Fast Cure for Premature Ejaculation

If you’re looking for a how to end premature ejaculation read everything below

how to end premature ejaculationHere’s a big mistake guys make when trying to find a fast cure for premature ejaculation and give women more pleasure…

They don’t track their progress. They don’t measure anything.

Now this might sound a bit weird, because we’re talking about sex stuff here and not some business venture or job related task…

But nonetheless measurement is important.

The human mind can play tricks on us.

It’s so easy to convince ourselves we’re being productive, we’ve tried a lot of things and also that nothing works.

These are all tricks the mind plays on us for various, complicated psychological reasons, but here’s what really matters…

You must measure what you do.

Every action you take will have some kind of result. It could be that nothing happens, but even if nothing happens, that’s a result.

You must measure these results…

Because if you were to try 100 different things, I guarantee that, assuming they’re sensible things you’re trying, at least one of them will help you progress closer towards your goal.

But if you don’t measure anything chances are you’d probably give up before you even reached something that got you results…

You’d probably end up convincing yourself that you’ve “tried everything”, when really you’ve
probably only tried four or five different things and not even with 100% dedication and commitment. I’m not trying to insult anyone when I say that. I do the same thing when I don’t actually measure what I do.

When I try and make a change through random acts of will I rarely get far.

But when I define what my outcome is and measure my progress towards it THAT’S when I get significantly better results.

That’s why one of the most common questions I ask people when they want to know a fast cure for premature ejaculation and  how to last longer, give women more pleasure or anything else that I specialize in… is “what have you tried so far?”

Quite often, surprisingly, the answer is that they haven’t tried much.

If you’re really honest with yourself the chances are that you probably already have several techniques, strategies or approaches that you’ve discovered that could improve your sex life, help your last longer in bed or help in some other way that you just haven’t tried yet…  purely because you haven’t been measuring it.

So my tip today is to begin tracking your actions towards your goal.

Start journalling.

Create an action plan where you actually TRACK what you do towards it and make notes of the impacts of your actions.

It could be that something you tried before made a small difference, but you didn’t really notice it because you weren’t effectively tracking it, but if you went back and measured the impact you’d realize you’d discovered something with potential…

And if you were to do more of it you’d see a lot better results.

Or perhaps you just need to go out and try more different approaches and measure their impact.

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PS – To achieve a fast cure for premature ejaculation here are the steps necessary…

1 – Define your outcome

2 – Take actions towards it

3 – Measure your progress and modify actions if necessary

It’s really as simple as that.

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