Fix ED without Drugs

Simple mental techniques to fix ED without drugs

fix ed without drugsNot being able to get fully hard and stay fully hard during sex can cause serious problems.

If you can’t get completely hard, you’re not going to satisfy a woman any where near as much compared to if you can get 100% hard.

Now all that might sound obvious, but here’s something you may not have thought about before.

The importance of hardness

Ask virtually any woman. She’ll tell you that she’ll way prefer to have sex with a guy who can get rock hard with an average sized cock over a guy with a huge cock but can only get it 50%-80% hard.


Because it’s the hardness that causes the friction and therefore the stimulation.

OK, so with that point made, how can you give yourself the advantage in bed by getting fully 100% hard?

Well one very effective approach is to look at possible causes of why you’re not getting fully hard and then correcting or addressing those causes.

Performance anxiety

If you’ve been following what I teach  you’ll know that one of the major causes of ED or impotence is performance anxiety.

In other words, the fear of performing badly during sex actually increases the likelihood you will perform badly.

This happens when you’re nervous, anxious or fearful your brain triggers the release of the hormone adrenaline into your bloodstream.

And the hormone adrenaline kills your ability to get hard.

Doctors actually sometimes use shots of adrenaline specifically to help stop people from staying hard for too long.

So anyway, what this all means is that if you want to fix ED without drugs you need to eliminate anxiety.

How do you do that?

Well what you need to do is identify what triggers you to feel anxiety and then deal with those triggers.

Now people’s triggers tend to vary a lot. Sometimes there are external things that can be managed. For example if being around a certain person triggers you to feel anxious then you can prevent anxiety by not hanging around them.

But sometimes your external triggers will be unavoidable.

Dealing with anxiety triggers head on

Say you experience anxiety whenever a woman you’re in bed with takes her bra off, then this probably isn’t a situation you’d want to run away from.

In this case what you need to address is your emotional response to that external situation.

See, if you get anxious whenever a woman takes her bra off then what you’ve got to understand is that you’re not actually getting anxious because she’s taking her bra off, you’re getting anxious because when she takes her bra off you then think a certain thing in your head that causes you to feel anxiety.

Perhaps you begin thinking that you may fail to perform. Or maybe you begin thinking that she’s going to assess your performance. Perhaps you start thinking why it’s so important that you do everything perfectly.

Now hopefully you’re seeing a pattern emerging here.

While you can’t control her taking her bra off, what you can do is control your thoughts in response to that.

Fix ED without drugs with focus

To fix ED without drugs, instead of building yourself up into a frenzy, you could focus on your excitement. Focus your attraction towards her and what you can do to make her feel great.

When you focus on these things your anxiety will no longer be present. Instead you’ll be in a state of confidence.

And once you feel confident instead of anxious you become much more likely to be able to get and stay fully hard.

Now what I’ve just described doesn’t just apply if you get nervous when a woman takes her bra off, it applies to any situation that may trigger anxiety within you.

And therefore what I’ve just shared can be used in multiple ways to overcome ED.

For some guys just deciding to change what they focus on is enough. To fix ED without drugs and help them get hard, others need more advanced techniques to get great results.

Watch the video to get the techniques

Discover how to fix ED without drugs with advanced techniques. Use specific methods for re-wiring your mindset.  try the other techniques for getting hard on demand. Watch the video.

If you have the ability to get fully hard in one situation (such as when you wake up in the morning, while masturbating or while watching porn) then you have the ability to recreate that hardness in any situation. You just need to know how to trigger it.

I’ve created a process to fix ED without drugs so that you can trigger hardness whenever you want it.

Discover how to trigger it below

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