Get More Sex & Passion In Your Relationship

How to get more sex

get more sexWomen are different. We all know that. But as guys, we often forget it when it comes to getting more sex. Knowing how to motivate our partners to be more passionate and more interested in sex is essential.

The most common mistake I see guys making when they want to get get more sex the fail to get their lover to want more sex with energy or passion.

We use approaches to making a woman horny on that would work for us, rather than what works for women.

Let me explain.

To turn a guy on, all you really need is an explicit image or a grope from a woman.

Women, however, are different.

Try and use that approach on a woman when she’s not in the mood. You’ll fail miserably.

We intuitively know that women work differently. But we forget that when we go about trying to motivate our partners sexually.

We’ll grope or touch her and then suddenly expect her to be interested sexually. But women just don’t work this way. Women, especially those in a relationship, appreciate emotional stimulation as much as the physical stimulation.

In fact, without the emotional stimulation, the physical stimulation won’t take you very far at all.

How to get more sex with emotional stimulus

If you want to get more sex and passionate in your relationship. And you want it fast. You need to figure out a way to stimulate her emotions.

And if your relationship is in a bit of rut, where the passion’s waning and everything is becoming very routine, then you need to do something big. You need to do something huge that will interrupt the current pattern you’ve got in your relationship.

So what I recommend you do is something extraordinary. Treat your lover in a way you’ve never treated her before.

Now this could mean many different things depending on the type of relationship that you have, but here’s an example to give you an idea of the kind of thing I’m talking about.

Perhaps you could do an hour’s research into how to give quality and enjoyable massages.

And you could research it very well.

You could learn some stimulation patterns, you could learn certain movements that work very well. You could learn how to identify knotted muscles and how to undo them, and so forth.

Then you could get some quality massage oil and you could tell your partner that you’ve got a surprise for her planned for a special evening.

Tell her to keep the entire evening free.

If you have kids or any kind of regular commitments make sure they’re taken care of so they won’t interrupt.

Then, you could give her the best massage she’s ever had in her life.

After that, if you’ve set the mood right leading into sex will be very easy. (I recommend using candles and romantic soothing music in the background while massaging.)

Now, like I said, this is just an example, for your particular relationship there may be a different approach that will work very well, but the general philosophy is this…

Do something extraordinary.

Do something that she wouldn’t expect you to do.

And if you’re in a long-term relationship where you’ve noticed the passion waning slightly or you just want to have more sex.

Then doing something like this has the effect of radically breaking the current pattern in your relationship and re-awaking the passion, so that from then on it’ll be much easier to activate that passion again.

Advanced ‘get more sex’ techniques

Now what I’ve covered today is really only the tip of the iceberg in terms of methods to turn a dull or passion-less partner into a sex-crazy passionate lover.

No matter how cold or disinterested your partner seems, with the right techniques and approaches, you can get almost any woman to want and love sex.

The fact is that women are naturally wired to love sex.

All you need to do is use the right triggers for activating that desire.

If you’d like to discover more techniques for getting your partner to beg you for sex, then check out the ‘get more sex’ video.

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