How to delay ejaculation

You can learn how to delay ejaculation with these techniques

how to delay ejaculationToday I want to tell you about the big mistake that tons of men make in bed.

This mistake is so huge in fact, that I believe this mistake is the number 1 reason why so many men can’t last as long as they want in bed.

But if these men were to correct this mistake, they’d be able to quickly gain control over their orgasms and with their lover.

And that goes for you too.

For details detail about how to delay ejaculation in the free video below.

But I want to explain this mistake from a slightly different perspective in this newsletter, because this is such a basic mistake holding guys back from having stamina control.

Mistakes men make

The number 1 mistake that most men make in bed is this: Not realizing that how long you last is a acquirable skill.

Here’s what I mean:

Most men seem to think that how long they can last is out of their person control.

And in my work in helping men last longer in bed I’ll often hear reasons like –

  • I’ve never been able to last long so I never will
  • My penis isn’t big enough that’s why I can’t last
  • I just don’t have the genes for it
  • When my lover does x, y, or z it makes me orgasm early so it’s not my fault

Regaining control of your ejaculation

But here’s the truth – You are in complete control of how long you last.

The problem is just that you’ve never learned the techniques needed to delay ejaculation.

Because the real cause of how long you last in bed doesn’t come down to the common reason I hear like penis size, how you are as a person or what your lover does.

What determines how long you last comes down the actual things you do while having sex.

That includes everything from sex positions to thrusting styles and from breathing patterns to the thoughts in your head.

And as weird as that might initially sound, if you really think about it, doesn’t it make sense?

For example, have you ever noticed how certain sex positions or thrusting styles cause you to orgasm more quickly than others?

Well this is just a tiny example of how the things you do can influence how long you last.

Factors that influence how long you last

There are other factors you’ve also probably never realized that have an even greater affect on how long you last.

And when you discover what these factors are and you change them.

That’s when you gain control over how to delay ejaculation.

And that’s why being able to last long in bed is something you can learn.

Because it doesn’t take lucky genes, the right woman, or have a ‘big one’.

It takes learning the specific things to do before and during sex, that mean you can last a whole lot longer.

So what are these specific things to do before and during sex to last longer?

Well, like I’ve already alluded to, sex positions, thrusting styles, breathing patterns and your thoughts are some of them.

But there are many more subtle distinctions to learn that have an even bigger influence on how long you last.

And taking control of them is what will allow you to truly delay ejaculations and last over 30 minutes in bed.

If you’d like to find out what these more subtle distinctions are and how I personally applied them and other techniques to go from lasting less than 10 seconds in bed to over 30  minutes in bed, then watch the video.

Just like learning to ride a bike, learning how to delay ejaculation and lasting long in bed really can be learned.

You just need the right information to show you how.

If you just need a quick fix for this weekend you can grab yourself some last longer pills, sure, but if you learn these techniques you’ll be ‘fixed’ for life! 😀

Make yourself last longer in bed? Here’s how …

Not being able to last long in bed sucks – here’s how to fix it

how to make yourself last longer in bedI know, because for a long time I could last only a few seconds before orgasming. It got to the point where I started fearing sex. I was embarrassed to see the look on my lover’s face after it happened. The fact that I couldn’t satisfy my lover sexually felt devastating.
But the good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way.

I strongly believe that any man has the potential to last long in bed.

When you do begin to last long in bed you can give your lover more satisfaction. You can give her multiple orgasms. Her overall appreciation for sex makes her want more of it than ever before.

So how do you make this shift

How do you go from lasting a very short time to a much longer time in bed?

Well you’ve got to realize why PE happens and address it.

And take note of that comment, because orgasming more quickly than you’d like during sex happens for a reason.

And more often than not, the biggest cause of premature ejaculation in men is performance anxiety.

In fact, multiple research papers are now identifying the link between performance anxiety and PE.

And the reason for this link is that when you experience anxiety certain hormones get released into the blood that encourage early orgasm.

How to eliminate anxiety

Saving you all the technical details, what this means is that if you want to learn how to make yourself last longer in bed, you need to eliminate any anxiety you normally have before and during sex.

And the new method for lasting long in bed that I’ve just created does exactly that. It helps you destroy anxiety and install rock star confidence.

And as a result you last a whole lot longer in bed, giving you the ability to make your lover orgasm over and over again.

Now, if you’d like to discover exactly how this new method works to eliminate sexual anxiety and how to make yourself last longer in bed, then check out the video below.

Remember, if right now you’re not lasting as long as you’d like to in bed there’s a reason for it.

And it’s not anything to do with your genes, physical sensitivity or what your lover does in bed.

It’s something internal over which you have complete control if you know how to take that control.

Discover exactly how to make yourself last longer in bed and take control of your stamina with this breakthrough new approach below.

Discover the new approach for lasting over 30 minutes in bed and giving women intense multiple orgasms.

PS –  PE is naturally curable although it can take a little time and practice to get a handle on it. If you need a quick fix some then grab some cheap Priligy PE treatment – but don’t stop with re-training in your mind and body to learn how to make yourself last longer in bed permanently :).

How to last longer in bed guys

How to last longer in bed guys

how to last longer in bed guysI want to share with you a very powerful trick for how to last longer in bed guys.

Use this to its full effect and you should easily be able to add 5, 10 or even 30 minutes to how long you last. You can then start giving your lover much more intense orgasms.

OK, so here’s how to last longer in bed guys. I call the concept Stimulation Control.

Here’s how Stimulation Control works:

It’s about the stimulation you receive, not give. And it’s built on this fact about the male anatomy.

Stimulation to different areas of the penis lead to different orgasm times.

When certain areas of your cock gets stimulated you are more likely to orgasm quickly than if other areas are stimulated.

For example, the tip of your cock, also known as the Glans, is the most sensitive part.

Dense nerve endings cover this area. If stimulation focuses on this area the chances of you orgasming quickly increases significantly.

However, if stimulation is focused on other areas, such as the base of your cock, then you’ll be able to last much longer.

Now at this stage you’re probably beginning to guess what Stimulation Control is all about.

It’s about diverting the stimulation you receive away from your most sensitive and orgasm triggering areas to the less sensitive areas.

How to control stimulation to last longer in bed

Well the biggest challenge is just awareness.

Just knowing that having certain areas stimulated causes faster orgasm than other areas. Acting on this knowledge can help you to last significantly longer in bed.

For example, if you’re having sex in a certain way and you feel like it’s causing you to orgasm quickly then remember that stimulation to different  parts of your cock cause different levels of stamina. All you have to do is divert stimulation away from the sensitive areas.

One way you could do this would be by thrusting deep and staying deep.

The deeper part of a woman’s vagina produces far less stimulation than the first 1-2 inches. Therefore by thrusting deep and maintaining your depth, you’ll be able to significantly reduce how much stimulation you experience, helping you last longer, while still giving her a ton of pleasure.

Now this is just one way you can use this concept of Stimulation Control. Like I’ve already mentioned, just being aware of its existence will inspire you to start having sex in new and different ways. It will help you last a whole lot longer naturally.

I should mention at this point that there are also a whole host of other tricks and techniques like this for mastering how to last longer in bed guys.

Tricks, which, when all used together give you complete orgasm control. Then you can last as long as you want and therefore get you to give your lover orgasm after orgasm.

Video showing how to last longer in bed

I’ve created a video outlining these tricks, including advanced techniques for lasting long in bed.

How to last longer in bed guys is simply a matter of knowing which techniques and tricks to use to make it happen.

It’s not down to luck, good genes, natural sensitivity, being with the right woman or anything like that.

It comes down to what you do during sex.

Discover specifically what to do in bed to give yourself full orgasm control below.

At the moment, you can watch this video for free, through this link.

PPS – For some guys it takes time mastering these techniques on how to last longer in bed.

If that sounds like you then you can always bridge the learning period with a little help.

Priligy (dapoxetine) is a very effective treatment for premature ejaculation.

Take a pill and go all night :D.

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If you want to stay away from pharmaceutical products, you can use a natural spplemnt called Confido

How to Get Hard Fast and Stay Hard

Where’s why you need to know how to get hard fast and stay hard

get hard fast and stay hardWhat I’m about to share about how to get hard fast and stay hard may surprise you.

Ask this question to the next 10 women you meet. Provided they are comfortable talking about sex related topics. (This is obviously not a question appropriate for most work places.)

Here’s what I suggest you ask:

If you had to choose between having sex with a guy who had a large but less than fully hard prick or a small to average size but rock hard prick, which one would you pick?

Ask this question to a woman. I can almost guarantee what her answer is. Women will always pick the small but hard option. And they’ll often do so without hesitation or having to think twice about it.

Why is hard better than big?

Because a hard prick delivers a lot more pleasure than a soft one, no matter what the size … (which is why you need to learn how to get hard fast and stay hard if you want to keep her from straying).

The positive friction created when fully hard means you can stimulate a woman’s vagina in ways that just aren’t possible when you’re soft.

And therefore sex to women is 10x to 100x more pleasurable with a guy who can get fully, completely and 100% rock-hard.

And stay that way throughout sex.

So no matter what your penis size.

If right now you can’t bring your lover to experience multiple intense orgasms during sex.

And if right now your lover does not regularly ask or pursue you for sex.

Then chances are that the fact that you don’t know how to get hard fast and stay hard – or – your inability to get and stay 100% hard – is holding you back.
how to get hard fast and stay hard
Luckily this can quickly and easily be fixed.

Virtually any guy can learn how to get hard fast and stay hard and regain his ability to get and stay fully hard.

And you can get hard and stay hard without pills, pumps, weird gadgets or strange sex techniques.

There’s a breakthrough new approach that’s been identified by the scientific and medical community and I’d like to show you exactly how to use this new
approach to regain and achieve full 100% hardness naturally.

Get hard fast and stay hard video

There’s a new video that walks through exactly how this approach works.

This new method for getting and staying hard will probably shock you.

It’s nothing like any of the traditional approaches for curing ED.

Yet it’s highly effective.

Discover what I’m talking about below.

stay hard erections

Fast Way to Last Long in Bed

This video shows a fast way to last long in bed

fast way to last long in bedGuys I teach always want to know the latest tricks and secrets and a fast way to last long in bed, and while I do have plenty of those, sometimes what guys need to do to last long in bed is use their common sense.

And this is the most common sense advice I could give…

If you’re already doing this and you’re not seeing results, then maybe you do need to some more advanced tips and techniques, but if you’re not already doing this, then you need to start doing this now.

Do this tonight to last longer in bed

Here’s what I recommend you do:

Throughout sex pay close attention to how close you are to orgasm.

To some extent this is a skill. The more often you pay attention to how close you are to orgasm the better you’ll get at identifying when you’re close and you’ll be able to identify that you’re getting close earlier.

Nonetheless you should begin doing this immediately and always from now on.


Because this will allow you to use the common-sense approach to lasting longer in bed, which goes as follows…

If you notice yourself getting close to orgasm, then change what you’re doing.

Change your position, change your speed, pull out and give her oral, take a break, stop and stimulate her breasts, change your breathing, change what you’re thinking about, do anything to change what you’re doing.


Because by changing what you’re doing you interrupt your orgasm process.

If something is bringing you close to orgasm then just stop doing it.

It’s common sense, but a lot of guys overlook this.

Most guys, when they approach orgasm, either don’t realize because they don’t pay attention until it’s too late or even if they do notice it approaching they just carry on instead of doing something about it.

Don’t make this mistake.

Especially when the solution is so obvious.

Like I’ve been saying, it’s common sense, but I needed to mention it because a lot of guys don’t do this or maybe they do it, but not the full extent that it could benefit them.

Now, I already mentioned that you may already be doing what I’ve just described and sill be struggling with PE.

Way to last long in bed advanced techniques

If this is the case then you probably do need to begin implementing more advanced sexual techniques to help you last longer.

If you need a fast way to last long in bed, discover those techniques in the video

Remember, sometimes just doing something will help you get closer to your goal.

If your goal is to last longer in bed and you’re not quite sure what that something is. Or you just want to short-cut your own experimentation and copy what I did.  Go from lasting less than 10 seconds to over 30 minutes in bed. Watch the video below.

get hardon naturally video>

Delay Ejaculation Naturally

How to delay ejaculation naturally

delay ejaculation naturallyIf you’ve been following my blog you’ll know that when it comes to learning how to delay ejaculation naturally, I’ll often ask this question:

Have you ever noticed how certain sex positions, thrusting techniques or breathing patterns helps you to delay ejaculation?

I follow it up with “this is only the tip of the iceberg. There are in fact many real ways to last longer on bed.”

And then I’ll normally go on to talk about some of the other techniques available.

But today I want to give you a fresh perspective. I want to give you an easy way to delay ejaculation naturally.

Here it is – Instead of trying to use new techniques, ask yourself this:

“Is there any way I can leverage the techniques I’m already using?”

Let me explain.

Maybe you have a certain sex positions you can last longer with or maybe you have a certain thrusting style that helps you last longer. Perhaps you have a cool trick to delay ejaculation that you have figured out that works for you personally.

Well, why not figure out a way to do more of it?

Upping your game

If you already have something that’s working it can be very effective to find a way to get more out of that technique.

Let me give you an example.

Say you have a sex position that works well for you. Could you identify other sex positions that have the same characteristics as that position you could use to help you delay ejaculation and last longer in bed?

Or say you have a thrusting technique that helps you last longer. Could you figure out the unique attributes of that technique that help you last longer and apply it in a different way?

Get creative. Find out why what’s working for you is working and do more of it.

This is one of those simple ideas. But until you stop to think about it you won’t see the breakthrough that you’ve already been sitting on.

Taking a moment to stop and look at what’s already working is counter-intuitive  and it’s why we forget to do it.

So do it now. Review what you’re doing that’s already working, no matter how small, and find a way to do more of it.

Then go try it out the next time you have sex.

And if you’d like to learn more strategies like this one, as well as how to delay ejacultion naturally, then come check video:

Pills to delay ejaculation

There are drugs that delay ejaculation – if you need a quick fix.

If you’re still working on your techniques to delay ejaculation naturally – and have a hot date coming up – a temporary PE cure medication like Priligy could be a lifesaver.

If you are going to give this route a try, be careful to avoid online scams. Below is a link to Priligy (dapoxetine) price comparisons and from trusted pharmacies where you can get top quality low-cost Priligy delivered directly to your door.

delay ejaculation pill

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