How to Last Longer in Bed Video – Use It Tonight!

Introducing a ‘how to last longer in bed video’ that really works.

how to last longer in bed videoI want to show you a very powerful technique that you can take and use the very next time you have sex to help you last longer – like tonight!

Although you’ll probably be surprised at how simple it is, this is something that took me quite a while to figure out. And it’s something that most men do not do naturally.

So pay close attention, because this has the potential to make a big difference in your sexual stamina.

The technique I’m talking about involves understanding how sex positions influence how long you last.

See, something you may not have realized before is that the sex positions you use can have a dramatic effect on how long you last in bed.

In turn, this means that one of the quickest and easiest ways to learn to last longer is to wisely choose your sex positions.

delay ejaculation pillsNow in case you’re wondering… what I’m not saying is that if you want to last long in bed you’ll have to give up certain sex positions for life…

Choosing your sex positions is just one technique out of many for getting full orgasm control. And if you really like a particular sex position, you can always use many other techniques to help you last long while in that position.

Nonetheless it’s definitely not worth ignoring the effects of the sex positions you use, because what I’m about to share with you here can produce results for you tonight.

With that said, let’s get back to discovering which sex position you can use to last longer.

A great sex position for helping you last longer is to get her on top.

More specifically I mean get in a position where you’re lying on your back and she is riding you.

Now normally when I first mention this position a lot of men come back with – “But I orgasm really quickly in this position”.

And I totally appreciate when guys say this, because I used to be the same but here’s what I now tell guys who say that:

“The reason you’ve always orgasmed quickly in this position in the past is because you’ve probably not been doing the two very important key actions in this position that can make it one of the absolute best sex positions for lasting long in bed.”

So listen up, because if you start doing these 2 very important key actions while in this sex position, you’ll be amazed at how much longer you can last. Here are the 2 key actions…

Key Action #1 When Having Your Lover On Top

When your lover is on top of you it is essential you don’t give up control of the situation. As soon as the woman gets on top most men just assume they don’t need to do any work and they just lie there.

This is a big mistake!

last longer in bed pillsIf you want to last longer you need to take control of the situation while she’s on top.

You need to influence how fast your lover gyrates and thrusts while riding you so you can control the stimulation you’re getting and therefore control how long you last.

This doesn’t mean making sex boring or stopping her from enjoying herself.

It just means taking the control back so you don’t orgasm earlier than you want so she doesn’t miss out on more pleasure.

And, by the way, taking control is really easy to do when you know how.

All you need to do is hold her hips in your hands.

By holding her hips you can communicate to her how fast and in what way you’d like her to thrust.

If she starts going too fast just make it obvious by how you hold her that you want her to slow down.

Most women love to be led during sex so chances are she’ll be more than happy to let you have control if you assume it.

And when you take control it’s dead easy to slow her down to a controllable speed if she gets carried away with how fast she’s thrusting.

Again, this isn’t so you make sex less fun for her, it’s just so you have the power to take control in those crucial moments to help you avoid early orgasm so you can give her a lot more pleasure by lasting longer.

And if done right, this works incredibly well.

Especially when used alongside key action #2…

Key Action #2 When Having Your Lover On Top

This action is probably more important than the first action, because this has an huge influence over how long you last
and not doing this is is by far the biggest mistake men make in this position…

So here’s key action #2 you should take.

Fully relax your body while she is on top.

See, what makes the position I’ve been talking about today so special and the main reason why it can help you last so much longer in bed is because it is probably the ONLY position where you can fully relax all the muscles in your legs and hips.

In almost any other position you have to tense these muscles in some way to stabilize yourself or to create a thrusting motion.

For example, if you’re on top you’re tensing your thighs to thrust.

If you’re standing up you’re tension your legs to hold you up and thrust.

In just about any other position you have to tense the muscles in your legs and hips to thrust or just maintain the position.

Whereas with you lying on your back you have the unique opportunity to fully relax these key muscles.

stay hard in bed pillsNow, the reason it’s so important to be able to relax these muscles is because for an orgasm to happen there almost always has to be tension present in these muscles.

The nature of an orgasm is a release of tension in the body and in particular from these muscles.

In fact, you may have noticed that just before orgasm your body and muscles, especially the area around your hips and upper legs will tighten…

And as soon as you orgasm all these muscles quickly become relaxed.

This is because an orgasm is a release of tension.

So this means for an orgasm to happen there has to be some kind of tension present in these muscles.

Therefore, if you want to delay your orgasm and last longer in bed, all you need to do is reduce that tension.

And like I’ve just explained, this particular position is the best one to do it in…

All it takes is consciously relaxing your muscles.

That’s it. Do this, as well as take control by placing your hands on her hips, and you’ll be very surprised at how much longer you can last.

I did tell you it was simple, didn’t I?

The key now is to remember to do it 😉 .

The very next time you have sex make sure you use what I’ve talked about here.

And if you want to learn some more simple changes you can make to get control over your orgasms then make sure you check this how to last longer in bed video out:

cure PE video

Another surprising method to end PE and last longer in bed
So a lot of guys have been asking for me to share some hard-hitting actionable techniques for lasting longer in bed and I want to deliver exactly that.

I tend to focus slightly more on the “inner game” stuff, because I believe that without the right mindset (and therefore execution) even the most effective techniques can be rendered useless.

However, today I feel like sharing a powerful technique with you – use it as you wish.

OK, so this technique is about your breathing.

If you’ve studied what I teach for a while you’ll know that your breathing deeply impacts the state of your body.

This isn’t some wishy-washy hokey-pokey stuff. This is fact because you can try it for yourself and see the impact instantly.

Let me prove it to you.

See how different you feel when you’re hunched over breathing short shallow breaths compared to standing up right, chest out and taking in deep breaths.

If you do this little experiment you’ll noticed there’s an obvious difference between the two, right?

Well this difference isn’t just in how you feel – there’s a real biochemical difference too.

Your entire body changes depending on how you breathe (and how you carry yourself physically for that matter).

And just as your body changes, so does your stamina in bed.

Here’s what you need to know –

When you breath short, shallow breaths you reduce your ability to last long in bed.

When you breathe in long, slow, deep breaths you increase your ability to last long in bed.

So can you guess what the take-away is?

Do more of the latter and less of the former.

From now on pay more attention to your breathing during sex.

Your breathing plays a massive role in your stamina and if you want to last long in bed and give your lover multiple orgasms during sex – this is not something you can ignore.

So there you have it – a simple, easily actionable and highly effective technique for ending PE and lasting longer in bed.

To discover more techniques for how to last longer in bed like this, watch this video:

cure PE video

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Discover exactly how this new method works. It doesn’t matter how old you are, what your track record is with stamina or what your lover does in bed. This approach will work in spite of all of that.

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Why You FAIL To Last Long In Bed (And How To Fix It…)

There’s a reason why some men can easily last for 30 minutes or longer in bed and give their lovers intense, powerful and addictive orgasms…

And there’s a reason why some men can only last a few seconds and struggle to satisfy their lovers.

Discover what that reason is and how you can fix it to last for 30, 45, or even 60 minutes or longer in bed.

Listen, before I discovered how to last for over 30 minutes in bed my sex life sucked.

I tried to pretend it didn’t, I tried to convince myself that it was ok and that my girlfriend at the time didn’t mind, but it did.

Not being able to last long in bed is horrible.

Many women need time to orgasm.

And so if you can’t last long enough to bring her to orgasm she’s not going to be fulfilled with your performance.

She might be nice about it, she may not say anything, she may even fake an orgasm (which, by the way, she may be so good at it that you don’t even realize)…

But if this happens again and again, that niceness is going to turn to frustration.

And that frustration is going to lead to serious problems…

I’m talking about less sex, less passion and possibly even ending her relationship with you or cheating on you.

Look, my point is this…

Stamina is a fixable problem.

Not lasting long in bed has a cause that can be fixed but first you have to figure out why you’ve failed to last longer in bed and end PE.

If right now you can’t last as long as you’d like to in bed, then there’s a reason for it.

And it’s not because of your physical sensitivity, your age, what your lover does, lack of a magic pill or any of the other common reasons I hear from guys…

If right now you can’t last long in bed it’s simply because you’re using the wrong techniques during sex.

See, if you use the right techniques you have the potential to last 30, 45 or even 60 or more minutes in bed.

It’s what you do during sex that determines more than anything how long you last.

So I’ve made a video training outlining the exact techniques to use during sex to last as long as you want.

Watch the how to last longer in bed video here:

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Advanced Sexual Techniques For Boosting Stamina (VIDEO)


Go for it!


P.S. This video training includes advanced techniques on how to last in bed longer not shared anywhere else. You’ll be blown away by their effectiveness.