How to get hard on without pills

Here is how to get a hard on without pills

Can you really still achieve the kind of hard-ons like you did at 19 years old, when you’re well over 45 years old?

I get asked this a lot and I totally understand the place this is coming from.

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Is it REALLY possible to regain the kind of vigor and hard-on quality you had as a teenager?

The answer is YES!

You really can recreate these hard-ons. And the logic is simple.

What defines the quality of a hard-on?

It’s simply how much blood you can get into your member.

Think about it.

The more blood you get in, the bigger and firmer your hard-ons will be.

Therefore, if your hard-ons aren’t the same as they used to be, it simply means something is holding you back from maximizing the amount of blood getting in.


What could be holding you back from getting a hard on naturally?

That’s a bigger question. Because it could be a few things.

It could be psychological, it could be physiological or it could even be something else.

So since this is only a short e-mail, let me give you a tip than encompasses all of these.

Do this exercise: Think back to the last time you experienced a full and rock solid NATURAL hard-on. Really get back to that place. Then, figure out what was unique about it.

  • What were you thinking back then?
  • And what was your focus on?
  • What would you say to yourself?
  • And what was your lifestyle like?
  • What was your diet like?
  • How were you exercising?
  • How were you looking at life?

Do everything you can to figure out what was unique about that time and situation.

Now this may take longer than a few minutes, you may have to really think about it. And take some dedicated time to do this.

What I mean by that is – when you grab a notepad and pen and actually write down your answers to those questions. What you’ll be doing is creating your recipe for rock solid hard-ons.

You’ll be figuring out what you can personally do to achieve the hard-ons you used to have – because you’ll be recreating the very things that made them originally.

Give that a shot and I guarantee you’ll see an improvement in the quality of your hard-ons.

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Remember, age is not the defining factor. Neither is your physical condition, your genetics or your track record in bed.

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Food considerations to get a hard on without pills

Are you giving your member the nutrients it needs to achieve thick, full, rock solid and long lasting hard-ons?

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Most people take some kind of vitamin supplement or like to get a certain amount of fruit and vegetables to make sure they’re looking after their bodies.

But how many men ensure they eat the necessary nutrients to feed their members? Not many.

And personally I think this is foolish. People take cod liver oil for healthy hair. Others take magnesium to help their blood. Some take vitamin C to for healthy skin. Some people take all sorts of supplements to help with various parts of their bodies.

Why when men experience a problem, do they assume the only solution is pills?

I’m not sure what the thinking is behind all this. It’s probably because it’s not “appropriate” to talk about problems with your member so the knowledge doesn’t get passed around as easily.

But the reality is that sex matters.

And if you’re not experiencing thick, full, firm and long lasting hard-ons, it could be down to something missing from your diet.

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One more secret to get a hard on without pills or spending a lot of money

Like achieving raging hard-ons?

I talk to so many men who deal with various problems in their life. Whether it’s stamina, getting hard, climax volume or any number of things. And what always surprises me is how little these people have tried to solve the problem.

They talk about their problem. Can describe it in intimate detail. And sure, maybe they’ve tried one or two different things.

But rarely do I come across someone with a problem they are dissatisfied with and they’ve tried anyway near 100 different things to fix it.

Now, here’s what’s interesting: Everyone feels like they’ve tried a bunch of stuff to solve the problem.

But try out this challenge:

Think of something you’ve been struggling with for a while – a particular problem – it doesn’t necessarily have to be in the bedroom.

An exercise to get you started

Now grab a pen and paper and then write out all the different actions you’ve taken to fix that problem.

What most people find when they do this exercise is that they’re often surprised to find that they really get a hard on without pillshaven’t tried that many different solutions.

Now I’m not saying this to make anyone feel bad about themselves. My point is to highlight a flaw in human psychology that we all have. And that is to deceive ourselves.

And we do that by making the problem bigger than it really is and therefore feeling like that there’s nothing we can do to fix it. But in reality there are many things we can do – and there are a many things we haven’t tried, even though it doesn’t always feel that way.

Do this exercise and trust me, you’ll be blown away.

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