how to get hard fast and stay hard

Get hard fast and stay hard in bed techniques

how to get hard fast and stay hardA lot of guys come to me and complain they can’t get hard fast and stay hard during sex. They want to learn how to get more stamina in bed.

Sometimes it’s that they can’t get it up. Other times it’s that they can’t keep it up. Some guys have trouble getting fully hard.

Sometimes it’s that they’re frustrated that they’re not as good as they used to be.

And so today I want to share with you a trick to get hard fast and stay hard.

And to do that you need to understand how the getting hard process works.

Getting hard involves the following 4 step process

  1. External stimuli
  2. Stimuli processed in the mind
  3. Chemical message (hormones) sent in body to get hard
  4. Blood flow increases to your penis creating hardness

Now all of these steps depend on the previous step. If any one of these steps fails then the entire process fails. This means that every step needs to run flawlessly.

Now some of these steps you have no direct control over so there’s nothing you can do about them.

In particular you have no direct control over external stimuli (although you can influence this), no natural direct control over chemical messages sent and no control over the blood storage process.

The one thing you do have control over is the stimuli in your head. In other words – you have control over how you respond to what happens in your external world. And this is where I believe most of the time the problem lies with men who can’t get hard.

Most men struggle to get hard fast and stay hard because of how they process the external event. Like being in bed with a woman they find attractive. How you interpret this event has a dramatic impact on your ability to get hard.

Say in the last 3 months you’ve gotten hard naturally, whatever the situation. Maybe while masturbating, watching porn, first thing in the morning or any other time. That demonstrates you have the physical capability to get hard at any point in time.

If you can’t get hard when you want to, such as when in bed with your lover, then it must be down to step 2. You need to fix how you process being in that situation.

Rewiring you brain to get hard on demand

Perhaps in a sexual situation with a woman you get nervous. You worry about things going wrong or visualize yourself failing to get hard. This causes mixed chemical messages to be sent through your body. An example of one such chemical is as adrenaline.

And chemical messages like this interrupt the positive chemical messages telling you to get hard. The message doesn’t get delivered down there to make you hard.

This is the real reason why many men fail to get or stay hard in bed. Fortunately this is a solvable problem. To solve this problem all you need to do is fix how you process these events.

Do this and your body gets the correct messages telling it to get hard. You’ll be amazed at your new found ability to get hard. The video below walks through exactly how this works. It shows how to change how you process external events. Find out how to trigger yourself to get hard whenever you want.

Too many guys resort to pills to solve ED problems.

Okay it works, but if you want to go down the road of pills then why not get cheap generic ED pills that work exactly the same way. But if you don’t want to go down that road remember there’s  a 100% natural solution to getting and staying rock-hard. Learn how to get hard fast and stay hard. Watch the video.

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