How to get hard erections

Get Hard Erections Techniques

how to get hard erectionsI want to share my thoughts on overcoming  E.D. and how to get hard erections whenever you want.

When it comes to this topic the most commonly sought out solution is the infamous blue pill.

However, there’s a 100% natural solution that I’d highly recommend men try first before using generic Viagra.

generic ViagraMost guys don’t think of what I’m about to share. That’s because they get so fixated on the idea of having a pill solve their problem. So they don’t even give a  thought to the fact that there could be a better way to deal with the problem.

Here’s how to get hard and stay hard without pills.

Get hard without pills

To understand how to get hard erections on demand you’ve got to use common sense.

Think for a second about what causes you to get hard erections.

  1. External event, (e.g. when you see a beautiful woman nude, etc.
  2. Your brain processes the event
  3. A message gets sent down there telling you to get hard erections
  4. You get hard erections

That’s how the process works in an ideal situation.

Now as you look at that process you’ll notice there are some steps that are more in your control than others.

For example, the external event is possible to influence. But you can’t directly control that unless you’re doing something like surfing adult websites.

Number 3, the sending of the message, is for the most part an entirely subconscious process. To control this you would have to have control over hormone secretion from the brain. This is something very few men have direct control over.

And number 4; getting hard is an outcome as a result of the previous steps. Therefore it is not
something you can skip straight to.

So that leaves step 2:

How your brain processes the external event

Over this you have massive control.

You have the power to choose how you interpret an external event.

This isn’t a power all of us choose to use, but with the right knowledge and training you do have it.

You have the power to interpret a situation as allowing you to get aroused. Or to get nervous and anxious (one of the primary killers of getting hard).

If you want to know how to get hard erections when you want, you need to control your interpretation of external sexual events.

In other words you need to take control of what goes on in your head when you want to get hard.

If you can do that you can quite literally get hard on demand.

If you know the specific thought patterns in your mind that cause you to get hard all you have to do is trigger them. As a result you’ll very quickly know how to get hard erections any time.

Now, how exactly do you do this? Checkout the video below.

In this video you will discover the process of how to take control of your thoughts. As a result you can activate getting hard whenever you like. Which, as I’m sure you can imagine, is a very useful skill. Especially when it comes to deeply satisfying your lover.

I know it might seem strange to think that all this time you have been the one that’s been controlling (or stopping) your ability to get hard. But it’s true. Only you know how to get hard erections 😀 .

You’ve just never been given a user’s manual on how to take that control. Or what to do to trigger yourself to get hard.

stay hard erections

Pills to Get Hard Erections

There are pills that help you get hard erections – if you need a fast fix.

If you are still perfecting your techniques toget hard erections – and have a hot date coming up – a proven fix is ED & PE combo pills.

If you are willing to give this route a try, be sure to stay away from internet scams.

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