Get a Woman Hot for you

How to get a woman hot

get woman hotThere’s no doubt that being a smooth talker is an extremely effective way to charm women and get a woman hot for you.

However, it’s not the only thing that helps.

Knowing when and how to respectfully initiate physical contact with women can psychologically help them develop emotional and physical interest in you.

And by touching a few completely innocent places on her body you could spark a subconscious reaction that makes her feel an instantly powerful rapport with you – without saying a word.

The kind that, in the right circumstances, could easily build to something more.

Find out the best way to break the touch barrier with a woman in the link below.

Touching a woman here could trigger her most primal attraction

In all likelihood, you use touch to build rapport on a regular basis already.

We do it on non-romantic occasions like hugging a family member, or shaking a work colleague’s hand.

These seemingly innocuous gestures aren’t just for being polite.

Physical contact sets off a psychological trigger in our brain that tells us this person isn’t a threat and make us much more comfortable in their presence, and vice versa.

This simple evolutionary trait has helped humans build relationships for millions of years.

Let’s be honest, when it comes to attractive women, most men hope for a somewhat different reaction when they break the touch barrier.

But even in those situations, respectful touch activates the same psychological trigger of making the woman comfortable in their presence.

Ignite her interest to develop the interaction further

Don’t take my word for it – just check out this surprising study I read recently.

It explored what happened when men asked women to dance in a nightclub.

And the woman they surveyed were far more likely to agree to the man’s request if he touched her on the arm for 1-2 seconds beforehand.

But that’s by no means the most effective way for a man to break the touch barrier.

There’s several other completely innocent body parts that, when a man touches them (as part of normal social interaction) can trigger a chain reaction in her brain that switches up her initial rapport into genuine attraction and desire.

Almost instantly.

Follow the link below to discover the parts in question:

How to break the touch barrier with an attractive woman (and spark her desire back)

Make her come fast

How to make a woman orgasm quickly

make her come fastMen often ask me if their stamina affects the amount of sexual pleasure it’s possible to give their woman.

Sometimes it does, but it’s often not the only important factor.

With the right special method, it’s possible to trigger deep waves of pleasure (that leave their lovers longing for them every night) in no time at all.

And with sex, seeing is definitely believing.

Follow this link to discover powerful sex techniques that make her come fast. These proven methods will drive her wild with incredible orgasmic pleasure in under 30 seconds.

All captured on video, so you can see exactly what you need to do.

How you use your cock is just one factor affecting the intensity of your partner’s orgasms. Arguably it’s not even the most important one.

After all, multiple studies have shown only 25% of women can orgasm from intercourse alone. The rest of them need other sources of stimulation to really start enjoying themselves.

And where does that come from most of the time?

Their clitoris

Since it’s packed with nerve endings, combining clitoral and vaginal stimulation unleashes deep orgasmic pleasure.

However, most men aren’t scratching the surface of the pleasure it’s possible to give their woman from a clitoral orgasm.

It’s for a very simple reason:

2/3 of a woman’s clitoris is actually just below the surface of her body.

Since most men are preoccupied with what their member’s doing, they’ll only focus on fingering the visible third.

So the part below the surface gets ignored, severely limiting the amount of stimulation the clitoris received.

This part is so often neglected. This makes the nerve endings absolutely ripe for triggering powerful orgasms. A unique way to make her come fast and increase orgasmic pleasure from her brain.

And finding this part of the clitoris is just the first step.

There’s an advanced sex technique that stimulates a woman’s entire clitoris. Both the visible and hidden parts and allows you to unleash wave after wave of body-quaking orgasmic pleasure all through her body.

To learn these powerful methods demonstrated step-by-step, check out the video below:

make a woman have powerful orgasms

Pills for YOU to help make HER come fast

There are drugs to improve you stamina – if you need a fast fix.

If you’re still perfecting your ways toincrease stamina – and have a hot date coming up – a tried and tested ED & PE combo pills.

If you are willing to try pills, be sure to stay away from online scams.

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delay ejaculation pill

Make a Woman Orgasm Hard

Make a woman orgasm hard

make a woman orgasm hardIf you want to make a woman orgasm hard, forget fingering techniques, forget oral sex, forget sex toys. Discover the secret to giving your lover intense orgasms during full blown intercourse from the experts.

Don’t be like Dave. His relationship with his wife of 13 years was not in a good spot. It was pretty much sexless.

Dave couldn’t understand why his wife was ‘never in the mood’. Dave always gave his wife oral and a clitoral orgasm before intercourse whenever they did have sex.

Long story short. Clitoral orgasms aren’t enough to truly satisfy a woman. There is a more simple technique to give a woman multiple orgasms during intercourse.

Dave was skeptical. He did not have a massive cock. He had never given her an orgasm during intercourse in 13 years.

Here’s what I’m really excited about and the reason I’m writing this post: If you want to make a woman orgasm hard and make her want to fulfill all your desires, check out the video below.

Make a woman orgasm hard by activating female sexual desire

It may seem too good to be true. But you can produce a dramatic breakthrough in triggering deep sexual desire in women.

Let me ask you. Have you ever been with a woman and it’s clear there’s no sexual energy?

The kind of experience where you know if you even tried something sexual you’d get rapidly rejected?

You can substantially reduce the chances of this happening to you again.

Get an edge to help you attract more beautiful women. Make a woman orgasm hard every time you get her into the sack.

To discover exactly how you can use this to more easily trigger sexual desire in women, watch the video below.

Fundamentally it’s a biological reaction that takes place in the brain. It’s only from there that she starts thinking sexual thoughts and acting on them.

How to make a woman orgasm hard in different ways

If you’re currently relying on only one or two different orgasm types to satisfy your woman you are making a big mistake. Discover many different types of orgasm you can start giving your lover.

Let me ask you a question – Are you unhappy with the amount of sex your getting?

Are you frustrated that your lover doesn’t yell and scream your name out loud every time you make love?

stay hard in bed pillsDo you ever wish your lover beg you for sex, instead of having to chase her for it?

Do you ever dream of having the power to make a woman orgasm hard? Or give her so much pleasure that her body shakes with ecstasy and becomes physically addicted to having sex with you?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then it’s likely you’re stuck in a very linear way of thinking when it orgasms to satisfying women in bed.

Now I’m not pointing any fingers. For a long time I was the same.

Who would ever have thought there were so many different types of female orgasms? It’s not exactly the kind of thing we’re taught in school now, is it?

But the truth is that there are many different types of orgasm you can give a woman. There’s are many different ways to make a woman orgasm hard.

And if you’re not utilizing them, this could be the reason why your lover isn’t jumping all over you, begging to have sex night after night.

To ensure the next time you have sex truly blows her mind use the techniques necessary to give her these different types of orgasm.

You won’t believe how she responds when you start giving her body this type of stimulation.

Get full details on the different types of orgasm below.

How To Create A Date That Leads To Sex

Have you ever wanted to turn a date into an exciting, fun and passionate sexual experience in the bedroom. But then struggled to figure out all the actual ways of making it happen?

Or how to naturally transition a seemingly platonic, average or uneventful date into a wild passionate sex-filled experience? The truth is that most guys struggle with this.

Most guys would love to turn their dates into nights of exciting and engrossing love-making.

But few know how to pull it off. And honestly, this is one of those things you need to do just right.

Take a wrong step in the process and you can fall flat on your face, get rejected or just end up watching a movie on the couch with no sexual electricity to be felt whatsoever.

But if you get it right you’ll know one the biggest secrets to triggering intense sexual desire in a woman.

Check out the video below to discover how to make it happen.

make a woman have powerful orgasms

Increase female libido

How to increase your wife / girlfriend’s libido

increase female libidoIf you want to increase your wife’s desire for you, take heart.

With the right specific trigger words and phrases, any man can increase female libido and  ignite powerful sexual desire in your wife or girlfriend.

Maybe you’ve been happily married for decades, or you’re only on your second date. Either way, these methods get a woman in the mood quickly and easily work.

Listen to the video below for the techniques that could have her begging for sex.

If you’re like most couples, the early days of your relationship were probably wild. You could barely keep your hands off each other for night after night of passionate sex.

But nowadays, it’s always a different excuse for why she doesn’t want sex. She’s too tired, she’s in a bad mood, it was a long day at work, and so on.

It’s a tough situation to be in. But here’s the crucial bit:

If her libido’s currently low – it can still go back up again

By understanding a bit about female psychology, you’ll realise that, subconsciously, she probably still loves sex.

Over time, her rational brain starts suppressing these feelings. But it’s possible to help her express them again – by using the right language.

No matter how long she hasn’t been interested.

Each woman has specific trigger words that increase female libido and set off her attraction without engaging her rational brain.

For instance, if you’ve tried talking about how good the sex would feel.

Tell her instead how good she would make you feel – specifically using “you”.

Describing sex in general describes an act – something she has to do.

female libido boosterThis might set off the rational objection that it’s too much effort after a long day.

But talking about her bypasses this – as it feels more like a shared experience of passion.

She’ll subconsciously feel appreciated that you enjoy the pleasure she alone gives you.

And this can flick the switch in her mind that activates her inner sexual beast.

Leaving her desperate to satisfy you sexually.

That’s just one way language can help bypass her rational brain.

For the phrases that can unleash a raw sexual side to her you never knew existed, listen to the video below.

You don’t need to be an experienced seduction guru for these words to work.

Any man can strategically use these words at just the right moment to activate seriously powerful arousal in women.

make a woman have powerful orgasms

How to make a woman want you more sexually

Make her want you more sexually

how to make a woman want youSince you asked how to make a woman want you more sexually I want to reveal to you a very powerful foreplay technique.

You can use this technique in multiple ways to make a woman want you more sexually.

It can turn your disinterested wife, girlfriend or casual lover  into a sex-craved kitten desperate for cock. you can use it to turn your lover from being mildly aroused to begging for you to put it in.

To understand this concept first appreciate how it feels when someone does this technique to you.

Tease her

So let me ask you a question – Have you ever been cock teased? In other words, have you ever been in bed with a woman and she’s acted like you were going to have sex, but it never actually happened?

Have you ever had it when she does everything to indicate that you’re going to get some kind of sexual pleasure, but then it never happens?

If you have, then think back to that time now. If you haven’t, then imagine as if a woman did do this – and play along as we work through this example.

The way a woman will typically do this is she’ll begin touching and feeling different parts of your body. She’ll normally start with the less sensitive parts. Like the arms, chest, stomach, back or legs. She’ll gradually hint as if she’s going to move her hands to your more sensitive area.

She may move her hands towards and gesture as if she was going to grab your penis. But then she’ll pull back and go back to stimulating other parts of you.

Now I have a question for you:

How does it make you feel when it seems like she’s about to grab your penis?

If you’re like most men, it’ll drive you wild with excitement. You know how much pleasure you’re about to get. It would be even more pleasurable for you if she makes you wait before she grabbed your crotch.

Teasing works for her too

Well, women feel the same away. Actually, women experience this 10x the way us men do. If you think you get more excited when you get teased, women experience this at 10x the intensity.

When you tease a woman in a powerful way like this it really does drive them wild.  It gives them passion, excitement and arousal.  It makes a woman want you more sexually.

Integrate teasing like this into every aspect of your foreplay. Right up until the point at which you finally enter her.  It’s then not uncommon to have her beg you or physically grab you and insert you into her.

This process can be that powerful when done right. I highly recommend you start using it. It’s how to make a woman want you more sexually.

Now, I’ve really only scratched the surface as to how to use methods like this to stimulate women in a way that makes them desperate for sex.

When it comes to sex, women are very much stimulation-response creatures. In other words, if you perform a certain action you’ll get a predictable response. But in order to get the kind of responses like intense multiple orgasms you need to know the precise stimulations to trigger them.

Discover those triggers here:

make a woman have powerful orgasms
make a woman want you for sexYou’ve probably heard of a type of Viagra for women but really this is the lazy way to drive her wild and begging for sex.

With the techniques in the video and associated lessons you can learn how to make a woman want you more sexually with using any kind of female Viagra at all.

Make a woman wild in bed – The techniques You Need to Use

If you want to make a woman wild in bed learn these tricks

make a woman wild in bed If you’d like me to walk you through step-by-step how to give ANY woman an intense multiple orgasm then watch the video below.

It will give you the techniques and tricks you need to make a woman wild in bed.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your lover get on her knees, kiss your feet and literally beg you to sleep with her?

Well, listen closely because I’m about to show you exactly how to do it.

I’m going to give you a special technique. When used correctly on a woman, it will give her such intense stimulation. It will give her intense pleasure so that she’ll likely become physically addicted to the feeling it gives her. She will literally become wild in bed and need that intense feeling again and again and again …

So addicted, that she can’t help but beg you to do it again. This is the surest way to make a woman wild in bed!!!

And what’s more is this technique isn’t just for the small percentage of women who orgasm easily in bed. This works on virtually any woman. Even if she often seems cold, isn’t that interested in making love or thinks she can’t orgasm in bed.

The Dual Stimulation technique

And it’s very simple. It means you stimulate two of her most powerful pleasure points simultaneously.

Now there are a number of different combinations and ways to make this work, which you can discover in the video. But let me give you one right now that you can begin using immediately.

It’s this:

priligy onlineWhen in bed get your lover in the reverse cow girl position – this is when you lie on your back and she squats on top facing away from you.

Next, do the following – sit up and reach one of your arms around her and begin to stimulate her clitoris with your hands.

Now take care when stimulating the clitoris. Try to lubricate your hands and don’t go too strong to start. This is a very sensitive area.

Circular motion clitoral stimulation

A good starting technique for clitoral stimulation is to perform a circular motion on it.

Now here’s what happens when you do this:

It means you’re stimulating both the Clitoris (with your hands) and the Vagina (through
making love) at the same time.

If you’ve never done this you will be blown away by how powerful this can be.


Do this right and she will literally melt in your arms, her eyes will roll into the back of her head and she will positively moan like you’ve never experienced before. This will make a woman come every time.

And if you have already tried a technique similar to this – you probably already know what I’m  talking about here. But if not, then try this again, this time following my exact instructions.

Now what you’ve just discovered is really only the tip of the iceberg.

There are many more advanced ways to give your lover the kind pleasure that will make her do anything just to jump in bed with you again.

To discover those, check out the video.

Grab a pen and pad, get ready to take some notes, and make sure you watch the whole thing through if you really want to know how to make a woman wild in bed.

make a woman have powerful orgasms

How to Satisfy a Woman Sexually in Bed – Dirty Details :)

The inner secret to how to satisfy a woman sexually in bed

sexually satisfy a womanSo what I’m about to share with you regarding how to satisfy a woman sexually in bed may sound a little bit weird, but this is really important if you want to begin giving women a LOT more sexual satisfaction and more intense pleasure in bed…

I you want to make a woman come every time you need self-belief.

It sounds a bit weird and probably not what you’re expecting to hear…

Techniques, methods, sex positions and all those things are crucial to knowing how to satisfy a woman sexually in bed.

But if you:

  • don’t feel like you’re the right guy to do it,
  • or you feel like for some reason you are unworthy of giving her that much pleasure,
  • perhaps you’re waiting for someone to give you permission to do it or
  • or you feel like “you’re just not that kind of guy”…

Then no matter how many techniques you master you’ll still won’t know how to satisfy a woman sexually in bed.

So right now we could go off on all kinds of different tangents discussing the ins and outs of human psychology. (Something I’ve studied in depth over the past few years). But to keep things simple what you need to know is this…

The Power of Belief

Belief in yourself is paramount to knowing how to satisfy a woman sexually in bed.

Most guys have the desire to increase how much  they satisfy a woman. But they lack the belief that they can really do it.

You can’t afford to make this mistake. Here’s an analogy to help explain what I mean – Imagine there’s a door-to-door salesman. And this salesman wants to be successful.

He’s got a good product and he’s passionate about selling it and wants to sell it and make some money.

woman sexual pleasureHe has the desire. But whenever he goes to knock on someone’s door he
assumes that they’ll immediately slam the door in his face because “everyone hates door-to-door salesmen, right?”

So imagine what his success rate is when he turns up, knocks timidly on the door of his prospect’s house and says “you don’t want any of these do you?” He has absolutely no belief in his ability to get what he wants.

He’s guaranteed to fail, isn’t he?

How could he possibly compete with the kind of salesman that knocks on every door expecting to make a sale.

Sure, the optimistic salesman will still fail most of the time, but the fact he anticipates a positive results significantly increases his chances of actually making it.

So that’s the lesson here – anticipate positive results.

Have belief that you can make what you want to make happen.

So, to relate this back to how to satisfy a woman sexually in bed, ask yourself, “what if you knew with 100% certainty that you could give your lover intense sexual pleasure every time you had sex, how would you act differently?”.

And if you knew that something was missing, what would you do to immediately correct it, because you knew that you have the capability to figure anything out?

Another way to think about it is like this.  Why not you?

While they are the minority, there are still countless guys out there who know how to satisfy a woman sexually in bed. Their lovers can’t wait to have sex with them and they pursue them for it constantly.

Why can’t that be you? Are you really that different to those guys?

If you really wanted to, if you committed yourself, if you started trying new things, if you found the correct resources, couldn’t you be just as good, if not significantly better than those guys?

I think you can learn how to satisfy a woman in bed , but you’ve got to give yourself the belief that you can, otherwise you can have all the techniques in the world but if you turn up like the salesman we talked about and say “you’re not going to orgasm tonight, are you?” then what are your chances of success?

Believe in yourself and from that belief you’ll develop the resources to make the change happen.

And if you’d like me to guide you through the process of discovering how to satisfy a woman sexually in bed and what it takes to give a woman intense sexual satisfaction, then start by watching this video of mine.

As I’ve said before, with the right mindset and the right strategy you can be unstoppable in bed and begin to give any woman the best sex she’s ever had.

Discover how to satisfy a woman sexually in bed in this video


how to pleasure a woman in bed

Here’s how to make a girl come multiple times in one session :)

Discover how to make a girl come multiple times

make a girl come multiple timesI want to share with you a deceptively simple formula. Follow this formula and you’ll be able to make a girl come multiple times almost every night.

The formula to make give a woman have intense orgasms is straightforward.

One step at a time brings her right to where she wants to be.

Here’s the formula:

  1. Stimulate
  2. Assess
  3. Develop

Let me break this down for you.

The first step to make a girl come multiple times is to stimulate. This simply means to try a form of stimulation during sex.

female viagraStimulation could be:

  • a certain position,
  • a thrusting style,
  • thrusting speed,
  • intensity,
  • a certain angle,
  • timing,
  • a focus of pleasure,
  • a deliberate pattern,
  • a certain movement,
  • something else

The point is to try something.

And try it for a short amount of time and then move to step 2 to make a girl come multiple times.

Assess her response to the stimulation

It should be fairly obvious if you’re doing a good job.

If she just lies there with no visible response, chances are that what you’re doing is not the most effective stimulation method to make a girl come multiple times.

Now there are exceptions. It could be that she’s slowly getting turned on. But perhaps isn’t ready to show she’s interested in sex just yet.

But for most part, if after a while you’re getting no response, it’s not a good sign.

When you’re doing a really good job of stimulating a woman sexually look for signs like positive moaning. Or:

  • gyrating her hips,
  • increased body temperature,
  • faster breathing,
  • increased lubrication,
  • more desire to get involved.

Then, move on to step 3 – develop

This step is where you can make a girl come multiple times.

Look at your results so far. Is what you’ve been doing working? If not, scrap it and move on to something else.

If what you’re doing is producing exceptional results keep it up until you bring her to orgasm.

ED PE combo pillsSounds obvious, but quite a few guys out there get overexcited when they find something good. They increase the intensity. The right thing to do is keep the intensity going as it is until she reaches orgasm.

Now, what I’ve just shared with you is the ultimate formula for sexual success with women.

Test different approaches and you’ll eventually discover approaches that work. Methods and techniques that will be so pleasurable for her that they’ll drive her wild with satisfaction and will make a girl come multiple times in one night.

However, there’s one weakness to this approach. This process can take a very long time. It can take hours, days, or weeks to figure out the very best methods.

That doesn’t invalidate the entire approach. What I’ve just shared with you is still essential to apply to your lovemaking. It can, at times, just be a bit slow.

So here’s how you put this formula into hyper-drive:


Modelling, copying, modifying, repeating and using what others have already proven works exceptionally well at make her come multiple times.

Sstart by copying the very best, copy guys who’ve already spent years figuring out what works.

You can always develop your own techniques or build on theirs. But why start from scratch when you don’t have to?

Understanding this and applying the concept of modelling is the ultimate short-cut. It is the best way to give women truly unforgettable pleasure in bed.

So how do you go about modelling?

Well let me tell you one great place to start.

Sex guru Jacks’ video

Jack is one of the few men around who I consider a true master at giving women intense orgasms, or make a girl come multiple times in a sort period.

He’s taught his methods to countless guys. His students have produced some exceptional results. They have experienced some unbelievable breakthroughs in their relationships with women as a result.

Below Jack reveals his personal techniques for giving women intense G-Spot and squirting orgasms. These are orgasms so intense and pleasurable that it’ll make sex with you physically addictive for her.

So I highly recommend you check out what he has to share if you really want to make a girl come multiple times when you bed her.

Tapping in to Jack’s knowledge is the ultimate example of modelling to experience rapid success.

You have the opportunity to learn how to make a girl come multiple times every session. Check out the video below.

What Jack is reveals would take most men years to figure out. And that’s assuming they’d even manage to figure it out ever.

You can short-cut all that time and discover exactly, step-by-step what to do to make a girl come multiple times. The result will be that she’ll literally beg you to give her more, night after night.make a woman have powerful orgasms

P.S. If you need a little chemical assistance with getting it up and keeping it up, without blowing it too soon, then grab some Levitra with Dapoxetine PE & PE combo. Works every time.

How to Make a Woman Come

How to make a woman come

how to make a woman comeToday I want to share with you how to make a woman come with a really exciting sex position that will dramatically increase a woman’s sexual pleasure and  create intense orgasms.

I’ve set myself quite a challenge here. Without an illustration this is pretty tough to explain. But the position itself is really good so it’s going to be worth it.

OK, so here we go. How to make a woman come.

Try this position to make her orgasm

As the guy sit down on the middle of the bed with your legs extended out in front of you. Lean slightly back whilst supporting yourself with your hands.

viagra for womenSo it’s almost like you’re sitting up right with your legs straight in front you. But you’re leaning back slightly with your hands positioned behind you.

From this position enter your lover by having her sit on you while facing you.

It’ll be easiest to begin this with her starting in the squat position. Then make the following changes:

Have her lean back while supporting herself on her hands placed behind her, similar to yourself.

Have her bring her legs up and eventually place them on or near to your shoulders.

Most of her weight will be on her butt on the inside of your thighs.

The outcome is her on top of you and her legs over your shoulders. Your legs are extended underneath and supporting her.

And that’s it.

Now this has been a real challenge to describe. I wanted to share it with you because this is how to make a woman come.

It’s not an obvious position but once you’re in it you’ll really love it.

Give it a try the next time you have sex.

Discover more sex positions, sex techniques and how to make a woman come in other ways.  To deeply satisfy a woman in bed then check out the video.

You could be just one technique, strategy, method or breakthrough away from being able to give a woman the very best sex of her life.

Discover multiple methods for how toi make a woman come and give a her intense orgasms.

make a woman have powerful orgasms

How to Satisfy Women in Bed

Simple techniques to satisfy women in bed

how to satisfy women in bedIf you want to know how to satisfy women in bed then use the “Multiple Stimulation” technique to give women intense orgasms.

Here’s what it involves.

As the name suggests, it involves stimulating your partner in multiple ways at the same time.

It’s a very powerful approach because instead of focusing on just one pleasure point of your
partners, focus on multiple.

So, for example, that could mean stimulating any two or more of the following at the same time:

  • Clitoris
  • Nipples
  • G-Spot
  • Butt
  • Anus
  • Vagina
  • “Deep Spot”
  • And so on…

last longer pillsIt doesn’t matter which combination your choose as long as it’s physically possible.

The point is combining multiple pleasure points at the same time…

You can also combine more than two if you like…

And what you’ll also find is that certain combinations work better than others.

For example, some women respond very powerfully to nipple stimulation along with Clitoral stimulation, while others don’t respond especially well to it.

Some varieties and combinations will work better than others for different women.

So bear that in mind.

And that’s it.

female viagraLike I already mentioned, you may be doing some version of this, but I’m betting you can take it to the next level.

So take a moment to think.

Is there a combination you haven’t tried?

Is there a way you can take this whole concept of multiple stimulation further?

I’m betting there is.

And when you do, you’ll open up a new level of sexual potential for you and your lover.

Oh, and if you’d like to discover some highly effective and specific ways to stimulate these different pleasure points, then watch the video.

Learning how to satisfy women in bed is like baking a cake.

You’ve got to do the right things (use the right ingredients) and you’ve got to do them at the right time (the mixing, heating, etc.).

Now, when you don’t know the recipe, baking a cake from scratch is hard, but when you do, it’s easy.

The same is true for satisfying a woman in bed.

Discover how to do exactly that here.

make a woman have powerful orgasms

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