The Cuck Test

The Cuck Test

A last-minute holiday finds me having to take the cuckold test

I drained the remnants of my beer from the bottle, my eyes and thoughts on Alice standing at the beach-bar a few yards away.

A sudden breeze opened her wrap-around skirt briefly allowing me to get a flash of her tanned thigh and panties.

There were others sitting around tables as the evening sunset began to take hold but no-one else seemed to notice the sudden flash of naked flesh.

The barman who was serving her didn’t get a look either. It was difficult from his vantage point.

I had no doubt though that the barman would have liked to have seen what I had seen.

I know the look of lust when I see it. I had seen that look when we first arrived 3 days ago and I had seen his eyes light up every time we had paid a visit to the bar which lay a few hundred yards from our apartment.

It was clear that the Jamaican bar owner had the hots for Alice.

They were talking about me though. Every now and then they would look across at me.

I began to feel a little disconcerted as well as curious. I knew Alice well.

We have been together for 6 years now, 3 of which as husband and wife, so I knew that the look on her face was serious.

the Jamaican bar owner had the hots for Alice

I sat there watching them talking, waiting patiently for her to return with their drinks.

It was almost ten minutes later when she moved away from the bar and her admirer, and came back to the table.

“You were deep in conversation there?” I said as she sat down. She ignored my question.

“You know when you booked this holiday how did you actually find this place?” She asked me.

“I told you,” I replied. “on the internet.”

“I know but where?” She asked me again.

I shrugged my shoulders. “I just googled adult holidays.”


“Yes as in adults only.” I replied. “Why?”

“Adult as in adult?” She asked.

“Adult as in no children.” I told her. “That’s what we wanted after last year’s disaster in Spain.”

She knew what I meant. Last year we had ended up in a family resort full of hyperactive kids and it had ruined our intended rest and relation break. There were times when they needed quality time together.

“But did they say anything else about the resort here?” She asked me.

“I didn’t bother going into much detail. It was a last minute deal.” I replied. “We always fancied Jamaica anyway so I just booked it. Why, don’t you like it here?”

Alice leaned forward and spoke quietly. “Do you notice anything about the place?”

I looked around quickly. “Yes, no kids.”

“Look closer.” She insisted.

I looked around again. The two closest tables to us each had two white couples with a black male sat with them.

There were two more tables with a lone white male.

There were a couple more tables with white women sat with black males and then there was a large crowd around three tables put together.

The crowd consisted of six white females with six black males.

I shrugged my shoulders. “Looks pretty normal to me.”

Just as I finished speaking a white woman and a black male appeared from the direction of the apartments walking hand in hand.

They brushed past us as they sat down at one of the tables that had a lone white male sat at it.

The man had a smile on his face as he stood up and gave the woman a kiss. “Have a good time darling?” We heard him say.

The woman said something that we could not hear clearly and then she said more loudly “How about getting Ezra and me a drink.”

I looked at Alice. The penny was beginning to drop.

A resort haven for cuckolds?

Alice leaned forward “Joe was telling me that this resort is a haven for cuckolds” She said quietly.

Joe was telling me that this resort is a haven for cuckolds

“Cuckolds?” I asked, mimicking her whisper.

“Married women come here for a break without their husbands and some husbands like to accompany their wives and allow them to sample the local males!”

The blood must have drained from my face. “How do you know that?” I asked her.

She replied. “Joe told me.”

“He doesn’t think we’re like that does he?” I asked.

“Well, he did ask if you’re a cuckold but I soon put him right on that.” She answered. “He’d like to cuckold you though!”

“He can bugger off!” I snapped back.

Alice smiled and leaned forward to give him a reassuring kiss. “But you do like to fantasize about me with another man, don’t you?.” She teased softly.

“Yeah … but it’s just a fantasy” I started to say. ‘Wait, you’re not suggesting that you actually want to try it are you??”

Alice smiled. “Well … if the opportunity arose …”

I had no chance to respond because Joe suddenly appeared with a tray of drinks.

“On the house.” He said as he put the tray down.

Joe held out his hand “I’m Joe and you must be Frank”, he said before pulling up a chair.

I began to feel uneasy as he sat down right between me and Alice.

“That’s me done for the night.” He said as he sipped on his drink.

The three people from a table behind got up and walked passed them. The white woman and the black male held hands and the white male followed on behind. The black male spoke to Joe as he walked passed and Joe said “I will, have a nice time my friend.”

I looked at the man following them. He wore shorts that had a prominent bulge in the front. “There goes one happy cuckold.” Joe commented.

I felt uncomfortable. I realized that Joe wanted to cuckold me and he also knew that Alice would do it if given the chance.

“Maybe he isn’t happy.” I said.

Joe laughed “Did you not see his stiffy?” He said. “A cuckold will always have a stiffy when his partner is with another man.”

“Have you cuckolded many men Joe?” Alice asked.

I was shocked that she would ask such a question.

“Yes.” He responded looking at me.

I could only look away.

“What do you get out of it apart from the obvious?” Alice asked him.

It’s a combination of things.” He said as he sipped his drink. ”But like my friend just then, I do get a buzz in that situation, taking the wife away to pleasure her and having her husband as an onlooker with a stiffy.”

“He did look excited.” Alice commented. “Do they always get that excited?”

Joe smiled. “You bet” he replied. “It’s the first sign that they enjoy being cuckolded. We always call it the cuckold test.”

“The cuckold test?” Alice asked.

“Well if you’re with a couple for the first time and you’re paying the wife some attention and the husband gets a stiffy then you know that he’s up for it. He’s a cuckold.” Joe explained.

I was feeling more uncomfortable now and sensed Joe gazing down at my crotch.

“So if the husband gets a stiffy in that situation then he somehow enjoys being cuckolded?” Alice asked him.

Joe nodded. “Well put it this way. If that guy we just saw didn’t want it to happen he would be dragging my friend off his wife. He wouldn’t be following on behind with a stiffy would he?”

So you’re up for taking it then?

“No, I guess not.” Alice replied looking at me. “You’re very quiet Darling!”

“Maybe Frank’s afraid that he’d pass the cuckold test…” Joe said with a smile.

I gave a nervous giggle. “I doubt it” I said.

“So you’re up for taking it then?” Joe asked me.

“I doubt if Alice would even want me to take that test, whatever such a test would involve.” I replied.

“Yes, how would you test him?”, she asked.

“Let’s go back to your apartment and I’ll show you” Joe relied.

For a few moments Alice and I just looked at each other. I knew that I should end it there and then but there was something about Alice’s interest that intrigued me.

Yes, it was true that sometimes in moments of fantasy I would think about her with another man.

There was an occasion a couple of years back when some guy had hit on her in a hotel they were staying at. She had gone down to the bar ahead of him and a guy approached her and started to chat her up. He was quite an attractive guy and was quite blatant in his interest in her. The guy looked quite disappointed when I appeared on the scene.

Whether she had been teasing or not, she had told me that if she had been single she would have gone off with him. Her confession excited me and it put some extra vigor into our fucking that night.

“So, you willing to take the test?” Joe asked me directly.

I made no effort to respond.

“I’m up for it if Frank is” Alice said.

I felt a hint of sexual excitement. “Sure, why not”, I found myself saying.

Do I look nervous?

A few minutes later and with our drinks downed, the three of us headed off to the apartment. I made a point of grabbing Alice’s left hand as they walked away. There was no way that I was going to walk on behind them. However, Joe reached for her other hand and Alice found herself walking with two men.

“Hmm this is quite nice being taken home by two men!” she said.

I said nothing throughout the short journey to our apartment. I was in a state of nervous excitement and confusion. One part of me wanted to see Joe just disappear and leave us alone but there was another part that found excitement in seeing him holding on to my girlfriend’s hand. Alice on the other hand seemed quite cool about the whole situation.

When they got back to the apartment Alice opened a bottle of white wine and we all nervously stood in the kitchen quietly drinking. It was Alice who spoke first “So what’s this test then?”

Joe put his glass down. “Have you got a dressing gown sash or maybe we can use Frank’s belt.” He said looking down at my waist.

“Use the belt.” Alice said.

“We also need a chair in the lounge.” Joe said.

“Can you bring one in please darling?” Alice said as she led the way.

I had already figured out that some kind of restraining was going to be involved and it came as little surprise when I was asked to sit down on the chair that was placed in the center of the room.

“Would you like to undo his belt Alice?” Joe asked her.

I sat down and allowed Alice to unbuckle his belt and withdraw it. As she handed it to Joe he moved behind the chair and asked me to put my hands through the bars at the back of the chair. Again I meekly surrendered myself and moments later my hands were firmly secure to the chair.

“Would you take down his pants please Alice?” Joe asked as he stood up. Neither of them said anything as she pulled my trousers and boxers down around my ankles. I felt vulnerable and very nervous as sitting there with the two of them standing beside each other looking down at me.

Then Joe put his arm around Alice.

“Now then Frank.” He started to say as he gave her a hug. “Alice and I are going to do some making out and if you get a stiffy from watching us then I’m gonna take that as a Yes to fuck your wife.”

I was stunned into silence.

Joe hugged her again and asked Alice, “That okay with you?”

“Yes, but we do it upstairs…not down here.” she consented.

I felt shocked to hear her say this so bluntly but managed to ask Joe, “And if I remain like this you’ll stop?”

“Yes.” he replied. “As soon as time’s up, I’ll stop.”

“How long do I get though?” I asked.

“I reckon you’ll have a stiffy within five minutes but let’s make it ten.” Joe told him.

“I won’t get hard”, I told him defiantly.

Joe pulled away from Alice and leaned over me, resting his hands on the both arms of the chair. “Frank my friend, by the time I get to your wife’s pussy you’ll not only be stiff but you’ll also be dribbling cum.” Joe told him.

I shifted awkwardly in my seat as Joe stepped back to be greeted by a kiss from Alice. It shocked me to see her kiss another man; not just any old kiss but a long passionate kiss. She was smaller than Joe so she had to reach up and wrap her hands around the back of his neck to pull him down to her height. The kiss lasted a few minutes and then Alice broke away and moved back to the settee.

Joe joined her and they quickly got back into an embracing kiss. Once again Alice kissed him with passion; running her hands through his short black hair before running a hand down his muscular arm and resting on his thigh. I breathed in heavily as I saw her hand resting on his thigh. Joe responded by resting his hand on her waist. For a few moments they continued to kiss with passion and then she glanced over to me. Her focus though was not on my face but my groin.

I glanced down. My cock was still flaccid lying snugly between my closed thighs but I was afraid. The horror of watching her kiss another man was wearing off now and I could feel stirrings; sensual stirrings. I feared those stirrings would make my cock stiffen and I knew that once that happened they would go upstairs to fuck.

“Am I allowed to touch?” She asked as she turned her attention back to Joe.

Joe smiled. “Feel free to do what you like.” He told her. “Whatever you think will give him a stiffy.”

I felt those stirrings again. I watched as her hand moved across his lap and rested on his bulge. I closed his eyes to try and shut myself off but Alice spoke. “Do you have a big one?”

My eyes opened in horror.

“See for yourself.” Joe said as he stood up. Joe was simply dressed in a long t-shirt and a pair of knee length shorts.

I watched as Alice’s hand went up to the belt buckle. I didn’t think that she would do it. I didn’t think that she even had it in her to do such a thing. After all she hardly knew anything about the man but she unbuckled his belt strap and loosened the waistband of his shorts.

Wow. You’re big!

As she tugged on them she glanced across at me. Her focus was not on my face but on my cock. Her eyes remained focused on my cock as she pulled Joe’s shorts slowly down over his thighs.

I managed to hold on to my thoughts as I desperately tried to keep myself from getting caught up in the erotic spectacle.

“Wow…you are big.” I heard her say to Joe.

I found it impossible to keep himself from looking up. I found it impossible from looking at my wife holding another man’s cock in her hand. Her white hand looked so small against the huge thick black cock. So small it could barely wrap itself around it. I could feel himself starting to stir now.

I felt like I was starting to lose this battle. And that just excited me more.

I tried his best to focus my thoughts elsewhere but Alice was making it more and more difficult.

“Can I suck it?” I heard her say.

He watched Joe’s large brown hand rest on his girlfriend’s shoulder. “Alice, you can do whatever you want with my cock.”

She was taunting me. She was teasing me.

As her lips folded around the bulbous tip of Joe’s cock she turned and looked across at me.

This time she looked me in the eye. She was taunting me. She was teasing me. She was seeing my cock slowly start to lift itself off his thighs.

I closed my eyes. I wanted to put other thoughts inside my head. Any thoughts. Anything but the thought of Alice sucking another man’s cock. It was becoming a hopeless battle.

I opened my eyes again only to see Joe’s hands fondling Alice’s breasts through her thin top. I watched him take her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers to arouse her. I knew just how sensitive her nipples were. I knew just how aroused she became when I did that. I felt my cock stiffening again. I closed my eyes.

The rustling of clothes drew my attention back to them and I opened my eyes to see Alice standing and Joe pulling her top over her head. It had hardly had time to hit the floor before he had unhooked her bra. I watched Joe lower his face to her breasts and I just managed to close my eyes before the first kisses were released.

I could hear them. I could hear the sound of lips against flesh and I could also hear the sounds of soft moans and Alice’s soft moans of ecstasy.

The battle was lost.

I heard the rustling of clothes again and found himself unable stop my eyes from opening. It was Joe kneeling on the floor now. It was Joe’s hands dealing with a belt buckle now – Alice’s skirt belt buckle to be precise.

I watched her skirt slide gracefully down her thighs to the floor to leave her standing there in just a pair of white panties.

Joe’s large dark skinned hands reached up to the waistband of them just as I felt something cold dripping onto his thighs.

I looked down, my cock was stiff and leaking precum.

The battle was lost.

I let out a groan – a groan of despair that brought their attention to me. Alice stepped out of her panties, bent down to pick them up, and took hold of Joe’s cock to lead him across the room to where I was seated. Alice said nothing as she stooped down and kissed me gently on the lips. She looked me in the eyes and after dropping her panties in my lap she led Joe by the cock to the door.

I groaned again as I watched them leave the room. He heard them climb the wooden stairs up to the bedroom and then heard the noise of the bed springs. For a few moments there was only silence coming from upstairs but then I heard soft moans coming from Alice. The increasing volume of her moans and the sound of the rhythmic bed spring movements told me that they were fucking.

I glanced down at my groin. My erect cock had Alice’s panties dangling from it and they served to help soak up the cum.

I tugged on my hands. I wanted to free them. I wanted to masturbate. I was desperate for relief but I could do nothing except listen. Listen to sounds coming from upstairs. The sounds of the creaking bed springs. The sound of the headboard hitting the wall. The sounds of sex. The sounds of my girlfriend having sex with another man.

In my mind I imagined it all.

Alice, that slut!, was getting a right good fucking upstairs.

All the while I remained in agony tied to this damn chair!

I could hear her crying out about Joe’s big cock.

Then came the cries and moans. Alice was Screaming now. Screaming out obscenities. Screaming out in passion. I could hear her crying out about Joe’s big cock. Hear her crying out about how good it was. Hear her telling him, begging him even to fill her.

I could also hear Joe. Joe too was vocal, groaning and grunting in his poundings, telling her that he was coming, telling her he was going to fill her pussy.

Those final screams and groans were almost deafening and then there was silence.

The silence was almost as deafening as the screams had been. It lasted for what seemed like ages and then I heard Joe’s voice. I couldn’t make out what he was saying but I could picture him lying on top of her, talking while still deep inside her. I could also hear the sounds of the rhythmic bed spring movements again.

Joe was fucking her again!

I cursed under my breath. Joe was fucking my girlfriend again, showing off his prowess, showing off his virility.

I had never fucked her so quickly in succession. I wasn’t capable. I cursed again.

Alice was starting her screaming again. I had never heard her so vocal during sex. Never known her to enjoy sex like this before.

But I wasn’t Joe. I didn’t have a huge thick cock like Joe. I didn’t have the sexual appetite that Joe has. I couldn’t please Alice like Joe could. I cursed again.

I could hear Joe screaming that he was coming.

I wanted to drown out their sounds. I wanted to put my fingers in my ears to drown out the screams and obscenities flowing from Alice as she neared another climax.

I also wanted to cum. I wanted to masturbate. I wanted to take hold of my cock and stroke it to the rhythm of Joe’s pounding. I wanted to release my cum alongside Joe.

That was impossible of course. I was bound, tied to a chair, unable to touch myself, unable to free myself, unable to enjoy the pleasures that Joe was experiencing.

I could hear Joe coming. I could hear Joe screaming that he was coming. I could hear him warn my girlfriend that he was about to fill her and I could hear Alice screaming


The silence lasted longer this time.


At one stage I thought they had fallen sleep but then I heard the sound of the bed springs moving. They were disengaging. I could hear their voices, talking softly; and slowly. I heard Alice giggle. I also heard them kiss and then I heard the sound of feet hitting the floor.

I was afraid now. I could hear them coming down the stairs. What would happen next? What would they say? What would he say?

I looked up at them as they entered the room, hand in hand and naked.

My eyes fell to Joe’s groin. His cock was still half erect, glistening and wet, covered with Alice’s juices as well as his own cum.

Alice smiled and bent down to kiss me. “You okay darling?” She asked.

I gave a faint smile. I was so pleased to see her. I wanted to kiss her properly. I wanted to take her in my arms. I wanted to love her.

She reached for my cock and lifted her panties from it. There was an embarrassing pool of cum around the base of my cock.

“You’re excited then?” She asked me.

I said nothing. There was nothing I could say.

Joe was standing by her side with his arm around her waist. All I could do was stare down at Joe’s cock.

“Did you like listening to us fuck?” She asked me as she wrapped the panties around my cock.

I groaned.

“You know that you’re my cuckold now don’t you?” She told me as she started to move her hand up and down my shaft.

I groaned again.

“Joe has made a cuckold out of you. You do know that don’t you?” She taunted as her hand movements quickened.

“Yesssss…” I replied.

“You don’t mind if he fucks me regularly on this holiday do you?” She taunted again.

“Noooo…” I groaned.

“Tell him darling.” She said. “Tell him he can fuck me whenever he wants.” She taunted as her hand movements brought me closer to coming.

I groaned.

“Tell him Frank. Tell him.” She said. “Tell him that I’m his to fuck whenever he pleases.”

I groaned then cried out as I started to cum.

Alice pumped my cock harder and he screamed out again. “That’s a good boy.” She exclaimed as my cum gushed out and spilled over her hand.

As she wiped up the last drops of his cum I noticed a trickle of cum running down the inside her thighs. That was Joe’s cum. While I had only cum on his girlfriend’s damp panties, Joe had had the luxury of coming inside a nice tight warm pussy – my wife’s nice tight warm pussy!

Joe was quick to notice it too. Breaking away from Alice he went behind the chair and untied me. “A good cuck always goes down on his wife and cleans her up after she’s been fucked by another man”, Joe explained.

I had never done anything like that before. I had never even had the inclination to. I had wiped her pussy with tissue afterwards but I never cleaned her up with my tongue before.

Just like my cuckolding though, I was being led to doing new things, led to places that I didn’t really want to go. Alice sat back on the settee with legs apart and Joe led me to the edge of the settee and made me kneel.

“That’s it Frank.” She said taking me by the head. “You clean me up. Clean up all Joe’s lovely cum.”

I poked out my tongue and tentatively touched her cum covered pussy lips.

It was thick, creamy and salty. Alice’s hand pulled my face tightly against her. My cheeks became covered in the sticky remnants as I delved deeper inside her with my tongue.

As well as cleaning her up though I realized that I was also arousing Alice. Her fingers dug into my scalp and she started gyrating her groin into my face. I could also hear her cries of ecstasy.

I wasn’t the only one aroused either.

Glancing to my side I saw Joe standing there stroking his cock as he watched us. It was fully erect again and it looked menacing and threatening.

Alice had also noticed his arousal and reached out to hold his cock. “Please fuck me again Joe…please, just fuck me” I heard her say.

She pushed me away. My services were dispensed with. She wanted his cock now.

I thought that maybe he would take her upstairs again but no, he took her right there on the floor.

He made her kneel on all fours with her face down and then climbed up behind her. Grabbing her hair, he pushed his cock deep inside her and began to fuck her violently.

I stood back watching him take her. Watching him pound her ferociously from behind. I watched him treat her roughly.

Joe pulled at her hair with one hand and slapped her thigh hard with the other. He shouted at her to move her ass calling her a whore in the process.

I had never used rough treatment like this on her.

I watched her thigh get redder and redder and he heard Alice scream louder and louder but she wasn’t in pain. Alice was loving every thrust of Joe’s cock, loving every hard slap on her thigh, loving every tug of her hair and loving every name he called her.

Suddenly the slapping stopped and the hair pulling ceased as Joe used his hands to grip her thighs instead. Alice’s screams became almost deafening as he pounded her without mercy until he came again.

I stood back and looked on in awe as they collapsed back onto the settee together.

I had never seen anything like it in my life.

It was over an hour later when Alice stepped out the bath after a long soak. I helped her to dry herself before she slipped into bed beside me.

I wanted her. I was horny. I wanted to make love to her but I knew that Alice was in no fit state to fuck again that night as she cuddled up in my arms and closed her eyes.

Late, next afternoon as we were both relaxing on the beach, enjoying the late afternoon sun, Joe emerged from the bar and walked down to us.

He acknowledged me before bending down and giving Alice a kiss on the lips who had jumped up to greet him.

He whispered something in her ear and she smiled.

After getting a quick peck on the cheek from her, she took his hand.

I watched them walk away back towards our apartment.

My cock stiffened. Once again I had passed the cuckold test!