How to get a woman in the mood …

7 out of 10 Women prefer this over sex

get a woman in the moodI want to share an interesting statistic with you:

“Less than 30% of women experience orgasms through intercourse alone”

Now that’s a scary finding isn’t it?

That means that statistically speaking, chances are your lover is not being fully satisfied through sex alone.

Why am I sharing this with you?

get her in the moodBecause I want to talk to you about a method from which almost every woman orgasms from … and that method is oral sex.

When performed correctly oral sex has the power to cause your lover to erupt into orgasm, quiver with joy and yell your name out loud 😀 .

And not only that, when you perform oral sex in the right way, it can be so pleasurable for her that she’ll beg you to let her return the favour.

This is an important point – if right now you’re not happy with how often your lover goes down on you then that probably means you’re just not giving her enough sexual satisfaction through oral sex.

By giving her a wild and raging orgasm through oral sex she can’t NOT want to try desperately to give you oral sex because she’ll want to reward and thank you for helping her feel like no other man can make her feel.

make a woman come hardNow, everything I’ve just shared hinges on one very important point…

Performing oral sex the way that really works – for her!

There’s a right way and wrong to go about oral sex.

And most men do not instinctively know how to perform oral sex in a way that causes their lover’s eyes to roll into the back of her head and experience ecstasy through her entire body.

I want to show you how to make this happen.

My good friend and sex expert Lloyd Lester has created a brand new program on how to perform oral sex in a way that gives women intense and irresistible sexual pleasure.

It’s called Orgasmic Licks and this isn’t just your basic guide to oral sex.

This program takes the art of oral sex to a whole new level and I’ve been blown away by the depth to which Lloyd has taken oral sex techniques.

I highly recommend you check it out.

Here’s the link to where you can discover more:

Advanced Oral Sex Techniques (video)

To discover other effective methods to get a woman in the mood for hot sex, here is  technique for giving women such intense and overwhelming sexual pleasure that it can make her body respond in uncontrollable ways – potentially leaving her feeling self-conscious and vulnerable.

If you have bad intentions, if you use this secret without consideration and if you’re not prepared to comfort your lover, then please do not watch the entire video.

You’re going to discover how to give women the kind of powerful orgasms that make her melt in your arms and submit to you and pleasure you give her 🙂 .

And when she experiences the kind of intense orgasms I’m going to show you it’ll be your responsibility to reassure her and make her feel comfortable.

Now with that said, if you are willing and prepared to give your lover this level of pleasure, then discover the secret to do it in the video here:

Make her scream with pleasure (video)

For this to work you don’t need to have a huge “you know what” or be with a lover who orgasms easily.

This secret works on virtually any woman.

Discover exactly how to give a woman the kind of powerful fully body orgasm I’m talking about in the video.

And you get a woman in the mood for some great sex, try this sex position

This a cool modification to the very common sex position doggy style.

Regular doggy style is when the woman positions herself on her hands and knees and the guy enters her from behind.

Now this position in its default approach is pleasurable for many women, but today I want to give you a modification to seriously enhance her pleasure.

The way this modification enhances her pleasure is by getting you to hit her G-Spot while in this position.

A woman’s G-Spot is located a few inches in and on the top of the inside of her vagina.

Therefore in the standard doggy style position it can be difficult to hit during sex.

So try this modification – Get your lover to arch her back. By getting her to arch her back it angles her pelvis in such a way that it effectively pushes the G-Spot onto your pen*s every time you thrust in.

Now this modification may seem subtle, but it can make a huge different to how much she enjoys it.

A lot of guys love the doggy style position, but sometimes it’s not as favourable with women.

Make this change and she’s sure to begin to love the position a whole lot more.

To discover more cool sex positions and techniques to make women orgasm hard, watch this video:

What To Do In Bed To Make Her Orgasm Hard (video)

Learn it today!


P.S. I strongly believe every woman has the potential to experience intense multiple orgasms during sex.

If right now your lover isn’t experiencing them, then perhaps it’s time to try a different approach.

Discover my proven method for giving women intense multiple orgasms here:

Give Her Intense Multiple Orgasms (VIDEO)