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buy Viagra without prescription

Ed McKenzie

Looking to buy Viagra without prescription? You’ve come to the right place! Check out the price comparison table below. Low cost Viagra you can buy online without prescription.

You see, a lot of medications are currently available in generic forms like generic Viagra that you can buy without prescription. You don’t have to spend excessive amounts of money buying expensive brand name forms.

For example, many of us are put off buying generic Viagra online because of concerns spread on the internet. Spread by big pharmaceutical companies (who of course, want you to continue wasting your cash on their brand medications).

With some investigation, a lot of of these concerns turn out to be without basis. It seems increasingly obvious that buying generic treatments, particularly online, may be the most sensible choice for lots of people.

The fact is that you can now buy Viagra online without prescription from businesses that deal directly with pharmaceutical laboratories. And you can buy Viagra online for a small fraction of the price of high street drugstores.

Buy generic Viagra online

Generic Viagra is now available to anyone with an Internet connection and a mailing address. Prices have never been cheaper despite creeping global inflation.
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Generic Viagra – same quality, lower prices

In fact could well be a lot better to buy Viagra without a prescription. ‘Big Pharma’ would have you perceive that it is foolhardy to buy generic drugs such as Viagra if you don’t know precisely what you’re getting. However the only real difference between a generic Viagra and the brand name Viagra is the name… and the cost. Generic medicines contain exactly the same active ingredient as branded types. For example, both generic and brand name Viagra contain Sildenafil.

Pharmaceutical companies sometimes try to argue that their brand name medication is somehow better than a generic one. However in most cases this is simply not true. In fact, in most countries, generic treatments are equivalent to the brand name version in their medicinal properties and outcomes.

However, there are good reasons why brand name treatments are more expensive than generic ones. The companies who patent the medication in the first place have significant research and development costs which they have to cover. This explains why they patent the new medicine for some time. Then they profit from it exclusively and recover their investments.

Regardless, as we’ve all seen, they also mount huge marketing campaigns to push their new medication. Consequently they earn huge profit margins. So the price gets raised to incorporate these ‘expenses’ too. While they hold on to the exclusive copyright, they can maintain the cost at what they wish.

However, manufacturers of generic drugs like Viagra simply don’t have these overheads. However with main clinical trials are already completed, generic drug makers have no need promote them, since the treatment is now already popular.

Additionally, the fact is that generic Viagra you buy online without a subscription is cost effective to produce and ship.

Why online Viagra is so cheap to buy

This is mainly because the substances used to make the medicines, like generic Viagra, are usually low-cost. But prices are lower because a lot of generic medicines manufactured in international laboratories, in countries like India and China with lower overheads. Sometimes this is vaguely viewed as unsafe. Nonetheless, these pharmaceutical labs are still subject to strict laws, just as in Western countries. As far as I know, it could as well be the same manufacturers making the brand-name medications as the generic pills.

Different rules for different countries

In addition, the legal standing and use of generic medicines is different in various states. In Great Britain, generic medicines are widely available and used by medical practitioners. In fact, in Britain, doctors and pharmacists will prescribe generic medicines preferentially when they’re available, in order to cut costs for the government.

By contrast, in the US there are restrictions regarding generic drugs due to strict rules which insists on exclusive use of brand name medications being only. The consequence of pharmaceutical companies lobbying no doubt.

However, next door in Canada, the game is more like Britain where you can buy generic medications like Viagra online without a prescription.

Now, licencing boards allow generic treatments like Viagra on the market once the initial patent period is over. There are large differences between nations. The US permits drug patents to last for significantly longer periods than in the Canada and the UK.

For example, for Viagra, the patent ran out in the UK and Europe in 2013. In Canada, Pfizer’s patent on Viagra was actually invalidated in 2012 because the courts ruled that Pfizer had corrupted patent laws by withholding the key ingredient of Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate). However, in the US, Pfizer’s Viagra patent only expired in 2020. Now virtually anyone can legally buy Viagra without prescription online with ease.

Don’t let the Big Money rumour mill spoil your day

One can’t help but notice that there’s also a lot of rumour-spreading about buying medicines on the internet. Prices are often a lot lower when you order from drug stores on-line than from going to ones local pharmacy in person. This does not necessarily indicate that there’s something dodgy going on. It’s often the case that some on-line pharmacies only operate via the Internet. Hence they don’t have store fronts to pay for and therefore they have clearly lower running costs.

An alternative method by which some pharmaceutical websites keep costs down is by sourcing their generic medications directly from the suppliers which make them. This means they’re able to sell the medications on to the consumer at lesser prices. They also often operate at far lower profit margins than the established pharmacies. They base their business on making revenue from a growing number of sales rather than from charging high costs.

Why it is okay to buy Viagra without prescription

To have or not to have a prescription is another concern. For many people, one of the major advantages of purchasing some medicines on-line is that often it’s not necessary to have a medical prescription beforehand. Mind you, this gives some people the view that ordering drugs online is inherently suspicious. For sure, there are some untrustworthy websites which exist and clearly you have to be careful where and what you purchase. Not all treatments are suitable for everyone and you must check that what you’re taking is safe for you.

What you may not be aware of is that many pharmacy websites which let you purchase prescription medicines on-line still insist that you have a prscription. Reputable pharmacies will need you to fill out a series of medical questions when you place your order. Their medical doctor will then assess your responses and approve your order, if it’s appropriate for your needs.

A few pharmacies charge more money for providing an on-line prescription and this is another to be selective about from whom you buy. Some drugstores will additionally charge high postage fees. However, fortunately you can always find honest pharmacies on-line which have no sneaky fees and also give free shipping around the world.

So don’t get ripped off, either on-line or at your local pharmacy. Do a little research to get yourself good drugs at reasonable prices. These days it’s easier than ever.

Buy generic Viagra online

Generic Viagra is now available to anyone with an Internet connection and a mailing address. Prices have never been cheaper despite creeping global inflation.
PharmacyShippingPrice per pillOrder page
International Airmail
with tracking
Free for order $200 up
25mg $0.36
50mg $0.60
100mg $0.90
International Airmail
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25mg $0.38
50mg $0.63
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P.S. After you buy your low-cost Viagra without a prescription online learn how to use it and give you significant other mind-blowing sex!

Suffer from PE? You’re not alone.

So how many men suffer from PE?

suffer from PEThe facts may surprise you. Premature ejaculation is actually a quite common problem with many men. So what percentage of men suffer from PE daily?

First, premature ejaculation, or PE for short, is when a man ejaculates within 1 minute of vaginal penetration and intercourse.

Given this definition, studies show that around 30%, or 1 in 3 men suffer from severe premature ejaculation, PE.

That’s almost 1 in 3 men cannot last more than a minute after commencing intercourse with a woman.

That doesn’t include a much larger number of men who can last more than a minute but then bust their nut no long after, say 2 to 5 minutes.

The fact is that if you want to satisfy a women you will need to go for 20 minutes or more. That’s because women take a lot longer time to warm up and achieve climax themselves.

Whether you have severe PE where you cannot not even last a minute or medium to mild PE where you can last no more than 5 minutes, the fact is that most women partners will remain unsatisfied.

Sexually unsatisfied women is a major cause in relationship breakdown and infidelity. Even if she remains faithful, an unsatisfied woman is a grumpy woman which makes for a lack luster relationship at best.

Of course it stands to reason that if 30% of men experience severe PE, a much larger percentage are plagued with moderate or mild PE. That percentage of men who cannot go for at least 20 minutes, enouigth to keep her satisfied, must be huge. Perhaps 75% to 80%!

That means that over 75% of men suffer from PE and 75% of women in relationships remain sexually unsatisfied.

So if you suffer from PE, don’t feel alone. You are in a majority.

That’s bad news. But the good news is that PE is curable. You can become that select minority of men who can go the distance and truly satisfy their female partner.

Curing PE

There are all natural methods to cure PE delivered in a training program and pharmaceutical pills that can cure PE.

The best all natural program to re-wire your brain to last longer in bed naturally, (if not as long as you want), is sex guru Jason Julian’s Extreme Stamina 5 module course.

The success patterns I studied and successfully duplicated give you the freedom to easily have sex for as long as you want and cum ONLY when you’re ready! All the while enjoying the confidence knowing you’re finally able to FULLY satisfy your woman with full body multiple orgasms every single time you have sex.

– Sexual Stamina course outline

The quick route to curing PE

dapoxetineThere are a bewildering array of mental tricks you could acquire to achieve premature ejaculation prevention.

A few of these techniques may work if you could take enough time to perfect the techniques. Mind you this requires practice and persistence.

However these advanced methods won’t be good for everybody. Do you have what it takes? Only time will tell.

The quickest way for preventing PE is medication. You may not want to hear that but it is the indisputable fact.

But aren’t medications are harmful to people? These pills that help you last longer help thousands of dudes without any harmful effects.

On the contrary the consequence is life enhancing – ejaculation control.

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priligy onlineAren’t long lasting control pills too expensive?. Only in the past. The copyrights have been lifted. One can order long lasting control medications for very little.

Take a peek at the low prices for PE prevention pills. You might be very surprised.

Suffer no longer from premature ejaculation. Learn the psychological tricks when you have time. Get some an instant relief from premature ejaculation now.

If you would prefer to try pills to control ejaculation made from all natural ingredients, check out Confido.

How to control PE

How to Control PE and Become a Stud!

Jason JuliusUs guys often get a bad rap for having a relatively boring orgasm.

You know “one and done” type thing.

The problem with this belief is it isn’t true.

The people spreading this kind of false information are the ones who are clueless about what a male orgasm is capable of!

They’re the ones that settle for the status quo and never dig deep enough for the facts.

The real truth is you can condition your body to react in anyway you want during intercourse and during your orgasm.

If you want you can control PE and last 20 minutes, no problem. Even if you want to last 60 minutes, no problem.

Eliminate PE and experience bigger orgasms – when ready

control PEIf you want to experience an orgasm that is 10 times greater than any other orgasm you felt before, no problem.

You just need a little guidance to help you understand the simple steps and techniques involved for getting to that point.

Lucky for you that’s where I can help!

The short story is I spent two years reverse engineering the techniques and methods of guys who have no problem controlling their orgasms or the sensations they feel during intercourse.

And I developed a system that you can follow to achieve total and full control over your orgasm, put an end to premature ejaculation. Learn how you can control PE and create a more powerful orgasm for yourself.

All in as little time as possible.

These are the same techniques and strategies I use night in and night out to control PE and giver her and myself mind-blowing pleasure in the process..

Learn all about these ejaculation control techniques here

– – –

A shortcut way to control PE and last longer in bed

There are many ways one can acquire to develop long lasting control.

A few of the techniques could result in success if one can take the time to perfect the mental tricks. Mind you this takes practice and dedication.

Remember these advanced techniques may not work for you personally. Do you have what it takes? Only time will tell.

A quick method for lasting longer in bed is a pill. You may not want to hear that nevertheless it is the indisputable fact.

Are you worried that medications are harmful to men? These medications that prevent PE are taken by numerous dudes with no harmful effects.

The fact is the result is beneficial – goodbye premature ejaculation.

Aren’t PE prevention pills too expensive?. No longer. These days the copyrights have been lifted. Anyone can buy tablets to control PE prevention for dirt cheap.

See the prices for premature ejaculation pills. You might be very surprised.

Don’t suffer from premature ejaculation. Learn the psychological methods when you have time. Get some assured help for premature ejaculation today.

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PE cure

Get hard Naturally Fast

How to get hard fast naturally

get hard naturally fastDo you sometimes struggle to get hard naturally fast?

Or do you find that you can get hard in certain situations, like when masturbating or first thing in the morning, but then struggle to get it up when in bed with your lover?

This is a more common situation than you may think.

I mean, this isn’t something a lot of guys talk about over drinks.

But let me tell you, being someone who’s taught thousands of men sex advice, it’s more common than you could ever imagine.

Now, even though it’s common, it can be treated.

In fact, it’s actually pretty easy to overcome this problem, IF you know what to do.

Think about this – if you can get hard in one situation, like while masturbating or first thing in the morning, why shouldn’t you be able to get hard naturally fast in other situations?

Look, you’ve already proven that you have the physical capability to get hard, therefore all you need to know is how to activate that hardness when it really counts.

This is the real problem a lot of men face.

get hard pillsThey can get hard in certain situations, but when in bed with a woman their mindset changes, they get nervous, they start to worry about not getting hard and they get frustrated with their lack of control over getting hard.

To get fully hard when in bed with a woman, shift your focus away from things that stop you from getting aroused. Instead, focus on things that start getting you aroused.

Tell me if you recognize this pattern:

You’re in bed with a woman, you’re having fun, you’re enjoying rolling around and getting physical. You start to get a little bit hard. Perhaps you even get fully hard and you feel pretty good about yourself.

Then, you suddenly have the realization – sex is about to happen!

And as soon as you realize sex is about to happen you begin to worry about not getting hard. You fear that you won’t be able to maintain a full hard-on. Or you worry about how disappointed she’ll be about your inability to satisfy her.

And then, you lose a bit of your hardness. That’s when real panic sets in.

“Oh my god! I’m losing hardness, what do I do, I can’t afford to lose any more, it’s all going wrong”

And then guys wonder why they can’t stay hard. Their very fear of losing hardness is actually what triggers further loss of hardness. And so a vicious cycle is created, leading inevitably to being totally flaccid.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

I’ve given you the first step, which is awareness of what causes failing to get hard. The next step is to start doing the things that trigger hardness when you want it. When you learn these tricks you will be able to get hard fast naturally and stay hard.

And if you want the ability to get rock hard on your command and give your lover the kind of sex she always dreamed about then check out the link below.

Discover the secret to get hard naturally fast here:

Get Hard And Stay Hard Techniques [VIDEO]

A fast method for lasting longer

There are many advanced techniques one might be able to master to achieve PE prevention.

Many of these advanced techniques could work if one could spend enough time to perfect the advanced methods. Mind you this takes time and persistence.

However these techniques doesn’t result is success for everybody. Do you have what it takes? Only time will tell.

A shortcut method for lasting longer in bed is dapoxetine. Maybe you don’t want to hear that however it’s the undeniable fact.

Are you concerned that tablets are bad for men? These tablets that control ejaculation control are used by numerous men without any bad consequences.

On the contrary the bottom line is life enhancing – lasting longer.

But pills cost too much you may think. No longer. These days the patents have been removed. Anyone can order PE prevention tablets for very little.

Check out the price comparisons for PE medications. You might be very surprised.

Suffer no longer from premature ejaculation. Study the esoteric methods later. Get rapid help for premature ejaculation now.

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Naturally be able to last over 30 minutes in bed

How to last over 30 minutes in bed

last over 30 minutes in bedThere are a bewildering array of techniques one can master to develop premature ejaculation prevention.

A few of the advanced methods could work if you could take enough time to incorporate the ways. Mind you it takes time and dedication.

And these advanced methods won’t work for you. Do you have what it takes? Only time will tell.

A fast way for lasting longer is pharmacological. Maybe you don’t want to hear that but it remains based on evidence.

Are you worried that pharmacological products are harmful to people? These tablets that prevent premature ejaculation help millions of guys all the time with no bad side effects.

In fact the consequence is life enhancing – goodbye PE.

But pills are too expensive you might say. Only in the past. These days the copyrights have been lifted. Anyone can order premature ejaculation prevention tablets for dirt cheap.

Look at the price comparisons for premature ejaculation control medications. You will be pleased.

Banish premature ejaculation. Learn the mind techniques when you have time. Get some an instant help for premature ejaculation today.

Click the link below to see just how low cost you can get these pills for. premature ejaculation control medications.

PE cure

Some techniques you can practice to last over 30 minutes in bed

Sometimes I’ll give guys countless different techniques, all proven, for lasting longer in bed, and then they still don’t get the results they want.

Perhaps you feel this way?  Like you’ve gotten and tried out a bunch of different things and you’re still not seeing the results you want?

Or perhaps you feel like you just need to discover that one secret that will finally make the difference for you?

Well, it could be that you’re missing the appropriate techniques for increasing how long you last.

If you haven’t got any of my trainings yet, then that could easily be what’s holding you back.

But today I want to talk about something different.

It’s what everyone who gets exceptional results has in common…

And it could be the one thing that’s holding you back from getting the results from the techniques you already know… Drive.

The people who get results want those results… bad.

They really want to get the breakthrough they’re after.

For example, when it comes to lasting longer in bed, they will do whatever it takes to figure out how to make it happen. And furthermore, they develop a belief that they can make it happen. This is a huge secret to success.

In fact, from my experience you can give the exact same technique to two different people…

One of whom has the kind of burning desire I just described where they’ll do anything to get their outcome… and one of whom kind of wants the result, but doesn’t want it that badly and isn’t really sure if they can get it anyway…

And these people will experience different results with the same technique. Isn’t that interesting? As you can probably guess the guy who wants it badly and trusts he can get it almost always gets the better results than the guy who doesn’t want it as badly.

Now why is that?

How do we intuitively already know that that is the case? Especially when the technique itself is exactly the same? Because with enough drive a person will make results happen.

If something doesn’t work out perfectly first time it doesn’t matter. Since they’ll do whatever it takes to get the result a failure is only feedback. Something not working just means they now know what not to do.

You may have heard of the famous Thomas Edison response when a reporter asked about how he felt at having failed 10,000 times while trying to create the first light bulb…

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

That’s the attitude it takes to get exceptional results. And the same is true when it comes to lasting long in bed. Now fortunately for you… I’ve personally taken out a lot of the guess work to getting results.

I’ve done the whole “Edison thing” and gone through the countless hours of figuring out which techniques work and which ones don’t…

But even so, without an attitude of burning desire and unshakable belief that you’ll get the results, you’re going to handicap your chances of success.

So from now on, when introduced to a new technique also set the intention to remind yourself of the reasons as to why you want to implement the technique in the first place.

When you know why you want something your execution will become significantly better and therefore you’ll get much better results.

Now if you’re ready to take the next step and you’re willing to focus on increasing your drive and trust that you can get what you want…

I highly recommend you check out my advanced techniques for lasting longer in bed.

This particular training is designed only for those seriously committed to getting exceptional results…

If that’s you, then learn more about advanced techniques here…

last longer breathing technique



PS – I cover some of the most important “mindsets” you need to know to naturally be able to last over 30 minutes in bed in this training, as well as all the necessary physical techniques.


What Causes P.E. And How To Stop It

What causes PE?

P.E. cureOrgasming more quickly than you’d like during sex happens for a reason.

But what causes PE? The biggest cause of PE / early orgasm in men is performance anxiety.

In fact, multiple research papers are now identifying the link between performance anxiety and P.E.

And the reason for this link is that when you experience anxiety certain hormones get released into the blood that encourage early orgasm.

Saving you all the technical details… what this means is that if you want to last long in bed, you need to eliminate any anxiety you normally have before and during sex.

And the new method for lasting long in bed that I’ve just created does exactly that….

It helps you destroy anxiety and install rock star confidence…

…And as a result you last a whole lot longer in bed, giving you the ability to make women orgasm over and over again.

Now, if you’d like to discover exactly how this new method works to eliminate sexual anxiety and get you to last long in bed, then check out this video…

what causes PE

In this video I reveal my breakthrough new approach for lasting over 30 minutes in bed and giving women intense multiple orgasms.

Go check it out now, because I can only keep the video up for a limited time.



PS –  P.E. is naturally curable.

If right now you’re not lasting as long as you’d like to in
bed there’s a reason for it…

And it’s not anything to do with your genes, physical
sensitivity or what your lover does in bed…

It’s an internal thing over which you have complete
control IF you know how to take that control.

Discover exactly how to take control of your stamina
with this breakthrough new approach here…

The quickest method for ejaculation control

There are lots of advanced techniques you could master to develop long lasting control.

A few of the ways could result in success if you can take the time to incorporate the ways. However this requires time and persistence.

But these mental tricks be effective for you. Do you have what it takes? Only time will tell.

The quickest route to stopping PE is medication. Maybe you don’t want to hear that but it remains based on evidence.

Do you worry that medications are harmful to men? These medications that prevent premature ejaculation benefit a countless number of dudes all the time without any ill side effects.

The fact is the bottom line is beneficial – ejaculation control.

Aren’t premature ejaculation prevention pills too expensive?. Not any more. These days the patents have been erased. You can use PE prevention medications for next to nothing.

Look at the prices for premature ejaculation prevention medications. You might be surprised.

Don’t suffer from PE. Study the esoteric methods some other time. Get quick help for PE now.

Click the link below to see just how low cost are these tablets.

PE cure

learn how to last longer in bed

Avoid these mistakes if you want to learn how to last longer in bed

learn how to last longer in bed

Most men want to improve their sexual stamina and last longer in bed so that they can fulfill the needs of their female partners.

Ejaculating too soon while you are in the throes of pleasure can be highly embarrassing, as well as unfulfilling for your partner.

The trick think of football to keep your mind off sex is something many men try to do when they want to last longer in bed. While you can try to last longer by using mental distraction techniques – such as taking your mind off for a few moments during intercourse – this technique is flawed and has its drawbacks.

Here’s why distraction strategies don’t work

The purpose of making love is not just to allow yourself to come to a climax quickly. You want to enjoy her body as well as allow her to enjoy yours at the same time. This prolongs the pleasure for you both.

For best experience, intercourse should last longer than just a few minutes. However, if you focus on something else other than sex in an effort to last longer, she may to see what you are doing. This could turn her off instead. Also, sex won’t be a pleasurable experience for both of you.

Women crave an emotional connection in sex. This is what gives women intense sexual pleasure. This goes along with passionate lovemaking. She will think you are a sensuous lover.

Thinking of something other than sex while having intercourse will result in bland sex that she will not enjoy. If you want to learn how to last longer in bed and have a hot sex life, you need passion.

So what are the best ways to make sex last longer?

There a number of effective techniques that work. For example, you should identify your orgasm threshold and strengthen the muscles that contract in the pelvic area before you ejaculate. Focus on these muscles and keep them relaxed and last longer.

There are also some interesting positions that will allow you get hard and stay hard longer when engaged in intercourse. Such as you could have her sit on top of you. Then she can enjoy the pleasure of intercourse without you reaching an orgasm too soon.

Recognize and associate the sensations leading up to an orgasm. Adjust your movements to reduce arousal. Study the techniques. Learn how to last longer in bed starting with downloading the free e-book below. The result will be enduring and much more satisfying sex with your significant other (or others).

Click on the cover of Unstoppable Stamina below to download.

last longer tricks

Pills to Last Longer in Bed

There are medications that last longer in bed – if you want a sure remedy.

If you’re still developing your techniques to last longer in bed an effective drug is ED & PE combo pills.

If you are going to take drugs, be sure to stay away from online scams.

Below is a link to ED & PE combo pills price comparisons and from trusted pharmacies where one can order high quality low-cost ED & PE combo pills delivered directly to your door.

delay ejaculation pill

Cure ED naturally without pills

Natural ED cures

cure ED naturally without pillsFor decades, men have relied on ED drugs like Cialis to treat hard-on problems.

But new science has suggested these drugs aren’t as effective as first thought and men are increasingly turning to naturally-sourced methods to get rock hard.

And one particular combination of plant and herb extracts has led to some spectacular results.

Results any man can attempt to copy.

Discover the new natural method to cure ED

For a long time, the blue pill was the best ED solution science could come up with.

But no science is set in stone.

It wasn’t long ago the Earth was flat, right?

And, thanks to new scientific research we know that various ED drugs could lead to some pretty dangerous side-effects.

I found this pretty shocking:

The FDA’s own analysis of the blue pill found that over 40% of men in their trials suffered from minor conditions like headaches, upset stomachs and back pain.

And more serious conditions – like strokes and dangerously low blood pressure – were (very occasionally) reported too.

To be clear, you’ll probably be safe taking it (if you haven’t got an underlying health condition and your doctor says it’s fine).

But wouldn’t it be better to have a solution with none of these risks at all?

Fortunately, such a solution exists.

Science has come to the rescue again, thanks to our increased understanding of male er*ctile function.

Here’s a few things we now know:

Having good cardiovascular health ensures a strong blood flow through your manhood during sexual intercourse.

So men are getting more exercise.

Even incredibly simple stuff, like walking across the yard and back, can make a difference.

We also understand the importance of diet.

Men have found giving their body certain nutrients releases some crucial sex hormones.

As a result these nutrients train your body to release these hormones by itself, meaning you can get your hard-ons thick and throbbing practically on command.

And there’s one combination of natural plant extracts I’ve discovered that can lead to particularly dramatic improvements in your hard-on firmness and durability without any of the risks of ED drugs.

Get your hands on these powerful techniques below.

stay hard erections

Avoid premature ejaculation

How to avoid premature ejaculation

avoid premature ejaculationIf you need to avoid premature ejaculation read every word below.

First, many men don’t need much stimulation before they’re fully aroused and ready to orgasm.

But if you want to give your woman a longer lasting multiple-orgasm-filled bedroom experience, you need a different.

There’s a common mistake, made by loads of men, preventing them from lasting longer in bed.

Put simply – they need to slow things down.

They often get way too fast and physical early on, through innocent overexcitement.

This not only means these men end up climaxing too quickly but their woman won’t have the time for getting aroused enough to orgasm herself.

So what’s going wrong?

Research shows that (on average) women take around 13 minutes longer than men to orgasm during sex

The theory is simple: Men and women experience sexual arousal very differently.

Generally, it takes women longer to become fully aroused.

This also means that by resisting the temptation to go at it like a jackhammer you can pleasure her for much longer before you climax.

And in turn, her arousal will be greater and her orgasm much more pleasurable.

Here’s an easy way to put this into practice.

The next time you’re having sex, try and slow things down a bit

It might sound overly simplistic, but few men really get this.

Try and keep your thrusting, breathing and general movements as relaxed and smooth as possible.

I’m not saying you need to take things so slowly that the sex loses its spark.

But by mixing up deeper, longer strokes with shallower shorter ones.

You can still stimulate your woman far more gradually and avoid premature ejaculation – while giving her explosive, screaming orgasms as well.

Whilst more varied thrusting is a great first step for improving stamina, it only scratches the surface of what’s possible.

To discover an incredible stamina-boosting sex technique that you can use to pleasure your woman all night long watch the video linked below.

Avoid premature ejaculation and last longer take 2

Don’t think of a banana for the next 10 seconds.

Okay, done that? I’ll bet it was challenging. In fact, you probably couldn’t keep the banana out of your mind at all.

Now, I haven’t just done this to waste your time. Our brains are great, but they can easily get distracted – allowing negative behaviour patterns to creep in.

And yes, that includes your performance in bed.

Our brains can be our closest ally during sex – or our worst enemy.

If a man has a bad night in bed – for whatever random reason – his brain becomes determined not to let it happen again.

But, ironically, this added pressure only makes it more likely you’ll lose your hard-on too quickly.

Negative feedback loop

In turn, this sets off a negative feedback loop in the nerves of your penis.

They begin to need more and more stimulation to keep you rock-hard for any length of time.

This can keep happening night after night, increasing the pressure to get raging hard and increasing the disappointment when things go wrong.

And it’s hard to ensure that happens if you’re battling your mind at the same time.

Fortunately, disrupting this negative feedback loop is easy. It helps you beat both body and mind.

Just take a few slow, deep breaths.

Doing this stimulates your nervous system into calming your brain down.

This can help you stay more focused and relaxed in bed even if you don’t have performance anxiety.

So getting your brain back on your side is an important step to avoid premature ejaculation and boost your erectile endurance.

And once you’ve got that sorted, you can start retraining the nerves in your penis.

You can retrain them to require much lower levels of sexual stimulation helping them keep you hard for a long night of intense sexual passion.

Sounds good?

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Pills to avoid premature ejaculation

There are medications that prevent PE – if you need a fast remedy.

If you are still working on your techniques to avoid PE – and get back in control – a tried and tested PE drug is Priligy (dapoxetine) pills.

If you are going to try pills, be careful to avoid online scams. Below is a link to Priligy (dapoxetine) pills information and price comparisons from trusted dispensaries.

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How to Delay Ejaculation

Learn how to delay ejaculation starting today

how to delay ejaculationI’ve got a confession to make – although I teach on this site how to delay ejaculation, the other night I screwed up and I didn’t last very long in bed. In fact, I lasted a matter of minutes – a lot less longer than I usually do.

I got away with it, because I’m in a long-term relationship with a great woman. We have the kind of relationship where it’s okay to screw up now and again,. But truthfully I was still embarrassed.

Now I wasn’t sure whether to write this post or not, being seen as a “guru”. I’ve taught thousands of men all over the world how to last longer in bed. But in the end, perhaps against my better judgement, I thought I would.

And here are the reasons why:

1.  I want to dispel this idea of anyone, including myself, being a guru

Being able to last over 30 minutes in bed isn’t about being born under the right star or being just plain lucky.

It’s not about who you are, it’s about what  you do.

I’m not special and neither is any other guy who can (usually) last for hours in bed. They simply do what works.

So if you think the reason you can’t last long in bed is something to do with you personally, then forget that.

It’s not about you, it’s about what you do during sex that impacts how long you last.

2.  There’s an important lesson in my  mistake –

And that lesson is if you don’t use the techniques necessary to last long in bed, you won’t last long in bed. It’s as simple as that.

The other night I climaxed early for a reason.

It was because I didn’t use the techniques I normally do to last long in bed.

delay ejaculation pillsThe fact of the matter is that I got sloppy. I got complacent, and being a guy who doesn’t naturally last very long in bed – it’s something I can’t afford to do.

And if you don’t naturally last long in bed the same is true for you.

If you normally orgasm very quickly then you can’t afford to take your eye off the ball.

You need to be aware of what’s going on. You need to have a set of techniques at your disposal proven to help you last longer that you can implement at any time to help boost your stamina – before it’s too late.

So don’t get sloppy 😉

Make sure you have the techniques and strategies needed for lasting longer in bed at hand and ready to use to help you whenever you need them.

And if you don’t already know how to delay ejaculation techniques then you need to learn. Discover the techniques to boost stamina to over 30 minutes.

If you want to blow your lover’s mind in bed then it’s crucial you start putting what I share in this video into action as soon as possible.

Get a handle on this today, before it’s too late,

Remember, lasting long in bed and giving your lover multiple orgasms in bed isn’t about being born as “that kind of guy”. It’s about knowing how to delay ejaculation and using proven techniques for boosting your stamina.

Discover those techniques here:

Techniques To Quickly Boost Stamina

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