How to Give Women Ultimate Pleasure :)

Techniques to give women ultimate pleasure so intense she’ll BEG you to do it again:

give women ultimate pleasureI want to share with you a really cool technique.

No pre-amble today, just straight-up actionable advice.

Starting out I recommend you use this in the reverse cowgirl position.

This is the position where you lie on your back and your lover rides you facing away from you.

Here’s what’s cool about this position:

She has a lot of control, therefore she can angle herself on top of you so that you hit her G-Spot when you thrust.

Here’s what’s even cooler:

Once she’s worked out her G-Spot angle you can then lift your torso up using one hand and then with the other hand reach around the front of her and stimulate her clitoris with your fingers.

Why is reverse cowboy so cool?

It means that you get to stimulate two intense pleasure points on your lover simultaneously.

Now perfecting this technique will take a little shuffling, fidgeting and practise, but when you nail it her response will be incredible.

Trust me on this.

When you get this right it will drive your lover wild!

I mean, imagine if you could experience two orgasms at the same time? This technique comes pretty close to give women ultimate pleasure, wouldn’t you say?

Well this is what you can make happen for her with this technique.

Now, there are some other positions in which you can use this technique and there are other ways to give a woman simultaneous stimulation.

If you’d like to discover these methods then watch the video.

Getting a woman to experience wild powerful orgasms is formulaic.

What that simply means is that if you follow the right formula and steps it virtually guarantees she’ll experience a powerful and intense orgasm.

But obviously, you’ve got to know the formula to get those kind of results.

Discover that precise formula below.

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