How to end premature ejaculation

how to end premature ejaculationIf you need to learn how to end premature ejaculation I want to introduce a new concept here I call being “Sexually Intelligent”.

Being Sexually Intelligent means becoming STRATEGIC about how you have sex.

Now while this may not sound like the most passionate, spontaneous and fun way to have sex, it actually gives you the opportunity to do all of this to a far greater extent than you normally do.

See, most guys rely on gut instinct when it comes to sex and how to end premature ejaculation.

They assume that they should just know what to do, because hey, humans have been having sex for thousands and thousands of years.

Well, while this is true, I have my doubts as to what the levels of female sexual satisfaction have been like over all these years.

While I agree us guys are naturally wired to know how to have sex and end premature ejaculation, I don’t think we’re naturally wired to have sex in a way that gives women maximum sexual satisfaction.

This is something most men have to figure out.

So just going about sex and hoping everything will be OK is not an effective strategy.

You have to actually think about what you’re doing.

And this is what I mean by being Sexually Intelligent…

You have to think ahead and decide what type of sex you want to have…

And if you say want to have long lasting enjoyable sex that your lover enjoys as well, then you need to start acting strategically and behave in a way that supports that outcome.

While that may sound like it takes the fun out of sex,
it actually does the opposite…

When you decide exactly what type of sex you’d like to have and you pro-actively work towards it that DRAMATICALLY increases your chances of it actually happening.

Here’s a dead simple example to prove it.

If you set out the intention to last long in bed and then during sex you begin to notice yourself approaching orgasm, then when previously you may have just
accepted it as inevitable, now that you’ve got adifferent intention you can actually be PRO-ACTIVE in fixing the situation.

If you notice yourself getting close, instead of doing nothing now you can do something like switch position, stop and give her oral, change your breathing, change your thrusting speed, change your thrusting style or perform any of the other more advanced techniques I teach for helping you last longer.

It’s a whole different mindset and it has a whole different outcome in terms of how long you last long in bed, but the point is that it all starts with you being Sexually Intelligent and deciding what type of sex you want and assuming RESPONSIBILITY for making it happen.

I can really only scratch the surface to this whole concept and all the techniques you can use to last longer in bed in this newsletter, so if you’d like to discover more and be able to last over 30 minutes then watch this video…

What To Do To Last Over 30 Minutes



PS – Lasting longer in bed doesn’t have to be hard.  When you know what to do it can be dead simple.

Let me know show you exactly how to do it here…

Step-By-Step How To Last Longer (VIDEO)