Get Her To Want You in Bed – How to :)

Get Her to Want You in BedI you’re interested to get her to want you in bed then ask yourself this:

Have you ever thought about what makes something addictive? Like what it would take to make something like, say sex, addictive?

Well I think the best way to understand what makes something addictive is to start by looking at gambling.

Gambling is such a great example, because the odds are set against you therefore you know that if you play for a long enough time you’re going to lose, but still people love to do it and many people get emotionally addicted to the process.

What causes this to happen? And how can we use this for something positive? Well here’s a huge part of it. Unpredictable pain and pleasure. Sometimes you’ll do everything right and still not win.

And other times you’ll do everything wrong and win. How’s that for screwing with your head? Well these kind of unpredictable outcomes are what makes it so addictive.

You never know what you’re going to get and therefore you keep hoping for the best and that hope for the best makes you keep playing for more…

So how can we apply this and make her want sex more often?

Well if you want to get her to want you in bed then you need to make sex addictive for her and  start doing some of the things that trigger addiction.

Now, of course, I will point out that I mean this in the most positive sense possible. I’m not talking about creating a destructive addiction… I’m talking about making it addictive in a fun and positive way.

So, how do you make your wife want more sex? Simple… You have to make sex unpredictable… There are a lot of different ways you can have sex, right? Different positions, different techniques and different things you can do to make your lover orgasm. You may even know of a few “favorite” things that your lover likes.

She may like certain styles, or oral sex or she may like it when you tell her certain things. Well here’s how you make things unpredictable…

Look at her favorite things as her “rewards”. And then look at it like gambling. You dish out those rewards completely randomly.

See, what a lot of guys do wrong when they figure out a particular technique that works especially well with a woman is they use it constantly.

They use it every time they have sex because they know it works.

The trouble with this is that when you use something too often it loses its power and it becomes predictable and therefore less fun. If you’ve been doing this, you need to stop doing this.

Instead make your rewards random. Obviously sex should still be fun all the time, but just
save some of the “best stuff” to use as rewards.

Sometimes you may give her no rewards, sometimes you may give her one, sometimes you may give her every reward.

Think for a second about what the impact of this is on her psychology and perspective of sex… It means that she’ll never know what to expect. Sometimes sex will be good fun and other times she’ll have an unforgettable experience where you treat her with all her favorite methods of pleasure.

An approach like this can drive a woman wild because this way she never knows what’s coming next and it’ll make her think about sex a whole lot more than if what you do is totally routine.

So not only will this mean she wants a lot more sex, it also means she’ll enjoy sex so much more as well. You will learn how to make a woman come fast every time. Just what she ordered 😉

Now, if you’d like to discover some specific techniques that work especially well for giving a
woman pleasure, which you can use for your random rewards and get her to want you in bed, then check out this video:

Specific Techniques To Get Her To Want You In Bed



PS – Giving your lover random rewards is just one of many tools available to making sex addictive to your lover.

Discover more ways to get her to want you in bed and take your lover’s pleasure to a whole new level here:

Take Her Pleasure To A Whole New Level


Make a Woman Orgasm Hard

Make a woman orgasm hard

make a woman orgasm hardIf you want to make a woman orgasm hard, forget fingering techniques, forget oral sex, forget sex toys. Discover the secret to giving your lover intense orgasms during full blown intercourse from the experts.

Don’t be like Dave. His relationship with his wife of 13 years was not in a good spot. It was pretty much sexless.

Dave couldn’t understand why his wife was ‘never in the mood’. Dave always gave his wife oral and a clitoral orgasm before intercourse whenever they did have sex.

Long story short. Clitoral orgasms aren’t enough to truly satisfy a woman. There is a more simple technique to give a woman multiple orgasms during intercourse.

Dave was skeptical. He did not have a massive cock. He had never given her an orgasm during intercourse in 13 years.

Here’s what I’m really excited about and the reason I’m writing this post: If you want to make a woman orgasm hard and make her want to fulfill all your desires, check out the video below.

Make a woman orgasm hard by activating female sexual desire

It may seem too good to be true. But you can produce a dramatic breakthrough in triggering deep sexual desire in women.

Let me ask you. Have you ever been with a woman and it’s clear there’s no sexual energy?

The kind of experience where you know if you even tried something sexual you’d get rapidly rejected?

You can substantially reduce the chances of this happening to you again.

Get an edge to help you attract more beautiful women. Make a woman orgasm hard every time you get her into the sack.

To discover exactly how you can use this to more easily trigger sexual desire in women, watch the video below.

Fundamentally it’s a biological reaction that takes place in the brain. It’s only from there that she starts thinking sexual thoughts and acting on them.

How to make a woman orgasm hard in different ways

If you’re currently relying on only one or two different orgasm types to satisfy your woman you are making a big mistake. Discover many different types of orgasm you can start giving your lover.

Let me ask you a question – Are you unhappy with the amount of sex your getting?

Are you frustrated that your lover doesn’t yell and scream your name out loud every time you make love?

stay hard in bed pillsDo you ever wish your lover beg you for sex, instead of having to chase her for it?

Do you ever dream of having the power to make a woman orgasm hard? Or give her so much pleasure that her body shakes with ecstasy and becomes physically addicted to having sex with you?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then it’s likely you’re stuck in a very linear way of thinking when it orgasms to satisfying women in bed.

Now I’m not pointing any fingers. For a long time I was the same.

Who would ever have thought there were so many different types of female orgasms? It’s not exactly the kind of thing we’re taught in school now, is it?

But the truth is that there are many different types of orgasm you can give a woman. There’s are many different ways to make a woman orgasm hard.

And if you’re not utilizing them, this could be the reason why your lover isn’t jumping all over you, begging to have sex night after night.

To ensure the next time you have sex truly blows her mind use the techniques necessary to give her these different types of orgasm.

You won’t believe how she responds when you start giving her body this type of stimulation.

Get full details on the different types of orgasm below.

How To Create A Date That Leads To Sex

Have you ever wanted to turn a date into an exciting, fun and passionate sexual experience in the bedroom. But then struggled to figure out all the actual ways of making it happen?

Or how to naturally transition a seemingly platonic, average or uneventful date into a wild passionate sex-filled experience? The truth is that most guys struggle with this.

Most guys would love to turn their dates into nights of exciting and engrossing love-making.

But few know how to pull it off. And honestly, this is one of those things you need to do just right.

Take a wrong step in the process and you can fall flat on your face, get rejected or just end up watching a movie on the couch with no sexual electricity to be felt whatsoever.

But if you get it right you’ll know one the biggest secrets to triggering intense sexual desire in a woman.

Check out the video below to discover how to make it happen.

make a woman have powerful orgasms

How to make a woman want you more sexually

Make her want you more sexually

how to make a woman want youSince you asked how to make a woman want you more sexually I want to reveal to you a very powerful foreplay technique.

You can use this technique in multiple ways to make a woman want you more sexually.

It can turn your disinterested wife, girlfriend or casual lover  into a sex-craved kitten desperate for cock. you can use it to turn your lover from being mildly aroused to begging for you to put it in.

To understand this concept first appreciate how it feels when someone does this technique to you.

Tease her

So let me ask you a question – Have you ever been cock teased? In other words, have you ever been in bed with a woman and she’s acted like you were going to have sex, but it never actually happened?

Have you ever had it when she does everything to indicate that you’re going to get some kind of sexual pleasure, but then it never happens?

If you have, then think back to that time now. If you haven’t, then imagine as if a woman did do this – and play along as we work through this example.

The way a woman will typically do this is she’ll begin touching and feeling different parts of your body. She’ll normally start with the less sensitive parts. Like the arms, chest, stomach, back or legs. She’ll gradually hint as if she’s going to move her hands to your more sensitive area.

She may move her hands towards and gesture as if she was going to grab your penis. But then she’ll pull back and go back to stimulating other parts of you.

Now I have a question for you:

How does it make you feel when it seems like she’s about to grab your penis?

If you’re like most men, it’ll drive you wild with excitement. You know how much pleasure you’re about to get. It would be even more pleasurable for you if she makes you wait before she grabbed your crotch.

Teasing works for her too

Well, women feel the same away. Actually, women experience this 10x the way us men do. If you think you get more excited when you get teased, women experience this at 10x the intensity.

When you tease a woman in a powerful way like this it really does drive them wild.  It gives them passion, excitement and arousal.  It makes a woman want you more sexually.

Integrate teasing like this into every aspect of your foreplay. Right up until the point at which you finally enter her.  It’s then not uncommon to have her beg you or physically grab you and insert you into her.

This process can be that powerful when done right. I highly recommend you start using it. It’s how to make a woman want you more sexually.

Now, I’ve really only scratched the surface as to how to use methods like this to stimulate women in a way that makes them desperate for sex.

When it comes to sex, women are very much stimulation-response creatures. In other words, if you perform a certain action you’ll get a predictable response. But in order to get the kind of responses like intense multiple orgasms you need to know the precise stimulations to trigger them.

Discover those triggers here:

make a woman have powerful orgasms
make a woman want you for sexYou’ve probably heard of a type of Viagra for women but really this is the lazy way to drive her wild and begging for sex.

With the techniques in the video and associated lessons you can learn how to make a woman want you more sexually with using any kind of female Viagra at all.

Make a girl go crazy over you

How to make a girl go crazy over you

make a girl go crazy over youIf you want to discover the tricks to make a girl go crazy over you, to think about you all the time, and want to jump in bed with you every chance she gets, read on.

Now you’ve probably heard the cliché about women loving bad boys.

Technically, it’s true. But it doesn’t mean treating women arrogantly or rudely.

Bad boys are great at using flirting to build attraction and it’s a skill you too can master.

Now you can discover how becoming a great flirt could transform your sex life.

Lots of men don’t understand what a bad boy actually is. They think it means being more aggressive and arrogant towards women to spark their attraction.

Of course, most women just find this incredibly disrespectful and rude.

Remember this: “bad” doesn’t mean what most people think it means.

It’s more accurate to describe bad boys as mischievous, cocky or cheeky.

Here’s why:

They’re good at playfully building sexual tension with women, and are just generally fun to be around.

And one of the most effective ways they do that is with flirting.

I know that flirting can feel awkward the first few times you try it.

But it’s fairly easy to naturally mix it into your normal conversation and it can make your interactions with women more entertaining and enjoyable – for both you and them.

Here’s an example.

Suppose you’re speaking to a beautiful woman, and she tells you she’s a teacher.

Jokingly say something like what a shame, I could never be with someone that intelligent.

Not only is this a decent self-deprecating joke (if I say so myself), it’s one of the oldest reverse-psychological tricks in the book.

By implying that nothing could ever happen sexually you’ve planted the idea of a sexual relationship in her head.

And, ironically, she starts to dwell on the idea of sex with you more and more and finds it increasingly appealing. These techniques can really make a girl fall for you.

Obviously, this won’t always happen. It doesn’t guarantee attraction.

But you’ve at least made her consider you in a more sexual context.

And, once you’ve established that initial friendly rapport, that’s when genuine attraction can start to develop.

But flirting isn’t the only way to get women seeing you as a sexual being.

Warch the below to discover more advanced conversational techniques for building instant rapport and deeper, primal lust in women.

A sure way to make a girl go crazy over you – if that is what you want. This will not just trigger a girl to want you – it will trigger her to want sex from you, hot sex, and often. Can you handle that?

So using these techniques will make a girl think of you all the time. Even obssess over you. If you can handle that, click on the picture below to see the video and find out how.

girl crazy triggers

Get a Girl to Kiss Me

How to get a girl to kiss me

get a girl to kiss meYou’re about to learn, hands down, the best way to get a girl to kiss me (you) without fear of rejection.

You can even get the girl you’re talking to to lean in to kiss you!

Have you ever been afraid of getting rejected going for a kiss or you’ve gotten ‘the cheek’? Well you know having a rock-solid technique to moving in for the kiss is 100% crucial.

Going in for the kiss is probably the worst place to face rejection in an interaction with a girl because:

1) You’ve invested a lot of time by this point in the interaction. There simply isn’t enough time in your night to get this far and then hit a brick wall and have to move on.

2) Screwing up this part of the interaction can ruin all chances of moving on from here to seduction.

Most guys don’t have the chance to learn how to perfect going for a kiss because it happens so infrequently!

Even on a good night, most guys will typically find one girl they hit it off with at the bar. A girl where a kiss is probably even a possibility.

So normally, you’d have to face a lot of these rejections one by one to learn the best way to successfully go in for a kiss.

But luckily, I’ve already gone through all those failures for you (until I discovered this killer technique). I can present the best way to avoid failure and shortcut right to success.

Get a kiss without fear of rejection

The ‘get a girl to kiss me’ Kiss Technique makes it so that when you’re speaking to a woman, you can intentionally give off subconscious triggers that will make her think about kissing you!

Pretty powerful stuff.

If you use this technique, suddenly making a woman want to kiss you will be something you have control over.

If you decide to “wing it” in the stage like most guys, however, you’re going to run into problems.

First, you won’t know how physically receptive she is to kissing you. A tried and true rule to go by is this:

Your hesitation = Her reservation

So the more you hesitate, the worse your chances get, because she starts to build up all sorts of red flags and reservations.

When you go to lean in for the kiss and you don’t do it the right way at the right time, you’ll come off as needy. She’ll think you don’t have a lot of options with women. Why? If you did have a lot of options, you wouldn’t be worrying about the kiss with this girl.

So how do we show that you are absolutely not needy (even if you kind of feel like you are)? How do you eliminate fear of rejection? How will you know for sure ahead of time that she is wanting to kiss you?

We use what’s called ‘get a girl to kiss me’

The Kiss Technique

This involves combining two psychological concepts into a perfect recipe for mastering the kiss.

The first concept is called triangular gazing.

This will happen while you have built rapport and are looking to move into seduction. It involves looking from one eye to another, then looking at her mouth.

When you start looking at her mouth, you will subconsciously start to think about kissing her. This action is already anchored to the thought of kissing someone.

Even if you look at a woman you’re not attracted to and look at her mouth, you can start to think about kissing her. You will become more attracted to her.

The good news is – the same happens for women.

The even better news is – you can lead her to subconsciously start to do this and feel more attracted. How?

By using the second half of the recipe. Another psychological concept called Mirroring.


Whenever we are in conversation with someone, we will mirror the leader of the conversation in an attempt to build subconscious rapport with them.

When you perfectly combine triangular gazing and mirroring, you have a combination that will make her subconsciously think about kissing you.

After talking with her in rapport, start to look at her mouth. At first, only for 2 seconds, then look back to her eyes. Switch between her left and right eye, then back to her mouth for a few seconds longer.

Continue to go from left to right eye and back to her mouth for 2 seconds, 3 seconds, then 5 seconds.

Eventually, you want to be mostly looking at her mouth.

When she begins to look at your mouth as well, you know for sure that she’s ready to kiss you.

Voila! The ‘get a girl to kiss me’ Kiss Technique takes all of the guess work out of “making a move”.

You will now know with confidence when she wants to kiss you. You get to be the fully assertive but perceptive man that women find irresistibly sexy.

She will feel like you know exactly how to treat a woman. She feel safe and confident moving on with you.

Now, take this technique to the next level. Make it so that girls will be leaning in to you and basically begging you to kiss them. You only have to know one magical sentence.

Learn more about the ‘get a girl to kiss me’ Kiss Technique and the bizarre, magical sentence that activates her “sexual triggers”. It makes her lean and practically beg you for the kiss.

Click the link below to get the inside details 🙂

Become a Seduction Master in Three easy Steps

How to Seduce a Married Woman – these techniques should be illegal!

How to seduce a married woman – what you need to know

how to seduce a married womanThis video will show you exactly how to seduce a married woman.

Josh Pellicer just finished shooting this seduction technique video that you’ll probably notice is a bit unconventional.

But that’s a good thing.

New, powerful lessons often look a little weird at first.

And this one is no different!

viagra for womenThat’s because he’s revealing a few Jedi-style techniques that are going to give you an edge
over all the other guys out there.

I’ll explain that a bit more in a second – or you can just start watching now:

How to seduce a married woman video

This video is not safe for work Within the first 5 seconds, I guarantee you’ll be thinking WTF?

But then he’ll peel back the wrapping paper and go into some pretty advanced material.

He’s opened the vaults on this one. Lots of next level stuff.

One concept he touches on will re-frame the entire way you interact with women.

It clears up a mystery that (some) men have been struggling with for thousands of years…

While other men figured it out and kept to themselves (because it means they basically get all the women, not just married women).

Things will take a huge up-turn for you when you start using this to get women to subconsciously want to approach you.

See for yourself what I mean: Take this information and use it wisely, my friend. Wherever your game is now. Because we’re about to throw it into overdrive and slam on the gas!

No time like the present to learn something that will change how you see yourself and women forever…

If you’re at work or you can’t privately watch a video that teaches you uncensored techniques on how to seduce a married woman right now, then bookmark this page and  click on this link until you have some privacy.

Click the banner below to view.


make her want you

How to Make Her Want You in Bed

Make her want you sexually

how to make her want youSo a lot of guys have been asking me for advice on how to make her want you in bed.

And before I get into my answer to this question – I recommend you check out this video:

Now the kind of messages I’ve been getting vary all the way from incredibly frustrated to already getting it several times a week but wanting more.

Well no matter where you are on the spectrum… this can help you.

And this tip is actually pretty simple. It’s deceptively simple, in fact. But don’t fall into the trap of thinking it’s not important.

Here’s the tip

When you do have sex, make sure you make it exceptionally pleasurable for her and create a positive association to sex.

This key:

Sometimes, when you’re physically frustrated, finally getting it can be such a relief that you make it all about yourself and fulfilling your own needs.

And you may feel like that’s justified, because you haven’t had it in so long. And you could be right. But that wouldn’t be thinking strategically now would it? Because what’s your long term goal?

To keep your current love-making frequency as it is and celebrate when it does happen… or to get a lot more?

If you’re reading this, I’m guessing the latter.

So take a short-term hit in satisfaction for a substantially large long-term gain.

When you do next become intimate with your lover, do whatever it takes to drive her wild.

Go above and beyond. Do things you wouldn’t normally do – and do whatever it takes to make it so she walks away satisfied. And here’s a final pro tip –

Create a positive association after you’re finished

Your lover is unconsciously going to be watching carefully to see what you do.

Are you going to turn away and fall asleep or leave?

Or are you going to embrace her, share a moment with her and confirm how good it was?

Out of the two it’s fairly obvious which is going to create the more positive association to love making, isn’t it?

So make sure you do it. This is crucial.

You want to manufacture such a positive association that whenever she thinks about being intimate with you she gets excited because not only will it fulfill her physical needs, but her emotional needs of feeling loved and connected.

Look, there’s a lot more to this than what I can share in one post.

There are actual physical techniques to satisfying her and there are methods to arousing her and getting her wanting more.

To drive your lover wild in bed and to have her come back and literally beg for you to do it again takes a unique approach.

It’s counter-intuitive and it doesn’t come naturally to many guys (myself included).

That means you have to study what works and use proven techniques.

Discover those proven techniques. Play the video.

make a woman have powerful orgasms

How to Make a Woman Chase You!

How to make a woman chase you

how to make a woman chase youImagine if you learned how to make a woman chase you for a change.
Having a woman beg you for it.

How would that feel?

What would it be like for you to be the one in control and deciding whether it happens or not – every night and even multiple times per night?

Discover how to make that happen in the video below.

How to make a woman chase you – the rule

The rule goes that as the man you’re prepared to have sex at any time, anywhere as soon as she says “go”.

The only problem is that rarely does she give you the green light.

In fact, you get frustrated at her, because it seems like you want it so much more often than her.

So you start to wonder, “Perhaps it’s her”, “maybe we just have different sex drives”, “what’s wrong with her for not wanting it” and so on.

Well let me stop you right there.

It’s time to “flip the script”.

And that means turning around the perspectives… so instead of you begging her for it, she begs YOU for it.

Sound too good to be true?

It’s not.

Let me give you a simple technique for making this happen.

This is something borrowed from NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)…


Reframing simply means changing the “frame” of the conversation.

Another way to look at it is “positioning”.

You need to position yourself as the one she wants sex from in the conversation.

Now, how do you do that?

The answer is subtly.

This is not going to work if you outright say to her – “you want sex from me more than I want it from you”.

That especially won’t work if you’re having to undo several years of the frame being you wanting sex more than her.

Let me give you the meta explanation then an example to really get across what I’m talking about…

From now on, assume this mindset during interactions with her, “she’s coming on to you and you’re not 100% sure if you’re interested.”

Incorporate this into your everyday interactions with her.

Don’t overuse this, but drop this attitude in when appropriate.

An example

Say during normal conversation she accidentally grazes or touches an intimate part of you (like your butt through the outside of your jeans). You can respond with ooh, that’s a bit forward in a sarcastic tone.

Or how about this.

As things start livening up between the two of you and you can feel the chemistry build drop in this line “you know I’m not going to sleep with you tonight, right?” with a slight smile, but not giving away whether you’re being serious or not.

Do you see what’s going on here?

You’re making subtle hints that she’s coming on to you, even if she wasn’t necessarily doing those things intentionally.

And that last line, have you heard that before from a woman? If you’ve been on a few dates I guarantee you have.

Well this is how we’re flipping the script. We’re using her own techniques against her to position us as the one she wants

Advanced techniques

I can go pretty deep with stuff but I’d never fit it into one post. I do hope, however, you’ve taken some value from this sample.

Now if you want to really know how to make a woman chase you guaranteed, and to discover more ways to get it so that she is the one begging you for it, then watch the video.

Women want to give themselves up sexually to a man they can trust.

And women want to beg a man to let them sleep with him.

But few guys act in a way that will make a woman feel comfortable with letting that side of her self go.

Discover how to be one of the few men who do have their lovers crawling all over them for more satisfaction in bed here:

make her want you

How to achieve codependency recovery in your marriage

Codependency recovery is possible. Start now and take the right steps.

codependency recoveryAre you married to an addict or someone with deep personal issues?

Is your marriage or family life going through a difficult time because of problems, financial concerns, abuse, or caring for a physically or emotionally handicapped family member?

If so, do you find yourself making excuses for these issues? Calling in sick for your alcoholic husband? Taking over the housework because your poor spouse is just too depressed to help? Denying that abuse is going on in your own home? Do you find yourself taking charge and bearing the burdens of the entire marriage or family?

You may be a codependent and this is a serious issue in marriages and families.

You may have learned to be codependent due to your family background. It happened in your family so you attract the same situation in marriage.

save marriageYou may have learned behaviors such as making excuses, tuning out, controlling, excessive care-taking, being hyper-vigilant because you feel that you should do something to save your family from shame or to at least diffuse the situation and keep the peace. You also do this because you desire to be needed and fear of doing anything that would change the relationship.

Unfortunately, while such behaviors may reduce conflict and tension for the meantime, they won’t help for the long term. All you are doing is reinforcing the situation and even, allowing it to worsen. You lose yourself in the situation. In the long run, you are no longer able to cope.

What can you do to achieve codependency recovery in your marriage and family life?

If you are reading this short article and have come to recognize that you do have this problem – congratulations. That is the first step in beginning to start the codependency recovery process. Admit that you have a problem and take steps to begin changing it. It will require both self-help and professional help.

More often than not, these issues stem from deep seated psychological problems. Don’t let shame keep you from seeking the help of a counselor or psychologist. Additionally, there are programs similar to Codependents’ Anonymous that will help you process your issues and provide you with tools how to overcome them.

Your partner or family member may also need professional help, especially if they are battling clinical conditions or addiction. Work at getting them the help they need, whether they want it or not. There are some excellent suggestions in Save My Marriage guide (link below) “How to Change Your Partner from Addiction, Even If they don’t want to!”

If there is abuse in your home, you must take more radical steps. For the sake of your own self-respect and for your children, if you have any, break away from the situation. Find a shelter or group that will help you gain your independence and help you through healing and recovery.

Codependents need healing too and, once recognized, you should not allow the situation to continue. Get help. Click the link below:

Save Your Marriage – freedom from codependency guide


How to make a woman want you sexually

Ways to make a woman want you sexually

make a woman want you sexuallyHere’s a tip on how to make a woman want you sexually. It focuses on giving. What do I mean by that?

I’ve talked about this before in the past, but I want to share a new perspective on it today.

You’re probably already be giving to your loved ones to a great extend, but today I’d like to challenge you to give even more.

Take some time to really understand their view of the world, understand how they see things, understand their problems and challenges, their goals and aspirations, and understand them from their point of view.

Often this will mean actually sitting down, taking some uninterrupted time and imaging being them.

Put aside your own point of view, stop thinking of how they should think and instead just understand their point of view completely.

When you do this, when you really understand another person’s point of view, something incredible happens.

You get to see their challenges and problems in a whole new light.

And as a man dealing with a woman, you’ll find that when you do this your solutions to her problems will be completely different. And the upshot of this approach is that it’s the best way to make a woman want you sexually.

Look at it from her perspective

Don’t try to suggest logical steps to fix a problem she talks about. What she wants is your undivided focus and attention. Often when you demonstrate that it solves most of the problem.

When people get frustrated and angry it’s quite often because they feel misunderstood.

Instead focusing completely on their perspective. Focus on their point of view and their model of the world. You become able to solve relationship challenges and take your relationship to a whole new level.

This is an amazing gift you can give over this holiday period.

And of course, this approach is just as valuable when it comes to sex too.

Understanding how your lover really feels about sex will enable you to solve a whole host of challenges.  Such as why you may not be getting as much sex as you like. Or why she’s not orgasming as much or enjoying sex as much as she could.

So take some time to think about this idea of really getting into your lover’s head. Thinking from her point of view you may just have your biggest breakthrough yet.

I want to provide you with an opportunity to take your education and knowledge further, because I know this is what many of you are looking for.

Video shows how make her want and crave for you sexually

Discover more ways to make a woman want you sexually. Then take her sexual pleasure to a new level, including physical techniques. Know her inner game and use psychological techniques like what I’ve shared above. Check out this video on how to give women intense multiple orgasms.

make a woman have powerful orgasms

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