Best Way to Get Hard?

best way to get hardIf your seeking the best way to get hard to initiate great penetrative sex and just keep getting hard and keep going … the read on.

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The Secret To Getting Rock Hard

I’ve been getting a LOT of questions from guys who are struggling to get it up and keep it up when it really counts (i.e. when in bed with their lover) so today I want to share the piece of advice that I think is most important relating to this…

Use this and you’ll have the power to get 100% rock hard on your command.

Okay – here it goes:

If you’ve had a full hard-on at any stage within the last 90 days, whether that be while alone masturbating, watching adult films, first thing in the morning or any other time then that means you have the physical capability to get a full hard-on.

Now before I take it further, let’s stop right there and dig into this.

Many guys who approach me with problems about not getting hard talk to me in a way that implies they can never get hard.

But when I ask them a few questions it quickly becomes clear that they can get hard, but what they mean is they can’t get it up or keep it up when in bed with their lover.

Yet at the same time, they’ve then hypnotized themselves into believing that there’s something physically wrong with them.

Even though they’ve experienced a full hard-on on the last 90 days they’ve convinced themselves into believing they have a physical problem.

And the very first thing I do is tell them what I’ve already said earlier – if you’ve shown evidence you can get a hard-on in the last 90 days then you most likely DON’T have a physical problem.

Now I’m not a doctor so this isn’t medical advise – this is my opinion – but I hope you get what I’m saying and I believe this applies to most cases I see.

The first step to gaining control over getting hard when it really counts IF you have been able to get hard naturally recently is to realize that there’s probably nothing physical holding you back – it’s more likely to be something psychological.

Now I’m not saying this means you’re going to have to spend 100 hours sitting on a therapist’s couch before your problem is solved.

What I’m saying is that if you have the physical ability to get hard, but then can’t recreate or maintain it in an intimate situation with a woman
then all that means is you don’t know how to trigger a full hard-on.

hard on pills canadaIt means you don’t know what to focus on and what to do physically to arouse yourself. It also means you don’t know how to effectively handle the situation of being in bed with a woman you want to have sex with.

Now I’m not pointing any fingers – I’ve experienced this problem too. But like I’ve been saying the good news is that this is a solvable problem – when you know how to activate a hard-on.

The first step to doing this is simply realizing and appreciating everything I’ve just shared with you (which, by the way, already sets you miles ahead of most men).

And the next step is to learn how to activate your hard-on when it really counts.

I’ve created a video where I explain step-by-step how to do this and at the moment, you can check it out for free.

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How To Trigger A Hard-On (VIDEO)

Go for it! Ed

P.S. I’m sure you already realize this, but if you don’t have full control over your ability to get hard you are denying yourself and your lover of a lot of sexual satisfaction.

If you can’t stay rock-hard throughout sex you’re missing out on giving your lover a ton of pleasure – not to mention all the pleasure you can experience yourself.

And the long-term impact of not satisfying your lover is not pretty either, again, you probably don’t need me to tell you that.

The point is that there IS something you can do about it and it DOESN’T have to involve expensive medication, cock rings or vacuum pumps.

Discover the 100% natural best way to get hard on your command here:

Get Hard And Stay Hard Naturally (VIDEO)

Still here?

Want to know the approach to getting hard that pharmaceutical companies would hate you to know?

Picture this: You’re in bed with your lover and she’s ready to really get moving. I mean she’s ready for love making and she’s desperate to have you inside her.

Now imagine in response to this you can instantly get 100% rock hard.

And as soon as you’re hard you slip it in to your lover as you watch her face smile with the satisfaction and pleasure that you deliver her with your intensity and hardness.

Imagine you doing that.

Imagine being able to get 100% rock hard – I’m talking as hard as steel.

Let me tell you – if you want to drive a woman wild in bed – make love to her with passion and a rock-solid hard-on.

To really stimulate a woman through intercourse you need to be rock-hard.

The way a woman’s vagina works is it experiences maximum stimulation when you’re fully hard, because this delivers the most amount of friction.

Being able to get rock hard is a huge secret to being the kind of guy who drive women wild with satisfaction in bed – and leaves them begging for you to come back and do it again.

Would YOU like to be that guy?

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