Delay your ejaculation

Masturbate This Way To Delay Your Ejaculation

delay your ejaculationNot many people realise that you can learn to dely your ejaculation through masturbation techniques.

When you masturbate you are conditioning your body for how long you expect it to last during sex.

Do you normally masturbate under a lot of time pressure? Are full of nerves, because someone might walk in on you? It’s highly likely you won’t be able to delay your ejaculation when it comes to sex with another.

If you normally masturbate for a minute or two before orgasm, then the same happens when it comes to having sex. Your body will just assume that’s how it is.

It’s just totally unrealistic to masturbate for a minute or two, but then when it comes to sex, expect to last 20 to 30 minutes. Your body just won’t know how to handle it.

If you want to last longer in bed, then you’ve got to start masturbating for as long as you want to last. And actually doing this is very simple. From now on, commit to masturbate only in conditions where you feel no pressure.

Do not masturbate if you know you’ve only got 5 minutes before you’ve got to do something.  Do not masturbate if you’re worried that someone might walk in on you.

Only masturbate when you have the time to do it for as long as you would want to have sex for.

This step is really that simple.

Stop and start training

If you find yourself coming close to orgasm during masturbation, stop until the feeling goes away. Then start again. This will get you used to feeling what it’s like to last for a long time. You’ll be surprised at how much longer you will last in bed after doing this.

Check out the video that shows how to delay your ejaculation every time and go from lasting less than 10 seconds to over 30 minutes or more, in bed.

Take what you’ve learned here and apply it the next few times you have sex. I’m confident you can add several minutes to how long you last.

To find out more about how to delay your ejaculation and last longer in bed. Beat premature ejaculation by watching the video.

Discover how to go from lasting less than 10 seconds in bed to over 30 minutes.

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Pills to delay your ejaculation

There are drugs that delay your ejaculation – if you want a quick remedy.

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Positions To Prevent Premature Ejaculation

Positions To Prevent Premature Ejaculation

Positions To Prevent Premature EjaculationThe positions you use during sex can have a dramatic effect on how long you last in bed. Now I want to discuss which positions can help you last significantly longer in bed.

Also which positions can hugely reduce how long you last.

Now if you remember, in the delay premature ejaculation talk we talked about how to last longer in bed you need to reduce the stimulation you experience during sex.

So when it comes to positions, lasting longer is as simple as using positions that cause you less stimulation more often than the positions that cause you a lot stimulation.

Low stimulation positions to prevent premature ejaculation

These are the positions you’ll want to favor more often when
having sex.

One great low stimulation position is standing up.

This can involve you carrying your woman or just having sex in a position that involves you standing up.

This works because when you’re standing up tension it directs pressure away from your penis.

When you’re standing up energy your legs spend energy keeping you standing. If you’re carrying or holding her then your upper body is spending energy.

Since you need energy besides your penis, stimulation is reduced to your penis. It makes lasting longer easier.

Woman on top position

Another great low stimulation position to prevent premature ejaculation is having her on top
while you lie down.

Now I know a lot men struggle with this position because they feel like they’ve got no control, but the fact is they’re just not using the position correctly.

When you’re in this position there are two ways you can reduce your stimulation very effectively.

Firstly you can take control by grabbing her hips.

By holding her hips you communicate to her that you’re in charge and therefore you control her thrusting speed.

If you want to slow her down you can by making it obvious by
the way you hold her.

Secondly, this position is unlike most other positions where you have to make some kind of movement for them to work.

This means that in this position you can fully relax your body. Most men when they get in this position forget about stimulation control, get overwhelmed and orgasm quickly.

But when you’re in this position take the time to relax. Take some slow deep breaths and consciously relax all of your muscles.

Allow all the muscles in your legs to relax.

By relaxing your muscles you reduce the tension in your body.

And with less tension in your body you reduce your stimulation and make it more difficult for your body to orgasm.

So if you combine these two benefits together this position works great.

High stimulation positions to prevent PE

This varies from guy to guy, but often the missionary position (where the woman lies down facing up, with the man on top facing down) is very stimulating.

Because no tension is getting diverted away like in a standing up position and it’s much harder to relax like when you, the man, are on the bottom, this position can quite easily cause premature ejaculation.

The problem with this position is that it’s just so stimulating to the man.

If you can reduce your time spent in this position or find variations of it that don’t cause you to feel as much stimulation then I highly recommend doing that.

Changing positions to delay ejaculation

While on the topic of positions I thought I’d give you a quick tip for lasting longer.

In changing positions you often get a quick break from sex, even if it’s just for 10 seconds or so.

This 10 second or more break can be very valuable. If you’re getting close to orgasm, taking a quick break can sometimes “reset” your stimulation. You’ll have a few more minutes before orgasm.

Use your position changes tactically when you’re close to orgasm to help you last longer.

Find out some more positions that can help you last longer in bed then make sure you watch the video above.

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