How to Get a Girlfriend the Right Way

How to get a girlfriend fast and easy

how to get a girlfriendSo the other day I was hanging out with a group of friends and one of these friends is someone who I’d consider to be a “natural” with women.

He’s the kind of guy who’s choosing to live the single lifestyle at the moment and gets laid a lot.

And what’s interesting about him is that he isn’t one of those guys who studies a lot of techniques or reads a lot books about the subject.

He just “knows” what works.

And I always find it interesting to talk to these kind of guys because they often have a different perspective from those who learned their success.

So anyway, we were talking about ways to start a conversation with a woman and together we came to an interesting conclusion.

That conclusion was that the best possible way to start conversation (assuming that she’s not going to start one with you) was for it to look as natural and spontaneous as possible.

Now this in itself is an important point.

Note that this instantly rules out the use of any “traditional pick-up lines”.

It’s fairly obvious that these things don’t work, but I wanted to say it anyway. Women get severely weirded out by cheesy pick-up lines so don’t use them. Now let’s think about what else it takes to be natural and spontaneous.

Well, another thing this can’t mean is for you to be seen to be making a big effort to start the conversation.

Say for example you’re in a bar and you see an attractive woman the other side of the room.  If she sees you walking all that way across the room to start a conversation with her that instantly positions you as “wanting her”.

It positions you as another one of those guys who’s interested in her based on her looks, without having first seen if she has an interesting personality.

Now if she’s already attracted to you for some reason (such as you being famous, her previously knowing you or you being exceptionally good looking) it’s a whole different ballgame, but we’re not talking about that situation here.

So anyway, back to my conversation with “the natural”.

What we concluded was that the best way to start a conversation with a woman was to manufacture a situation whereby you starting a conversation seemed natural.

If say, instead of a beautiful woman being across the room she could be standing next to you it would be no big deal to turn to her and start a conversation, because doing so would seem natural and as if you’re talking to her out of convenience rather than because you’re attracted to her.

Starting a conversation like this makes her feel much more comfortable and from there it’s a lot easier to build attraction.

Now… How do you specifically manufacture a situation like this? Well, the guy I was speaking to told me a few of the techniques he uses…

He said he’d keep an eye on the girl he liked and do things like if she went to the bathroom he’d go shortly after so that on the way out they’d likely bump into each other…

Or if it was at a line to some event he’d try and work his way to get next to her in the line… Or if she was at a bar he’d try and find a way to end up standing next to her…

Now all these things I just suggested do clearly imply that he’s making an effort to talk to her (something you rarely want to communicate when initiating a conversation), however, what’s important is that it’s not visible to her.

Attractive women get creeped out all the time by guys demonstrating their desires for her without actually knowing her and you don’t want to be pigeon-holed with those guys. That’s not the way to get a girlfriend!

The right time to demonstrate your interest in a woman is either when you know she’s attracted to you or when you’ve made it clear to her that she’s done something not based on her looks to make her worthy of your attraction.

OK, as you can probably see there’s a lot to this whole “getting woman interested in you” game…

Almost all of which is totally counter-intuitive to most guys…

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Warmly, Phil

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