How to last longer in bed guys

How to last longer in bed – guys, you need to learn this stuff to keep her pleased 🙂

how to last longer in bed guysI want to share with you a very powerful trick for how to last longer in bed guys …

Use this to its full effect and you should easily be able to add 5, 10 or even 30 minutes to how long you last so you can start giving your lover much more intense orgasms.

OK, so here’s how to last longer in bed guys –  the concept is called
 “Stimulation Control”.

Here’s how Stimulation Control works

It’s about the stimulation you RECEIVE, not give.

And it’s built on this fact about the male anatomy

Stimulation to different areas of the pen** lead to different orgasm times.

In other words, when certain areas of your cock are stimulated you are more likely to orgasm quickly than if other areas are stimulated.

For example, the tip of your cock, also known as the Glans, is the most sensitive part.

This area is densely covered with nerve endings, therefore if stimulation is focused on this area the chances of you orgasming quickly are increased significantly.

However, if stimulation is focused on other areas, such as the base of your cock, then you’ll be able to last much longer.

Now at this stage you’re probably beginning to guess what Stimulation Control is all about.

It’s about diverting the stimulation you receive away from your most sensitive and orgasm triggering areas to the less sensitive areas.

Now, how do you do this?

Well the biggest challenge is just awareness.

Just knowing that having certain areas stimulated causes faster orgasm than other areas and acting on this knowledge can help you to last significantly longer in bed

For example
 if you’re having sex in a certain way and you feel like it’s causing you to orgasm quickly then once you remember that stimulation to different  parts of your cock cause different levels of stamina, all you have to do is divert stimulation away from the sensitive areas

One way you could do this would be by thrusting deep and staying deep.

The deeper part of a woman’s vagina produces far less stimulation than the first 1-2 inches, therefore by thrusting deep and maintaining your depth, you’ll be able to significantly reduce how much stimulation you experience, helping you last longer, while still giving her a ton of pleasure.

Now this is just one way you can use this concept of Stimulation Control, like I’ve already mentioned, just being aware of its existence will inspire you to start having sex in new and different ways to help you last a whole lot longer naturally.

I should mention at this point that there are also a whole host of other tricks and techniques like this for mastering how to last longer in bed guys.

Tricks, which, when all used together give you complete orgasm control, so you can last as long as you want and therefore get you to give your lover orgasm after orgasm.

I’ve created a video outlining these tricks, including advanced techniques for lasting long in bed.

At the moment, you can watch this video for free, through this link…

Advanced Techniques For Lasting Long In Bed

I highly recommend you check it out.


PS – How to last longer in bed guys is simply a matter of knowing which techniques and tricks to use to make it happen.

It’s not down to luck, good genes, natural sensitivity, being with the right woman or anything like that

It comes down to what you do during sex.

Discover specifically what to do in bed to give yourself full orgasm control here

How To Increase Your Stamina – Fast

PPS – If your still having trouble mastering these techniques on how to last longer in bed guys then remember some guys need more practice.

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