Get Hard and Stay Hard Longer

How to get hard and stay hard longer

get hard and stay hard longerToday I want to talk about how to get hard and stay hard longer.

See, most guys would love to give their lover’s more satisfaction in bed – they’d love to be the guy that can give their lover 5 or more intense orgasms every time they have sex – but normally the challenge is that they go about it the wrong way.

For example, they become obsessed with trying to increase their size.

There’s something about adult movies and our culture that gives guys the impression that you need to be huge “down there” in order to deeply satisfy a woman. But here’s the truth:

If you were to ask a woman to choose between a large but soft (semi-hard) manhood and a rock hard small to medium sized manhood they almost always choose the latter. And that’s why it pays to learn how to get hard and stay hard longer in bed.

In fact, personally I’ve never found an exception to this rule. Why? Because to women love-making is about how it feels, not about how impressive the size of their partner’s manhood is.

Now, what does this all mean?

It means you need to forget worrying about size and instead consider that if you’re making love while anything less than 100% hard that could be what’s stopping you from fully satisfying her.

stay hard pillsThe hardness is what gives her the stimulation because this is what creates the friction necessary to delivery pleasure.

So while she still may kinda enjoy love-making with you if you’re less than 100% hard, my bet is you’re only giving her a fraction of the true joy and satisfaction you could give her if you were to be rock-hard.

And I bet she knows it too.

And this could also be the reason why she isn’t constantly craving and begging you to jump in bed with her… Simply because when it does happen you don’t blow her socks off.

Now I’m not pointing any fingers. I’ve been there.

And the good thing is that this situation IS reversible.

It ‘s possible to give yourself a full 100% hard-on, to get hard and stay hard longer, much longer even if right now you struggle to get or stay fully hard currently. And you can do it without risky meds, dangerous gadgets or complex techniques.

Check out this video that outlines exactly how to get hard and stay hard longer. Watch it here:

Breakthrough Method To Getting Rock Hard

Go for it!,


P.S. You won’t believe just how much pleasure you can give a woman when you can get hard and stay hard longer and make love 100% rock hard every time.

The satisfaction and intensity of orgasms you deliver is completely different.

Discover how to get hard and stay hard longer here:

Get And Stay 100% – WITHOUT Meds (video)