it just takes longer. If you also simultaneously caress another part of her that she loves – her breasts, lips, ears, even her toes – you will easily send her heightened anticipation through the roof.

40 Public places?

Just about everyone had fantasied about having sex in a public place. This can add plenty of spice and anticipation and make it a really hot sexual encounter. Need some quick ideas? Try the porch swing, on the hood of your car in a deserted gravel road, in a public restroom, in a quiet state park, or on the beach – right on the lifeguard’s chair.

41 Easy does it

The way you stimulate a woman’s clitoris is important. When she is not properly aroused, touching or stimulating the clitoris may feel uncomfortable. Give her indirect stimulation first. Run your fingers on each side of her clitoris shaft and caress her clitoral hood with your thumb. When she becomes aroused, she will be breathing heavily and the clitoral hood will swell up. This is when you know she’s ready for more and ready for some mind-blowing sex.

42 Grinding to ecstasy

No matter how hard or how deep you penetrate her, you are unlikely to stimulate her enough to climax. Instead of thrusting straight in, perform a grinding movement, using your hips to mimic a rotational motion. This works great for her because your pelvic bone will rub against her clitoris and sufficiently stimulate her to an orgasm.

43 Keep the rhythm going

Be consistent with your movement and rhythm during intercourse. If she likes what you are doing, keep at it. Many men forget about this and attempt to change the pace just when their partners are getting into the mood, only to bring their women back to square one. If you sense that she can’t take it anymore, this means she’s about to hit the peak. Keep the tempo going and you will bring her over the edge and give her mind-blowing sex.

44 Sensual massages

Devote ample time to get her aroused and excited. Sensual massages work really well with many women. This form of massage is like any other types of massage; the only difference is that it focuses more on her erogenous zone or sensitive hot buttons. Lavish her with your seductive ways and she will show you the signs that she is ready for you to take it to the next step.

45 Use both your fingers and tongue

When you are giving her oral sex, there is nothing to stop you from leveraging on the magic from your fingers. If you know how to use both your fingers and tongue, you will exponentially intensify her
pleasure. Here’s the trick: when you are kissing her clitoris, use your thumb or index finger to rub it simultaneously.

46 Erotic adult literature

Tickle her fancy to make her more open to sex. Some erotic adult literature can be a great help too. For example, before you tuck her in for the night, read her some pages from those adult materials. She may
have more than just sleep on her mind!

47 Appreciate her body

A woman’s mind is her most powerful sex organ. It is the focal point of her orgasm. If you can make her feel comfortable in your presence and make out with you with total abandon, giving her a powerful
climax is just a clitoral rub away. Hint: Learn to genuinely appreciate her body. This is extremely powerful in getting her to relax. Many women feel insecure about their bodies. So compliment her body and make her feel sexy about herself.

48  Take note and replicate

Sex toys are great ways to learn more about a woman’s body and what turns her on the most. Pay attention to her so you can sexually synchronise with her. For instance, if she has a vibrator, ask her to
show you how to use it. Take note of the speed, angle and the kind of pressure that she likes and then replicate these on her using your tongue, fingers or your penis. She’ll be blown away and you can give her mind-blowing sex as a consequence.

49 In the open

There is something about engaging in sexual acts in the open that turns women on. If you have a balcony at home, it is a great place to slowly tease her into having sex “in the open”. You can engage in some light foreplay in the bedroom and when you get her sufficiently aroused, offer to give her a more “sensual service” in the balcony.

50 Variation to the missionary position

This is a variation to the missionary position. Instead of embracing her face-down, raise her lower back using a pillow, sit on your knees and penetrate her fully. While you are thrusting, moisten your index and
forefinger and stimulate her clitoris simultaneously. To make things more fun, encourage your partner to rub her clitoris with you. After a few moments, remove your hands and enjoy the sight of her pleasing
herself. Coupled with your simultaneous thrusting, this will enhance and intensify her orgasms.

51 Sex and water

Sex and water makes for a tantalising combo. If you have a swimming pool in your backyard, this will be great for some water oral sex with a little privacy. You can go down on her at the pool side, on the steps or even on an inflatable boat right in the middle of the pool. Don’t have a swimming pool? Your own bathtub works just as great!

52 Do it in the kitchen

The kitchen offers plenty of props that will spice things up if you plan to have oral sex. Whipped cream, ice cream or even liquid chocolate are all great companions to give her a sizzling oral session. And there is no lack of locations in the kitchen too. The kitchen sink, the dining table, the counter all offer comfortable places to give her a great time.

53 Try something new

Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to try something new, but held back because of what your woman may think? If so, it’s time to break out of that rut, because there’s a great chance that she wants to try something new! But like you, she may be uncomfortable to bring this up. Don’t let these thoughts hold you back. Get creative, get bold and spice things up a notch in the bedroom!

54 Surprise her

Surprise her once in a while by taking her on when she least expects it. For example, when she’s expecting you to perform on the bed, do it against a wall and take her on. Do it with your clothes on. That is a huge turn on for women. Better still, get into the act about 10 minutes before someone is due for a visit! The sheer suddenness, the wildness and the thrill of getting caught with your pants down will give her mind-blowing sex.

55 Never skip foreplay

If you want her to enjoy sex as much as you do, take your time and make sure she is adequately aroused first. If you can focus some time on foreplay, you will actually intensity her orgasms later. Or for that matter, she may very well get one during foreplay itself. So heighten her anticipation first and the both of you will enjoy a far more sizzling time together.

56 Oral sex humming

Give your tongue some needed rest in between strokes during oral sex. To spice things up, try the “humming” technique. Make use of any melody that you can think of and hum it, with the position of your head remaining unchanged. The vibration from the sound you are making will reach the vagina, providing additional stimulation to her clitoris.

57 Ambience

Ambience plays a great deal in making sex awesome. Spin some romantic, sensual music to get her in the mood. Sip on a glass of wine and introduce some CD that is hot and delectable to turn up her
passion. If you have a fireplace, cuddle up together and seek out her pleasure spots.

58 Sweet kisses

Suck on an ice cube or sip on a cold drink just before you kiss her. Or consume some foods such as strawberries or honey to introduce some tantalizing sweetness in your mouth when you kiss. She will get hot really fast and you will give her mind-blowing sex.

59 Give her butt love

Why not give her butt some loving attention? Lie her down on her front, apply some warm oil and gentle massage her butt. Then proceed to caress and lick them. When you sense she’s totally relaxed and getting comfortable, part her buttocks and lick her anus. This will send her into a sexual frenzy like no other. When she’s getting really hot and excited, turn her over and let your lovemaking begin.

60 Furniture sex

Sex furniture is a great way to spice up the whole sexual experience. You can experiment with intercourse positions that you don’t usually get with flat surfaces such as like beds or mattresses. With  stimulated during sex.

61 From behind

Penetrate your partner from behind, with both of you lying on your sides. Allow her top leg to slip over your hip while you pull her buttocks towards your groin. She will love the feeling of your chest pressed against her back and your arms wrapped around her. This position is also amazingly comfortable and you can heighten her orgasmic potential by caressing her breasts and clitoris while you are thrusting her.

62 Good old-fashioned love, affection and attention ticks the boxes

Men are visually stimulated; women are not. Men can reach a climax within 2 minutes; women need at least a good 15 minutes on average. Women need good old-fashioned love, affection and attention to detail. This means the way you touch her, the way you seduce her verbally, the mood you bring into the lovemaking, all play vital roles in giving a woman incredible sex.

63 Connect on an emotional level

For men, sex is a physical thing. For women, emotions carry huge weight. This means you should never grope her right away. Value how she feels and make sure you connect with her at an emotional level. This will make her sexually attracted to you. And when you give her an amazing time in bed, you will be rewarded with much more from her as well as being able to give her mind-blowing sex.

64 Imitating in public places

Send her erotic temperatures soaring through the roof by imitating “thrusting” movements against her with your clothes on. Here’s the trick: do this in a public place, such as a movie theatre or a club. The trick is in performing this erotic act where both of you cannot lead to full intercourse. This way, both of you will be ultra-hot for sex and you can make her come around in a hurry when you get home
later or in this case, sooner!

65 Make her feel appreciated

Make your woman feel wanted and appreciated. When you kiss her, look into her eyes and run your fingers down the back of her spine. Spend quality time on slow, tantalising foreplay. When you penetrate
her, acknowledge her presence and ask if that feels great for her. Above all, be a man and focus on her needs exclusively first. You will emerge a far better lover.

66 Tongue her all over

When it comes to oral sex, use your tongue and mouth to explore her entire body. A woman’s body is incredibly blessed with many erogenous areas. Start with these areas first, and when she is
sufficiently aroused and stimulated, move on to her clitoris and start gently. Experiment with different tongue movements and intensity, and see what gives her the most pleasure.

67 Mimic her

Observe what she does when she stimulates herself (a great majority of women can reach an orgasm through masturbation alone). Mimic the motions, the angles, the intensity she use on herself. Then replicate these movements on her.

68 Stimulate her G-spot

Lick around her vagina, from her clitoris right down to her perineum (the diamond-shaped area between her vagina and anus). When she is sufficiently lubricated, insert two fingers – palm facing up – about 2 to 3 inches into her vagina to locate and stimulate her G-spot. Continue to arouse her with your tongue focused on her clitoris. You will soon prime her for very powerful clitoral-cum-G-spot orgasms.

69 Make some noise

For some women, screaming during sex is what actually causes them to come to an orgasm. It’s not so much the act of screaming that that causes her to climax. It is the act of letting herself go, the act of totally relaxing her mind and body, the act of totally losing her inhibitions, that leads her to a sexual ecstasy like no other. So encourage her to make some noise in bed!

– – –
So there you have 69 tried-and-tested tips to send a woman into orgasmic ecstasy and ways to spice up your sex life and give your wife or lover amazing sex that will blow her mind. For starters, pick a few of those tips that you like, and put them to action tonight. You will see (and feel) something sensational when you do!

how to satisfy a woman sexually in bedThe key to sensational sex is to simply learn about your partner’s sexual landscape, understanding how her body works and making her melt with passion. Make time to learn new things to do with each other in bed. She will be sexually and emotionally fulfilled, relaxing her mind and body, the act of totally losing her inhibitions, that leads her to a sexual ecstasy like no other. So encourage her to make some noise in bed!

Of course if you try even a small number of these techniques to give her mind-blowing sex all the time you are going to need some help with your own stamina to keep up. You can get all the help you need with stronger erections and greater endurance pills. They work for millions of men worldwide and they will work for you too.



Way to get hard and stay hard

Best way to get hard and stay hard in bed

way to get hard and stay hardIf you ever had an issue getting staying hard enough, get this way to get hard and stay hard will help you rise to the challenge optimally, at a moment’s notice, whenever you want.

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In fact, there’s more to it than what you already knew about what blood flow does to your hardness down there.

Here’s why you can’t get hard anymore and 2 quick steps to fix it.

I’d like to point out something about blood flow here because sadly, this is where most men get it all wrong.

Link between hard erections and blood pressure

You see, some of us think that high blood pressure shoots more blood into their penile chambers and that makes their unit fully engorged.

But the truth is, it does the opposite.

Because the higher your blood pressure, the lesser the amount of blood reaches your groin.

It constricts the arteries into smaller tubes and as a result, they feed less blood to your manhood. That’s why you can’t get hard and your little buddy can even “shrink” over time.

So what’s your solution? Simple- expand your penile chambers.

To give you a head-start, here’s a simple breathing exercise.

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Why I can’t get hard – the reasons

“Why I can’t get hard” – help 🙂

why I can't get hardIf you are asking why I can’t get hard if you are having trouble getting an erection you have come to the right place.

I gotta say, I really hate not being able to get an erection when I need one.

The first time my cock didn’t rise for me was extremely awkward.

I was laying in bed next to my woman. She was stroking it. Even tried to give it some “mouth-to-mouth.” But nothing was happening. It was the weirdest feeling in my life.

Of course I’d heard of other guys not being able to get it up. But I never in a million years thought it would happen to me. When this happened I was still in my 20’s for crying out loud!

The frustration was so intense, I wanted to punch through a wall!

And I began having all these wild “crazy thoughts” like: “what if my cock would never get hard again?”

“What if I just wasn’t attracted to my woman anymore? Should I break-up with her?”

It was a really horrible experience…

Needless to say, since then I’ve figured out how to tackle ED so I never have to go through an experience like that again.


Almost every day I get emails from men asking me what they can do about their performance issues.

And knowing how painful it is, is why I’ve made it part of my life’s work to share the best ED solutions I can find to help men like you when performance issues arise.

5 really common things you may be doing right now, today, that could very well be giving you limp dick at the wrong times!

Drinking and eating the wrong stuff.

Caffeine. Alcohol. Nicotine. Drugs. Excess fat. If you indulge in any of these on a regular basis, they can all make your ED condition worse.

Does that mean you can never have these things again?

No, but in excess they can be a serious problem.

Not eating and drinking the right stiff

While in itself, diet may not be able to completely cure your ED, it can make a huge difference and have a tremendous impact on the quality of your sex power.

Eating more grains, green, leafy vegetables, fruits (especially watermelon and blueberries), and oysters, will improve the quality of your hard-ons.

Getting too stressed out.

Stress is a very big contributor to erectile dysfunction. If your work or other parts of life are causing you stress — don’t ignore it – figure out a way to deal with it!

Not getting enough sleep

Yes, too little sleep can impact your sex life. Sleep more!

Not getting enough exercise

Don’t worry. You don’t need to turn into some “fitness nut.” Working out just three times a week for 20 minutes at a time works wonders! Because remember: ED is a circulatory condition – Which means the more you can make blood flow to your pen*s, the easier you get and stay hard.

Using erection killing medications

Here’s the 8 most common types of meds that could give you trouble with your “hard ons” and make your ED worse.

(Now, keep in mind I’m NOT a doctor, and you should always talk to your doctor before stopping a prescribed medication. So hear me now – I’m not saying you should immediately stop taking these – I’m just highlighting what could be causing side-effects you’re unaware of based on a lot of research.)

1. Blood Pressure Medications

If you have high blood pressure then you’re almost certainly on some kind of blood pressure meds.

The problem with these medications is that they work perhaps a bit too well.

Because dropping your blood pressure can kill your hard-ons.

Another really common one is:

2. Antidepressants.

This can be a tricky issue to resolve, because depression itself can cause ED. So it’s a bit of a catch 22. In any case, always seek the advice of a medical professional before stopping taking ANY medication.

3. Antihistamines

Allergies are no fun. They can make life pure misery. Of course, an inability to have sex can also make your life pretty miserable! Fortunately, there are lots of natural ways to mitigate, or even eliminate allergy symptoms. Again, ask your doctor.

4. Non-Steroidal, Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

Pain killers like Naproxen and Indocin can often make ED worse.

5. Antiarrythmics

If you take a drug called Disopyramide (also known as Norpace), its notorious for making “limp d*ck” worse… and in some cases, causes it!

6. Histamine H2 Receptor Antagonists

These are medicines like Tagamet, Axid, and Zantac. If you take any of these for stomach or digestive issues, they could definitely worsen your ED.

7. Medications For the Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease

Almost all of the major medications currently in use to treat Parkinson’s Disease, including Biperiden, Benztropine, Trihexyphenidyl, Procyclidine, Bromocriptine, Levodopa, and their generic equivalents can frequently cause ED.

Speak to your doctor about alternatives if you’re taking these and they’re screwing around with your sexual performance..

8. Prostate Cancer Medications

If you take Flutamide, Eulexin, Leuprolide, or Lupron, you’re probably going to notice problems with your sexual performance. If you had ED before taking these, it will almost certainly worsen the condition.

So, as you can see, there are lots of drugs for serious medical conditions that either contribute to the worsening of ED, or that can cause it outright.

Natural remedy for ED

The good news is that there is a 100% natural remedy you can take alongside almost any medication you’re currently taking and can still help your cock become large and hard whenever you want. It will give you the power to make your woman orgasm like a freight train!

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Get Hard And Stay Hard Techniques

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However you decide to overcome ED problems I wish you all the best and hope you never have to ask ‘why I can’t get hard’ again!

The fastest way for stopping erectile dysfunction

There are so many techniques you might be able to learn to stop impotence.

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Get hard Naturally Fast

How to get hard fast naturally

get hard naturally fastDo you sometimes struggle to get hard naturally fast?

Or do you find that you can get hard in certain situations, like when masturbating or first thing in the morning, but then struggle to get it up when in bed with your lover?

This is a more common situation than you may think.

I mean, this isn’t something a lot of guys talk about over drinks.

But let me tell you, being someone who’s taught thousands of men sex advice, it’s more common than you could ever imagine.

Now, even though it’s common, it can be treated.

In fact, it’s actually pretty easy to overcome this problem, IF you know what to do.

Think about this – if you can get hard in one situation, like while masturbating or first thing in the morning, why shouldn’t you be able to get hard naturally fast in other situations?

Look, you’ve already proven that you have the physical capability to get hard, therefore all you need to know is how to activate that hardness when it really counts.

This is the real problem a lot of men face.

get hard pillsThey can get hard in certain situations, but when in bed with a woman their mindset changes, they get nervous, they start to worry about not getting hard and they get frustrated with their lack of control over getting hard.

To get fully hard when in bed with a woman, shift your focus away from things that stop you from getting aroused. Instead, focus on things that start getting you aroused.

Tell me if you recognize this pattern:

You’re in bed with a woman, you’re having fun, you’re enjoying rolling around and getting physical. You start to get a little bit hard. Perhaps you even get fully hard and you feel pretty good about yourself.

Then, you suddenly have the realization – sex is about to happen!

And as soon as you realize sex is about to happen you begin to worry about not getting hard. You fear that you won’t be able to maintain a full hard-on. Or you worry about how disappointed she’ll be about your inability to satisfy her.

And then, you lose a bit of your hardness. That’s when real panic sets in.

“Oh my god! I’m losing hardness, what do I do, I can’t afford to lose any more, it’s all going wrong”

And then guys wonder why they can’t stay hard. Their very fear of losing hardness is actually what triggers further loss of hardness. And so a vicious cycle is created, leading inevitably to being totally flaccid.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

I’ve given you the first step, which is awareness of what causes failing to get hard. The next step is to start doing the things that trigger hardness when you want it. When you learn these tricks you will be able to get hard fast naturally and stay hard.

And if you want the ability to get rock hard on your command and give your lover the kind of sex she always dreamed about then check out the link below.

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Get Hard And Stay Hard Techniques [VIDEO]

A fast method for lasting longer

There are many advanced techniques one might be able to master to achieve PE prevention.

Many of these advanced techniques could work if one could spend enough time to perfect the advanced methods. Mind you this takes time and persistence.

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Male Chastity

Male Chastity: A Wife’s Perspective

Male chastity and strict orgasm control puts a couples sex life and relationship on virtual steroids

male desAll men, given the ability, masturbate and way more often than most women think they do. This is something that is difficult for him to control and even more difficult to part with.

Young men have an abundance of testosterone so masturbation doesn’t seem to interfere with their pursuit of young women. And as men grow older masturbating usually translates into the husband ignoring his wife for at least a couple days.

Chastity puts a stop to the masturbation and works in many ways. It changes his mood, demeanor and libido. Most importantly it changes his desire to please you.

Getting him to adore you again

cunnilingusIt is not the goal for him to do the cooking or the cleaning or the laundry but you will find that it will happen, not routinely but it will happen because as he continues to build up his sexual energy that he no longer has the ability to release as he pleases he will divert that energy towards pleasing you.

You being the source of his sexual pleasure will change his feelings. He will adore you and treat you in a way you desire. He will be eager to please you because you are the source of his release. He will find, over time, he is happier and that will be because you’re happier. He will love the emotional boost the two of you share.

How to introduce chastity requires the correct plan. One that would work for my husband, was the most detailed part of the research process. By taking the advice of many other women, I was able to put a well informed plan together that I was confident that would be successful.

I followed this plan from day one and still, do to this day. I have found it works. At least a dozen other ladies have also utilized variations on this plan successfully.

We must always remember that sexually we are always in command and that first and foremost we will always be sexually satisfied.

face sittingThis is the cornerstone to happiness for both you and him. Keeping you sexually satisfied is your husband’s job. My husband does so anywhere and anytime I say and by any means that I demand. Not being able to experience the pleasure of an orgasm only means that I experience many more than ever before.

You may think that this works only to your advantage and that is a common misconception. It is just as advantageous for him. He must keep you satisfied to eventually get his release and every time he satisfies you he is happy because he has made you happy.

It is important to instill to him that his primary means of sexual gratification will be through your sexual satisfaction. Eventually every time you experience an orgasm he will have a sense of sexual satisfaction.

How you will accomplish this I will explain in a moment. What could be better, you being pleasured any way you like and experiencing wonderful sensations. He can not have an orgasm but he feels satisfied because you are and he will maintain a high libido. (Although you’re still equals outside of the home you are the queen of the bedroom and he is your slave.)

Initial enforcement of chastity period

cock cageIt is almost universally held by women who seriously practice chastity for their man that initial enforcement of chastity should be at least 3 months of continuous wear without relief after you go through the break-in period of getting a device that fits. Preventing him from having an orgasm for three month period may seem a bit harsh but it is paramount to your success as it allows his body and mind to adjust to the lack of masturbation and sexual pleasure as desired. Enforcing the first 3 month period will allow him to get in to the proper frame of mind and make him understand your desire and your commitment and your determination to his being chaste. It will also give you the chance to develop the strength to say “no”. He should be made aware of the time frame immediately upon his being secured in his device. This allows for a clear understanding of the initial commitment of time.

pleasing the wifeAfter 3 months of being locked up your man would be willing to do almost anything for a release. In that sense the chastity device will have done its job physically but mentally some men can hold out for 3 months and bounce back to their old ways once you let them cum. They then expect future orgasms on a regular basis! In determining the length of the initial period, you need to consider this.

A chastity lifestyle will be very hard on him initially and 3 months without release but it will make your seriousness very clear to him. You will have put an end to his days of masturbating behind your back. His life will never be the same after. Rather than pleasuring himself when he wants, he will become dedicated to pleasuring you when you want it and how you want it.

You will need to be strong and keep up your end of the bargain. When you can do this it will have change the dynamic of your relationship in a way that set you and him on the path to long term happiness.

Post-confinement release ecstasy

relief for husbandUpon completing his initial confinement period I assure you that you can give him an experience like he has never had before . This is a reward for both of you. You will have a sense of strength for enforcing it and him for getting through it.

You should make his orgasm a slow drawn out one with lots of teasing. It will be all too easy for him to cum very quickly. You may need to tie him down to keep him on edge but when you finally do let him cum it will be almost too much for his body to handle.

Once you allow him his first release it is entirely up to you how many sexual experiences you allow, how they occur and how the ejaculate is disposed. A very important step during any release period is to ensure that you will get him right back into his device.

Physical restriction may be necessary

Some of the women manage this by always tying him down before the device is removed. While this has its old school charms, there are lots of other options. Locking his hands behind his back in a pair of steel handcuffs is a quick way to keep him from grabbing his penis if you are teasing him. I also have a waist belt with a pair of leather cuffs attached which is easy and fun to use. You can get something similar for cuffing his hands to his thighs.

A wonderful device called a humbler works well if you want him to have use of his hands to pleasure you. If all you are doing is inspecting his cock and making sure the device is cleaned then I just put the handcuffs on one of his wrists or ankles prior to removing his device. Before the cuff comes off he has to be secured back in his chastity tube. I am confident that he would not be willing to go to work with the dangling cuff. Several of the other women have tried this trick and found it works well.

The less that you have to worry about his arguing that the device doesn’t have to immediately go back on the more likely you are to take it off frequently which promotes both teasing and keeping the tube and his penis clean.

Frequency of allowed orgasms

There were a number of different views about how often a man should be allowed to cum after the initial denial period. Some of the women with younger males let theirs have an orgasm about once a week. I suspect that they were masturbating a couple times a day before this so that once a week is a big reduction. Most of the women I talked to though thought that it was best to strike a balance between keeping them completely denied and giving them some hope of gaining a release. You will need to experiment and ultimately you will need to do what works best for you, recognizing that the less often for him the better.

lick my pussy nowThe most common belief was that it was not good to allow their male to achieve an orgasm more than once per month but most thought that his orgasm should not very often be withheld for more than 3 months unless there was a good reason for doing so.

Some women liked to think about how often their man could have an orgasm as a small fraction of the number of orgasms they had. A 50-1 ratio seems to be very popular but you can pick the number to suit your needs and gets the time between releases just about right. This approach gives him a strong incentive to initiate sex and give you orgasms.

Some women like to set goals for their husbands where they are allowed an orgasm earlier than scheduled if they meet a big goal. Men who had cheated with other women rather than by being chronic masturbaters deserve harsher treatment.

When you need penetration …

There may be times where you feel you have to unlock him to use his cock. Fortunately, there is a way to do this without letting him orgasm by using numbing creme and a several condoms. This usually works but there is always a small risk that he will cum especially if he has been locked for a long time. There are other alternatives that allow penetration without this risk.

You can avoid disappointment if you stimulate him to orgasm in some way other than intercourse when you first let him out of the tube. After he cums give him a Viagra and wait an hour or so before you use him for up. It is good for about 3 hours or you can give him a Cialis if you want to do an all day thing.

Once he has cum the first time and recovered by the time the erection drug takes effect, he will not orgasm nearly as easily and either of the two drugs will get and keep him really hard even if he has another orgasm.

Some of the women use their men for intercourse for several days in a row treating the whole event as a single release period before they lock him back up for a prolonged duration. The big changes that you must make in yourself to make a chastity relationship work is to commit to frequently teasing him, like you no doubt did when you first dated, and to having much more frequent sex yourself. The two can be one and the same thing.

Cunnilingus galore

trained to eat pussyHaving him perform cunnilingus on you while locked up is almost guaranteed to drive to the edge. Fortunately, for you the chastity device will keep him from going over.

Just think the more sex you get without letting him cum the more he wants you.

If more women knew this secret there would be a lot more locked up husbands and boyfriends.

Remember you have all the time in the world to train him to do the way you want without any need to worry about getting him off.

Once locked all he does is fantasize about you. You will need to decide if you want to be the one that initiates sex or whether you want him to.

Training your man

My usual rule with my man is that I will tell him when and how I want to be pleasured and he is expected to drop everything when this happens.

This is clearly a control issue for me but your tastes may differ.

One of my friends likes to have her husband instigate elaborate romantic seduction rituals. She never unlocks him during these events but on the rare occasion when he really outdoes himself, she allows him an orgasm the next day.

The bliss point is when you get your man to the place he gets pleasure purely from your pleasure without thinking about his cock. (My husband is not quite there yet but he is getting there.)


There are almost an infinite number of ways that you can tease him.

stradling his faceThere is the classic tie him down to the bed, take off the tube and work over his cock for hours. Every time you feel him close to an orgasm stop and straddle his face and have one or more yourself. Stay with it as long as you can and you will leave him a marshmallow.

You may find that you have to ice down is penis to get back in the tube. Dress up in the way that drives him crazy and stand him at attention nude in his chastity tube while you softly stroke him all over but ignore his cock. He will struggle to stand tall as his cock struggles to grow in the chastity tube.

Every woman needs to develop her own style. You can keep things fresh by continuing to experiment. It may seem like a lot of work but he will shower you with attention. The hardest thing will be getting that much attention again.

Keeping him in the game

keeping her pleasedIt is understandable that there may be days that you want to ignore his situation. It is alright to not care that all the time that he is not no longer in control of his manhood and you can let him know that you don’t. Still you should not let this go more than a few days without making positive comments about his being locked up for you.

The main thing if you are going to lock him up is that you need to make a commitment to yourself and him to make this work. As the endeavor in to chastity continues you will be able to add ideas and musings to your relationship that you find works well. Remember the basic principles of how to keep your man under your spell. It will let both of you discover chastity’s amazing rewards.

Always maintain the upper hand to show both you and him that your requests are nothing less than a requirement for him. You will never want to let things revert back to his lack of self-control again. Believe me, the routine is effective and over the long term you’ll not regret it even though at times it seems like a lot of work.

There is an old saying among those wives who adopted a chastity lifestyle because their husbands encouraged them – be careful what you wish for. I think some of the husbands, given a choice, would go back to their old ways, but none of the wives would.

I think that deep down the men are happier because they wanted to be sexually controlled by their wives and now they are. Their new reality is often much different than their original fantasy because it is now your fantasy not his. I know the wives, who stuck it out through the trials and tribulations of finding a chastity device that worked and then figuring out how change their mindset from a need to give him orgasms to one of deserving all the orgasms they could ever want. We are all much happier.

How to Get Hard Fast Naturally

Get hard fast naturally with these simple psychological tricks

get hard fast naturallyWith the tens of thousands of subscribers I have it’s inevitable I get asked about how to hard fast naturally.

And before I actually get to my favourite solution, I always have to start by reminding guys that pills are not the best way to go.

There are 2 main reasons for this…

First, pharmaceutical companies have ad budgets in the billions. They have a lot of influence over scientific research reports that might at face value seem “independent”.

What this all means is that people get easily convinced of their often exaggerated benefits, while the significant and serious potential side-effects get swept under the carpet.

To give you just one example of this:

Did you know for instance that the famous blue pill has a risk of causing  blindness.  It says so right on its own website.

You gotta be careful with these things.

Second, the idea that you can take a little pill and have it magically solve your problems is an irresistible solution to human psychology.

The fact that the solution is so easy makes its very tempting. But wouldn’t you feel better if you could achieve ejaculation control without them?

If you are impatient you can start with pills and learn the more advanced techniques later.

Think you’re way into PE control

Here’s what I prefer to get guys to think about when considering solutions to “getting hard”:

I like guys to think: “What if you had complete control?”

What if you decided when you got hard and when you didn’t?

The reason I ask this is because when guys experience issues getting hard they often assume they need something external to solve the problem…

When really it’s themselves that are causing the problem.

Kind of a harder sell than a magical pill, isn’t it? But this is the truth. What I always come back to is this concept…

priligy onlineIf you can get hard in certain situations why shouldn’t you be able to in other situations?

So if you can get fully hard first thing in the morning or while you’re sleeping or while your masturbating or watching porn…

Why shouldn’t you then be able to get hard and stay hard while having sex?

If you can get hard in some situations, but not others then it must be something psychological stopping it from happening.

It must be something that’s going through your head that’s preventing you from getting fully hard…

Because you’ve already demonstrated you have the physical CAPABILITY to get hard naturally, it’s just that you’re unable to trigger that ability to get hard when you really want it.

Which means you’ve got some kind of psychological block.

Now when I present this idea to guys I get mixed reactions.

Natural control is better than pills

Some guys are a little disappointed, because the idea of making a psychological change doesn’t sound as easy as taking a pill, and if this is their thinking, this is my response.

#1 – Using a few psychological tricks to learn how to get hard fast naturally isn’t hard and doesn’t take a lot of work.

#2 – Isn’t it worth using a few simple psychological tricks to correct this problem so you can get hard for many many more years of your life 100% naturally rather than constantly relying on pills?

Most guys when I point this out quickly agree with me. Now the other reactions I tend to get are of excitement.

Up until I point everything I’ve just shared with you out to guys most of them have been blaming themselves or are frustrated by their dependence on medication.

This here is a real turning point for them.

And hopefully by me sharing it with you, it’s a turning point for you too.

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How To Get Hard Fast Naturally

If you have the ability to get hard fast naturally, but you sometimes struggle to make it happen when you need it most, don’t you think it’s worth discovering a few simple techniques to change that?

So you can get hard whenever you want?

A fast way for ejaculation control if all else fails

There are a bewildering array of tricks you could acquire to develop ejaculation control.

Some of these advanced techniques may work if you could spend the time to perfect the advanced techniques. However this takes practice and commitment.

And these advanced methods does not be effective for you personally. Do you have what it takes? Only time will tell.

The quickest way for stopping PE is a pill. Maybe you don’t want to hear that but it is the irrefutable truth.

But aren’t medications are harmful to you? These pills that help you last longer improve the lives of millions of guys all the time without any ill side effects.

In summary the bottom line is very good – no more PE.

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See the low prices for PE tablets. You could be very surprised.

Get rid of PE. You can can learn the psychological techniques some other time. Get some quick relief from PE right now.

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Get Her To Want You in Bed – How to :)

Get Her to Want You in BedI you’re interested to get her to want you in bed then ask yourself this:

Have you ever thought about what makes something addictive? Like what it would take to make something like, say sex, addictive?

Well I think the best way to understand what makes something addictive is to start by looking at gambling.

Gambling is such a great example, because the odds are set against you therefore you know that if you play for a long enough time you’re going to lose, but still people love to do it and many people get emotionally addicted to the process.

What causes this to happen? And how can we use this for something positive? Well here’s a huge part of it. Unpredictable pain and pleasure. Sometimes you’ll do everything right and still not win.

And other times you’ll do everything wrong and win. How’s that for screwing with your head? Well these kind of unpredictable outcomes are what makes it so addictive.

You never know what you’re going to get and therefore you keep hoping for the best and that hope for the best makes you keep playing for more…

So how can we apply this and make her want sex more often?

Well if you want to get her to want you in bed then you need to make sex addictive for her and  start doing some of the things that trigger addiction.

Now, of course, I will point out that I mean this in the most positive sense possible. I’m not talking about creating a destructive addiction… I’m talking about making it addictive in a fun and positive way.

So, how do you make your wife want more sex? Simple… You have to make sex unpredictable… There are a lot of different ways you can have sex, right? Different positions, different techniques and different things you can do to make your lover orgasm. You may even know of a few “favorite” things that your lover likes.

She may like certain styles, or oral sex or she may like it when you tell her certain things. Well here’s how you make things unpredictable…

Look at her favorite things as her “rewards”. And then look at it like gambling. You dish out those rewards completely randomly.

See, what a lot of guys do wrong when they figure out a particular technique that works especially well with a woman is they use it constantly.

They use it every time they have sex because they know it works.

The trouble with this is that when you use something too often it loses its power and it becomes predictable and therefore less fun. If you’ve been doing this, you need to stop doing this.

Instead make your rewards random. Obviously sex should still be fun all the time, but just
save some of the “best stuff” to use as rewards.

Sometimes you may give her no rewards, sometimes you may give her one, sometimes you may give her every reward.

Think for a second about what the impact of this is on her psychology and perspective of sex… It means that she’ll never know what to expect. Sometimes sex will be good fun and other times she’ll have an unforgettable experience where you treat her with all her favorite methods of pleasure.

An approach like this can drive a woman wild because this way she never knows what’s coming next and it’ll make her think about sex a whole lot more than if what you do is totally routine.

So not only will this mean she wants a lot more sex, it also means she’ll enjoy sex so much more as well. You will learn how to make a woman come fast every time. Just what she ordered 😉

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Specific Techniques To Get Her To Want You In Bed



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Take Her Pleasure To A Whole New Level


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