How to Give a Woman Intense Pleasure

If you want to know how to give a woman intense pleasure – read on!

First off, let’s start with …

Special Fingering Technique For Giving Her Body-Quaking Orgasms

Here’s a step-by-step walk through on exactly how to use your fingers to give your lover intense orgasms:

Little-Known Fingering Techniques That Makes Her Putty In Your Hands

how to give a woman intense pleasureI want to share a very important fingering technique today. I’m sharing this, because I think most guys get fingering completely wrong.

See, here’s how most guys look at fingering – They see it as a substitute for their manhood.

Therefore, when they get the opportunity to use their fingers, they think it’s all about thrusting hard and fast while trying to get as much depth as possible.

Now I don’t blame guys for thinking this. Acting this way aligns perfectly with our male animal instinct. And the reason we end up wanting to do this is really more to satisfy our own urges than that of the woman.

But therein lies the problem.

If your outcome is just to satisfy your own urges then you don’t need what I’m about to tell you. But if your outcome is to leave her satisfied, then you’re going to have to do more than just what satisfies your own urges.

generic ED pillsBut what you think is a satisfying way to finger a woman is often very different to how she wants to be fingered.

If you’ve been following my stuff for a while you already know that I’m big on pointing out the difference between how men and women experience sex.

For men it tends to be about visual and intense physical experience. But for women it tends to be about the emotional experience.

Sure, physical and visual is still important to women – but if the feeling isn’t right for her, even the most perfect physical or visual aspects of sex won’t interest her.

Well the same is true for fingering. When it comes to fingering take a moment to think about what she might appreciate. Remember, for her it’s about the experience.

So thrusting it in fast and deep as soon as you can really doesn’t provide much of that.

IF, however, you do decide to take your time, positively tease her, reveal the pleasure she’ll soon experience without giving it to her immediately and carefully and gradually raise her stimulation levels over time, all while taking two steps forward and one step back…

Then you’ll start to see some very interesting and intense reactions from her.

So next time you have the opportunity to use your fingers in bed – make sure you implement this approach.

Now there are of course many more powerful and specific fingering techniques.

And if you’d like to become the kind of man that makes his lover melt in his hands from all the pleasure he can deliver with his fingers, then make sure you check this out…

Surprising Fingering Techniques For Giving Her intense Pleasure

Imagine if just with your fingers you could get your lover to orgasm multiple times over.

That would be a valuable skill to have, right?

Discover exactly how to do it here…

How To Make Her Orgasm With Your Fingers

And while we’re on the topic of how to give a woman intense pleasure, here’s a cool G-Spot fingering trick.

Here’s how to give your lover a sizzling orgasm using just your fingers

Special Finger Method For Giving Her intense Orgasms

In a second I’m going to share an amazing technique with you.

But first let’s quickly clear up any misconceptions surrounding the infamous female pleasure point – the G-Spot.

The G-Spot is an area of tough spongy tissue found several inches inside the vagina.

It’s located on the roof of the vagina and is about the size of a bean.

If you ever want to identify it do this – once your lover is thoroughly warmed up, slowly insert your finger (I recommend the middle finger) with your palm facing upwards (i.e. towards the roof of the vagina), then slowly touch along the roof until you find it.

It will stand out very clearly from the surrounding area.

Before you try performing any fancy G-Spot techniques this is an important first step to carry out.

Firstly – this technique works best when your partner is thoroughly warmed up.

You can do this once sex has begun as a break or failing that I suggest at the very end of foreplay.

Once at this stage insert your middle and ring fingers simultaneously with your palm facing upwards and so that your index finger and pinky rest near to either side of her anus.

Insert your fingers with enough depth so that they reach the G-Spot.

Then, once at that depth, begin moving your hand up and down while stimulating the G-Spot.

You need to do this firmly.

Obviously you shouldn’t do this so firmly that you hurt your partner, but it does need to be firm – I’ll leave you to gauge this wisely.

And then keep doing this.

It may take a minute or so, but if she’s thoroughly warmed up she’ll soon start to experience some serious pleasure – and, if you really get it right, you have the potential to give her a very powerful G-Spot orgasm.

How’s that for a cool technique?

Give it a try.

And if you’ve heard of a variation of this before, make sure you follow my exact steps to get this right – because I promise you – this is a killer technique.

Now, as is often the case, this is only the tip of the iceberg.

There are techniques way more advanced and powerful than this.

And if you use these techniques in combination with what I’ve just shared with you – that’s when you’ll start giving your lover the kind of pleasure that makes her your personal sex slave 😉 .

I mean that, of course, in the most positive sense – I’m talking about having her be so satisfied sexually that you start calling the shots because she’ll do anything to experience more of what you have to offer.

To discover all of these advanced techniques go check this out now…

Fingering Techniques To Give Her Body-Shaking Orgasms

Go for it!