Techniques to Delay Ejaculation – PE Goodbye :)

Control premature ejaculation with your mind

mental techniques to delay ejaculationEven after I give men several mental techniques to delay ejaculation and ways to last long in bed a few guys still ask me – “But does mental techniques to delay ejaculation really work?

So if you’re wondering this, then today I want to give you some inspiration.

I from lasting less than 10 seconds in bed to being able to last over 30 minutes consistently. This truly transformed my sex life.

Now hear about the successes some other men are having in terms of learning to last long in bed using mental techniques to delay ejaculation.

So, if you’re having doubts or you’ve tried some stuff that hasn’t worked, then check this out.

This is an e-mail I received from someone that tried the mental techniques to delay ejaculation. Hopefully it will inspire you.

What other men discovered

The first time I had sex after reading the mental techniques to delay ejaculation I lasted over 20 minutes.  As I learn to use multiple techniques I am confident I will hit the 30 minute mark in no time.  The program has changed my sex life overnight.

Another person wrote:

The last two nights in a row, I have given my wife incredible orgasms. She’s told me they were the best she’s ever had during intercourse. I’ve been implementing about 4 of your techniques described in the program. Both times I’ve felt completely in control. I never even got close to climax until I was ready to. I’ve never seen her so happy and enjoying sex!

She always told me all the lines like “Women don’t want sex all the time” or “It’s more special if it only happens every few  weeks.



I was sexually starved. I found myself begging for sex and now I know why, she just wasn’t being satisfied. Now it’s been two nights in a row and she wants more tonight! My marriage is stronger and closer due to the program.



Using the mental techniques to delay ejaculation the improvement is astounding. I started with a 5 minute increase and slowly progressed along and now I can go at it for 45 mins. and aiming for the 1 hour mark.

Learn how to control PE yourself

Hopefully these success stories will inspire you to realize that learning to last long in bed really is possible.

Whether you use the program to help you last longer is up to you.

I hope these success stories motivate you to take action and apply the mental techniques to delay ejaculation.

Learning to last long in bed really is possible. You just need to make a few small but specific changes. Changes to the things you do before and during sex.

Learn the exact techniques that the men in the above success stories used. Follow the link below.

To discover the mental techniques to delay ejaculation behind all the success stories I shared with you today, watch the video for the full details.

These mental techniques to delay ejaculation are 100% real and authentic.

Discover more about mental techniques to delay ejaculation the above men used to get their incredible results. Check out the video that explains it all below

Last Longer Before Ejaculating

How to last longer before ejaculating

how to last longer before ejaculatingSo many men have trouble to last longer before ejaculating. One of the leading causes of premature ejaculation is performance anxiety.

Meaning that when you experience fear, anxiety, worry or similar emotions before and during sex you significantly increase your chances of orgasming earlier than you’d like to.

So if right now you need to last longer before ejaculating , it could be that this one thing is what’s holding you back from finally breaking through and lasting as long as you want and deeply satisfying your lover.

pe cures pillsNow fortunately performance anxiety isn’t some incurable “disease” that takes control of you. There’s nothing you can do about. Far from it. Anxiety is almost always the result of a thought process. Anxiety only happens when you think specific thoughts in your head.

For you to experience anxiety you must first think the thoughts that trigger it.

Am I making sense?

Look, if whenever you enter a sexual situation you begin to imagine yourself failing, being embarrassed, screwing up, being criticized. You repeat negative phrases over and over to yourself. Whether you do this conscious or not, isn’t it obvious how this will cause you to experience anxiety?

What if you could replace these habitual thoughts with thoughts of confidence?

What if instead of picturing yourself failing before sex you pictured yourself wildly succeeding, deeply satisfying your lover and lasting as long as you wanted?

How do you reckon that would impact your stamina?

The answer is obvious. You’d be able to last way longer. The challenge, however, is that training your mind to act this way can be pretty difficult.

Once your mind is used to thinking certain patterns they become habitual and they become difficult to break on your own.

In the prevent PE system you’ll discover how to bypass your conscious mind and directly program your subconscious mind to last longer before ejaculating.

Don’t think thoughts that make you nervous and lead to early orgasm. Think thoughts that make you feel confident and help you last longer before ejaculating.

How exactly does this process work? Well I explain exactly how it works in the video.

Get full info on how to last longer before ejaculating here:

how to get hard fast and stay hard

Get hard fast and stay hard in bed techniques

how to get hard fast and stay hardA lot of guys come to me and complain they can’t get hard fast and stay hard during sex. They want to learn how to get more stamina in bed.

Sometimes it’s that they can’t get it up. Other times it’s that they can’t keep it up. Some guys have trouble getting fully hard.

Sometimes it’s that they’re frustrated that they’re not as good as they used to be.

And so today I want to share with you a trick to get hard fast and stay hard.

And to do that you need to understand how the getting hard process works.

Getting hard involves the following 4 step process

  1. External stimuli
  2. Stimuli processed in the mind
  3. Chemical message (hormones) sent in body to get hard
  4. Blood flow increases to your penis creating hardness

Now all of these steps depend on the previous step. If any one of these steps fails then the entire process fails. This means that every step needs to run flawlessly.

Now some of these steps you have no direct control over so there’s nothing you can do about them.

In particular you have no direct control over external stimuli (although you can influence this), no natural direct control over chemical messages sent and no control over the blood storage process.

The one thing you do have control over is the stimuli in your head. In other words – you have control over how you respond to what happens in your external world. And this is where I believe most of the time the problem lies with men who can’t get hard.

Most men struggle to get hard fast and stay hard because of how they process the external event. Like being in bed with a woman they find attractive. How you interpret this event has a dramatic impact on your ability to get hard.

Say in the last 3 months you’ve gotten hard naturally, whatever the situation. Maybe while masturbating, watching porn, first thing in the morning or any other time. That demonstrates you have the physical capability to get hard at any point in time.

If you can’t get hard when you want to, such as when in bed with your lover, then it must be down to step 2. You need to fix how you process being in that situation.

Rewiring you brain to get hard on demand

Perhaps in a sexual situation with a woman you get nervous. You worry about things going wrong or visualize yourself failing to get hard. This causes mixed chemical messages to be sent through your body. An example of one such chemical is as adrenaline.

And chemical messages like this interrupt the positive chemical messages telling you to get hard. The message doesn’t get delivered down there to make you hard.

This is the real reason why many men fail to get or stay hard in bed. Fortunately this is a solvable problem. To solve this problem all you need to do is fix how you process these events.

Do this and your body gets the correct messages telling it to get hard. You’ll be amazed at your new found ability to get hard. The video below walks through exactly how this works. It shows how to change how you process external events. Find out how to trigger yourself to get hard whenever you want.

Too many guys resort to pills to solve ED problems.

Okay it works, but if you want to go down the road of pills then why not get cheap generic ED pills that work exactly the same way. But if you don’t want to go down that road remember there’s  a 100% natural solution to getting and staying rock-hard. Learn how to get hard fast and stay hard. Watch the video.

stay hard erections

Last Longer in Bed Video

Last longer in bed video

last longer in bed videoI’m as much a fan of complex advanced techniques for lasting long in bed as the next guy. However, sometimes what some guys need is to just start using common sense.

Sometimes the most basic and obvious approaches can be all it takes to help you last longer in bed. Check out the the last longer in bed video below to see what I mean.

For example, let’s say you’re having sex and you notice yourself approaching orgasm earlier than you’d like to.

Most guys in this situation just carry on with what they’re doing and then get frustrated when they blow early.

Knowing when it’s time to try something new

I don’t know about you, but to me that doesn’t seem like common sense.

To me, the common sense thing to do would be to change something.

If whatever it is you’re doing is bringing you closer to orgasm then doesn’t it seem obvious that you should do something different?

Now there are a lot of things you can change but let me give you a really obvious and easy one since we are on the topic of common sense approaches.

If you notice yourself approaching orgasm why not just change positions?

Changing positions to last longer in bed

Changing positions serves a number of benefits:

  1. The small break in between changing positions gives you a small chance to recover.
  2. If you don’t want your partner to know that you’re close to orgasm, this technique doesn’t give that away.
  3. The new position will likely provide a different type of stimulation. Therefore it will affect you in a different way and therefore will help you last longer.

Strategically changing positions sounds like such an obvious technique, and it is. But it’s a powerful one I recommend you use.

And what it also is is an example of how simple it can be to use common sense to help you last longer.

Don’t just assume there’s nothing you can do to last longer in bed. You are more in control than you probably realize. But you’ll only obtain this control when you start using common sense to your advantage.

See the last longer in bed video for more details.

Now, there are of course more advanced and more effective techniques for lasting longer in bed than I’ve shared here and if you’d like to discover them then come watch this video.

Imagine what it would be like to have an entire selection of techniques available to use whenever you need to last long in bed.

Imagine how much longer you’d be able to last if you had that available.

Well here’s your chance to get your hands on exactly that.

Watch the last longer in bed video now.

PPS – Of course you can always cheat and get some cheap last longer pills. But when you learn the techniques in the Last Longer in Bed video you won’t have to pop another pill ever again.

How to stay hard without coming using science

Stay hard without coming? Here’s how

How to stay hard without comingHow to stay hard without coming? At its core, it is science. It’s about creating theories and testing them with empirical (real world) evidence.

You try something out, see what the results are and draw conclusions from there.

Now here’s an interesting question:

How many men struggling to gain control over getting hard employ a scientific approach when it comes to fixing that problem? My bet is very few.

First, get rid or your lame excuses

Most men who can’t get hard either assume that it’s a special medical condition they’ve got, it’s the result of some event that happened in their past or it’s because of deficiency of a special blue pill.

But how many go out and assume that it’s actually themselves that have been stopping them from getting hard?

See, it’s easy to blame a medical condition, or some trauma that happened or anything else external. But what takes balls is to accept that it could be you that’s been holding you back.

Fortunately when you do accept this things will quickly become a lot easier for you. It’s like looking into the eye of the tiger. It’s scary to do, but when you do it suddenly you feel strong.

Think of the cliché expression the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. Well this applies here. Assume that it’s you who’s in control of your ability to get hard. While it may be scary at first, it’s actually the best thing you could do. Once you do that’s when you can begin using a scientific approach to fixing it.

Second, take responsibility for yourself

If you assume responsibility for figuring out how to get and stay hard then that means you’re actually going to have to go out and start trying stuff.

It means trying different techniques, different approaches, researching, studying what works and putting into action all these different things. And then observe the results.

See what takes you closer to your goals and do more of that.

If something doesn’t work then scrap it. If something looks promising then do more of it and explore it further. This is all common sense stuff but few men do it. And few men do it because most are afraid to accept responsibility.

“Well it happens to me because my ex did this and that”,

“It happens to me because I’m this age”,

“But it happens to me because I’ve got this medical condition”

and so on…

Now I’m not saying any of those things aren’t true, maybe all those things are true for you, but that shouldn’t stop from taking responsibility for your results.

When you take responsibility for your results and you assume you can make it happen you’ll have a new-found sense of confidence and you’ll start to figure out steps to take that seem so obvious but for whatever reason before you took responsibility you never realized you could perform those steps.

Science is on your side

This is where it all comes back to science. Solve this challenge scientifically. Come up with a hypothesis (a theory of what might work) and then test.

If I do “X” action then does that help me to get and stay hard? If yes do more of it and no drop it and try a different theory. Now the way to fast-track this process is of course to study what is already proven to work.

I’ve created a method for helping men quickly gain control over their ability to get and stay hard and you can find out all about it in the video below.

Use this to help fast-track your success to finally get control over getting hard.

Sometimes what it takes to solve a problem like getting and staying hard is just one tiny little distinction to push you over the edge and finally realize what’s necessary to make it happen.

If right now you’re struggling to get and stay hard and you feel like you’ve tried a lot to solve the problem and nothing is working it could be that you’re just one distinction away from a breakthrough.

Discover what’s worked for many men in helping them regain control over getting hard below.

stay hard erections

How to stop premature ejaculation

Stop premature ejaculation starting today

stop premature ejaculationI want to talk about how to stop premature ejaculation and last over 30 minutes in bed. First I’m going to talk about something personal and I want to share a bit about myself.

And the reason I’m going to do this is because there’s a powerful lesson in here you can use to stop premature ejaculation and last longer in bed.

OK, so this week I’ve been stuck in a rut.

It’s been one of those weeks where I’ve had virtually no motivation and drive to do anything. Just meet immediate deadlines. So I’ve generally been feeling sorry for myself.

With a few positives here and there, for the most part, it’s been a tough week and I haven’t much been feeling like doing anything significant.

So why am I sharing this with you?

Well, because I want you to know that this type of thing happens to everyone.

We have all been there at one or another

Being someone that many guys come to for sexual advice, people often assume I’m someone who doesn’t have struggles. That I can last long in bed and have a great sex life. I’m just one of those lucky guys.

But the reality is that while I do have an extraordinary sex life and I can last long in bed, it’s not because I’m special. I’m just a normal guy who has the same struggles as countless other men out there. The only difference is that I’ve figured out what works with women and sexuality. I have figured out how to stop premature ejaculation in bed.

So if you regularly experience challenges in your life and you’re not yet seeing the results you want then don’t worry.

It’s perfectly normal to experience a variety of challenges and then still get exceptional results in life.

That’s the real lesson I want to share today and I’ll explain how it all ties in with lasting longer in bed in a second.

Overcoming blocks to stop premature ejaculation

So maybe you feel like you’ve tried everything to stop premature ejaculation and last longer in bed. And you’re not getting results.

Perhaps you feel like your lover is holding you back. Maybe you feel like a medical condition is holding you back. Or maybe you feel like you are too sensitive. Don’t worry.

Everyone who creates great results in their life, including overcoming PE, at some stage felt like they were stuck.

Persistence is the key to success

But the difference between the people who do get results and the people who don’t is that they are the ones who persist.

This is such a simple lesson, and it may sound obvious, but I challenge you to re-examine where you right now consider yourself to be stuck.

Do you feel like you’ve tried everything to stop premature ejaculation? Do you feel like nothing can work to fix the problem?

If so I invite you to examine this belief. Have you really tried “everything”?

It can be comforting to tell yourself you’ve tried everything and then give up. You can blame your age, your weight, your medical condition, your lover, your sensitivity or anything else. But ultimately that doesn’t give you what you really want, which is results.

Results are what matter.

And to get results requires relentless persistence and trying new approaches until you get what you want.

Giving up and claiming I’ve tried everything definitely won’t deliver you the results you want.

And if lasting longer in bed and preventing PE is the result you want, then let watch the video as the beginning of your journey to stop premature ejaculation for good.

Remember, getting what you want (like stopping premature ejaculation and lasting longer in bed) comes down to the application of a simple formula:

  1. Take Action
  2. Measure Results
  3. Use Feedback And Figure Out New Actions

Repeat this process until you get the results you want.

Also, if you’re fed up of taking pills that stop premature ejaculation, like Priligy, then learn the techniques to do it naturally.

To short-cut this process watch the video to show you the actions necessary to stop premature ejaculation.

How to delay Premature Ejaculation Cures

Delay Premature Ejaculation

Never Worry About Premature Ejaculation Again

delay premature ejaculationThrough some great fortune you’ve stumbled upon the knowledge that can delay premature ejaculation and transform your sex life.

In this report you’re going to discover the simple 6 step formula any man can use to last significantly longer in bed.

No matter if you’re 18 years old and you’ve only ever had sex once or if you’re well over your 50s and have spent too many years struggling to delay premature ejaculation.

Whether you think you’ve got a small penis or think you’re just born with premature ejaculation genetics.

This formula will work for you. And this isn’t just a false promise.

Use the formula to delay PE starting tonight

In the past few years this course literally thousands of men how to last longer in bed, whether through the book Ejaculation Guru or through the newsletter that goes out to thousands of subscribers.

And in this report I’m going to share this knowledge with you. Here’s how this is going to work.

I’m going to share with you my 6 step formula for lasting longer in bed.

The formula is best applied step by step in the order I give it to you.

Read the whole guide all the way through, and after that take some time to reflect about how you will actually apply what you learn here.

Because I could tell you all the secrets in the world to lasting longer in bed, but if you don’t actually end up using them, then you’re not going to see any results.

With that said, watch the video below to discover the 6 step formula for lasting longer in bed.

Get even more free tips for lasting longer in bed and delay premature ejaculation. Find out what I personally did to go from lasting less than 10 seconds to over 30 minutes in bed.

Check it out.

See also: Delay Premature Ejaculation part 2 Cause of Premature Ejaculation

Last longer in bed tricks – the thrusting technique

Last longer in bed tricks – the thrusting technique

last longer in bed tricksThis thrusting technique is a last longer in bed trick that is literally plug-and-play. By this I mean you don’t need to think about, work on it, practice it, or anything like that. This one is as simple as doing it.

And when you do it right, you can add several minutes to how long you last, while giving her some great pleasure at the same time.

Now I call this thrusting technique the “Full Thrust” stimulation reducer.

And how it works is like this…

When having sex most men will thrust in and out fully. They’ll go in as deep as they can, and they’ll withdraw almost all the way out.

The problem with this thrusting style is that it is highly stimulating.

And like you learned in the, delay premature ejaculation discussion, you want to reduce your overall stimulation so you can last longer.

But at the same time you don’t want to be thrusting in such a way that it doesn’t pleasure her in any way.

Now before I tell you this, one of my favorite last longer in bed tricks, you need to understand this:

The pink mushroom-like end of your penis (also known as the “glans”) is the most sensitive part of your penis.

And since it’s the most sensitive, this means it causes you to experience the most amount of stimulation and pleasure.

So if you can reduce how much stimulation your glans receives, then you can last much longer.

Full Thrust to last longer

In the “Full Thrust” stimulation reducer you aim to thrust and pleasure your woman, while at the same time minimizing the stimulation to your glans.

The way to do this is as follows.

When you thrust go in as deep as you can without hurting her.

And once you’re this deep continue to thrust, but only withdraw an inch or two.

So while you’re thrusting, all the time you’re still staying very deep inside her.

What this means is that your glans stays deep inside her as well.

And this means your glans doesn’t get close to the entrance of her vagina. This happens to be the tightest and most stimulation causing part of the vagina.

So by keeping your glans well away from the entrance to her vagina it gets very little stimulation. At the same time she will notice virtually no difference, because she’s still
experiencing plenty of thrusting.

So while you’re reducing your stimulation massively, she’s still getting pleasured as much as normal.

In a nutshell you last longer, while she still gets the same amount of pleasure.

Now this thrusting technique is a little complex so it might be hard to grasp first time.

If you’re not 100% sure about how it works then you may want to read it through again, but once you get it, it can work wonders for you in the bedroom.

Short of last longer in bed pills, this is one of the easiest methods tp ‘go the distance’ in bed.

To learn more last longer in bed tricks click on the video below that will show you how to become a master of yourself, and her, between the sheets :).

How to end premature ejaculation

Ready to end premature ejaculation for good?

how to end premature ejaculationIf you need to learn how to end premature ejaculation I want to introduce a new concept here I call being Sexually Intelligent.

Being Sexually Intelligent means becoming strategic about how you have sex.

This may not sound like the most passionate, spontaneous and fun way to have sex. But it actually gives you the opportunity to do all of this to a far greater extent than you normally do.

Instinct or knowledge?

See, most guys rely on gut instinct when it comes to sex and how to end premature ejaculation.

They assume that they should just know what to do, because hey, humans have been having sex for thousands of years.

But what the levels of female sexual satisfaction have been like over all these years?

I agree us guys are naturally wired to know how to have sex and end premature ejaculation. But we’re not naturally wired to give women maximum sexual satisfaction.

This is something most men have to figure out.

So just going about sex and hoping everything will be OK is not an effective strategy.

You have to actually think about what you’re doing.

And this is what I mean by being Sexually Intelligent.

You have to think ahead and decide what type of sex you want to have.

The secret to great sex

So you want to have long lasting enjoyable sex that your lover enjoys as well. You need to start acting strategically and behave in a way that supports that outcome.

While that may sound like it takes the fun out of sex, it actually does the opposite.

Decide exactly what type of sex you’d like to have. Then pro-actively work towards it. It dramatically increases your chances of it actually happening.

Here’s a dead simple example to prove it.

Say you set out the intention to last long in bed. Then during sex you begin to notice yourself approaching orgasm. Previously you may have just accepted it as inevitable. Now that you’ve got a different intention you can actually be pro-active in fixing the situation.

If you notice yourself getting close, instead of doing nothing now you can do something like switch position. Or stop and give her oral. Try changing your breathing or thrusting speed. Perhaps change your thrusting style. Or perform any of the other more advanced techniques in the course for helping you last longer.

It’s a whole different mindset. It has a whole different outcome in terms of how long you last long in bed. But the point is that it all starts with you being Sexually Intelligent. Decide what type of sex you want and assume responsibility for making it happen.

I can really only scratch the surface to this whole concept here. If you’d like to discover more and be able to last over 30 minutes then watch the video below.

Lasting longer in bed doesn’t have to be hard.  When you know what to do it can be dead simple.

Learn how exactly to do it below.

How to Stay Hard for a Long Time

Stay hard for a long time with these tricks

stay hard for a long timeI get guys asking me all the time about why they can’t get hard and how to stay hard for a long time in bed.

And I think the main reason some men don’t know how to stay hard longer is because they’re secretly intimidated by their lovers.

Now that might sound like a strange thing to say so let me explain what I’m talking about it.

You have to remember that getting hard is largely a psychological process.

Without your brain first sending the message to your body telling it to get hard the physical event can’t happen.

Therefore it’s key to first focus on the psychological side of the process.

And that’s what I’m talking about here.

Most guys who can’t get hard find their lovers secretly intimidating

They fear what will happen if they fail to get hard.  Perhaps they fear their partner will judge their performance negatively. Or they worry about their lover staying unsatisfied. They anticipate something going wrong.

So while they may not be afraid of their lovers themselves, they are afraid of what their lover may think.  Or how it may make them look if they fail to perform well in bed.

And it’s this fear that kills your ability to get hard.

When you experience fear in your mind it interrupts your brain’s communication mechanism to your genitals.

When you experience anxiety, worry or nervousness during sex your brain sends mixed communications to the body stopping it from being able to get fully hard.

Stop worrying, feeling anxious, getting nervous, thinking about how you’ll be judged on your performance.

Adopt a mindset like that of James Bond

Approach sex with the belief that you were going to be incredible. Anticipated giving her an unforgettable time in bed.

Expect yourself to deeply satisfy her. How would thinking that way make you feel?

Well, if you really felt it authentically and congruently and weren’t just faking it, you’d feel completely different.

You would feel different. Consider for a moment the impact this would have on your brain’s communication with your body.

If you were feeling confident, empowered and like James Bond there would be no mixed communication within your body.

If you felt attracted and aroused there would be only one clear signal leaving your brain… And that is how to stay hard for a long time.

Approaching sex with this different mindset and not being intimidated by your lover you can easily get and stay fully hard.

Don’t over-think this, just start using this new mindset from now on.

Advanced techniques to stay hard for a long time

And if you’d like to discover more on exactly how to make a mindset shift like this, as well as other techniques for gaining control over getting and staying hard, then watch the video.

How does it feel to know that by making a few simple changes you could gain full control over your ability to get and stay hard?

It’s a good feeling, isn’t it?

You can grab some cheap delay ejaculation pills like Priligy for now. But for long term success discover the exact step-by-step method to gaining complete control over getting hard below.

stay hard erections

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