How To Get MY Girlfriend To Want Sex

This is a very effective strategy for being able to get more sex from a long-term partner.

If right now you’re frustrated with the lack of sex you’re experiencing or you just want a lot more sex,then pay close attention.

Now before I get into this strategy I must warn you that this strategy requires BALLS.

It’s not about some “magic text” you can send that suddenly ends all relationship problems… or about some way of touching your partner that suddenly triggers dormant sexual passion…

Although these things do exist and can work, they don’t for serious cases… Cases where your partner is really acting cold and it feels like almost nothing could be done to get her wanting sex again.

This is why fixing this situation will require you to step up as a man.

So, what is this strategy?

Well, it’s to have a DIRECT CONVERSATION with your partner about what’s going on with your sex life.

And where “having balls” comes into this, is that you need to have an AUTHENTIC conversation with your partner.

You can’t afford to let this conversation become an argument, you can’t afford to let this conversation escalate and you can’t afford to have this conversation cause your partner to want sex even less…

Ultimately the real reason it takes balls is because you have to be prepared to hear some things you may not want to hear or accept AND you’ll have to respect and thank your partner for sharing them with you no matter how much you dislike or disagree with what you hear.

See, if you’ve been trying to get your partner to want more sex, but haven’t been successful then there’s obviously something going on in your partner’s head.

She obviously must have some kind of block towards it.

And if you want to start having a lot more sex, you need to figure out what this block is so you can address it and overcome it.

And the best way to figure this out is to TALK TO HER ABOUT IT.

Now the challenge when you start talking to her about it is that all the insecurities and fears are going to come up and initially she may not want to talk about it or explain to you the REAL reasons why she doesn’t want it.

Let me explain what I mean…

Say for example that your lover doesn’t want sex at the moment because she feels like you pressure her too much and make her feel guilty for not wanting it.

In this case you’d have to be very careful to not make her feel even more guilty during the conversation.

And the way you do this is by being genuinely caring about her situation and by positioning the end result of more sex as something that the both of you will benefit from.

So instead of saying something like – “I’m really unhappy with how little sex you’re giving me…”

You could try saying something like – “I love when we have sex together and I think we bond so well when we do it regularly…”

Can you tell the difference?

The first example highlights your selfish reasons for wanting more sex, which are fine to have… but if you’re trying to persuade HER to want more sex you need to present reasons that appeal to HER…

This is where the second example comes in, because it talks about  you having sex “together” (implying you both enjoy it) and you talk about connection, which almost every woman wants more of in a relationship.

Essentially the key to a successful conversation is to take all the pressure off her and get her to tell the truth about why she isn’t wanting it.

She’ll only tell you the truth when she knows she isn’t going to have to feel bad, negative, guilty or experience rejection from her answers…

And for her to feel this way she has to know that you care for her unconditionally and you won’t criticize her for her answers.

If you can communicate this leading up to and throughout the conversation (NOTE: In order for her to truly trust and feel safe in telling you how she really feels it may take some time to fully re-assure her) you’ll be able to find out the exact reasons why she doesn’t want sex at the moment… and when you know them you’ll be able to take immediate action to turn the
situation around.

Now, there are also many other strategies (including arousal techniques, psychological strategies as well as more stuff like this) for getting a seemingly cold women to DESPERATELY want sex that I haven’t had time to go into here…

But if you’d like to discover them then check out my free video here…

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