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Get harder erections with these methods

get harder erectionsIt’s a sad fact that we men tend to sabotage ourselves in bed with negative thoughts and anxieties that stop us from enjoying the hard long lasting erections that we are actually capable of.

Want to get harder erections and stay harder for longer so you can give your lover a lot more satisfaction?

Or read on about how to get harder erections, I’ll put the link to the video at the end 😉 .

To get more control over getting hard and avoiding the dreaded softy syndrome:

Focus on arousal, not performance

See, a lot of guys who struggle with ED and staying hard are often worried about their performance. They’re worried about how they’re being perceived, how they’re doing and whether their lover likes what they’re doing. And while there’s a positive intention there, worrying about these things is actually counter-productive.

If you want to get harder erections remember that anxiety, such as performance anxiety has a negative effect on your ability to get hard. The more you focus on performance the more you’re going to feel anxious. So the more difficult you’re going to find it to get hard.

So instead, focus on arousal. Focus on what arouses you.

What about your lover and being intimate arouses you? Focus on how her body feels, the visual parts of her you find attractive and magnify those things. Make those things the key focus in your mind.

And if you spend your time thinking about those things, rather than worrying about your performance you’ll find it a lot easier to get hard.

Go ahead, give this new approach a shot. And if you’d like to discover more advanced methods for getting hard, then watch the get hard and stay hard video.

Take a moment to think about the times in the past when you got fully hard naturally. What did you focus on in those situations? Then, figure out how you can recreate that type of focus when you really need it. Discover more here:

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