Get Her to Beg You for Sex :D

begging for sexMen and women are different. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that one out, but somehow when it comes to our actions us guys seem to forget it.

And this couldn’t be more true when it comes to trying to turn on our partners and getting them to want to sex…

Especially  if it’s with a wife or long-term girlfriend.

The biggest mistake guys are making when it comes to getting sex from an existing partner is an attitude of expectancy…

In other words having a feeling like they deserve it, rather than they have to earn it.

Now “earn it” is a difficult concept that can be misinterpreted to let me explain what I mean…

By earn it I mean that you have to be prepared to do the necessary things required to turn a woman on.

Just being a in a relationship with a woman does not oblige her to have sex with you.

Now when I say the necessary things I don’t mean things like buying her flowers, buying her gifts, begging or becoming a walk-over.

There’s nothing wrong with buying her gifts, but I think this should be done from a perspective of treating your partner, not as a way to induce reciprocation for sex (in
other words make her feel like she has to give something back to you).

So what I really mean by earn it is that you’ve got to start doing the necessary things that trigger her to want sex. And these triggers are very different for women than us guys.

All us guys need is a graphic image of a hot nude woman or to have our genitals grabbed. But do the same thing with a woman when she’s not in the mood and you’ll fail horribly.

Women need to be put in the mood first.

This is done through changing the way you talk to her and the way you interact with her.

Help her become aroused by telling her what you find sexy about her, paint a picture of a romantic and sexual scene between the two of you, and begin gradually caressing while slowly working your way to the more sensitive parts of her body.

Using approaches like this can be tough when all you want to do is grab her breasts and get physical, but ironically if you start groping right away you’ll likely decrease your chances of being able to get physical.

Like with much of what it takes to be successful with women or turn around a failing sexual relationship, the solution is counter-intuitive.

To get the kind of results that very few guys get – like getting your lover to be exceptionally passionate for sex even after multiple years of being in a relationship – you have to be prepared to do what most guys aren’t.

If you’d like to discover more strategies and techniques for getting even the coldest of partner to open up and go sexually wild with you, then check out this video…

How to Get Her To Beg You For Sex 😀