How to Keep a Hard On Longer for Better Sex

Techniques to keep a hard on longer

keep a hard on longerWhen I’m teaching guys to keep a hard on longer in bed and give women more sexual pleasure there’s an interesting limitation I notice some guys have.

They have limited creativity.

And what I mean by that is they’re stuck in a little box of potential opportunities and methods and things they can use to last longer.

They think that there are only so many ways to have sex and what they’ve always done is the only way to do it.

So today I want to ask you a question to help you expand your thinking:

What if there were a 1,000 different ways in which you could have sex?

What if there were 1,000s of different approaches, styles and methods of sex you could test to help you last longer?

See, us humans are very habitual creatures. Once we develop our patterns we really like to stick to them. We are ultimately creatures of comfort.

Above all else we really want a sense of certainty and control.

And the way that most of us go about achieving this desired emotion is we stick to our current habits.

We keep doing what we’ve always done. We might take a little step outside the box of our comfort zone now and again, but generally we don’t stay out for long, let alone ever take a huge step out of it.

But what if you took a giant leap out of your comfort zone?

Change habits and change results

What if, when it came to sex, you tried some behaviors radically different to what you’ve ever done in the past? Now I’m not saying you’d have to do anything extreme or anything that you won’t enjoy doing.

But I am suggesting it’s worth exploring new things that you think you might enjoy doing, but maybe fear has held you back in the past.

Maybe you’ve got a technique you’d like to try out, but have been putting it off.

Maybe you have something you’d like to discuss in relation to sex with your lover, but are too embarrassed.

Whatever it is, you need to step up and do it.

Not only that, you need to look beyond what you previously thought were your limitations when it comes to sex.

So much more is possible when it comes to sex.

You can have more pleasure. Both of you can explore more positions. You learn to keep a hard on longer. Together you make a deeper connection.

And imagine if you took what you considered to be 10 out of 10 pleasurable and passionate sex.

Maybe that 10 out of 10 experience was actually only a 2 out of 10 experience in terms of the potential pleasure.

What if your current thinking has limited you too much. Maybe there are ways and methods of approaching sex very different to what you do.  Maybe you can’t even perceive right now how enjoyable and how pleasurable it would be for the both of you.

Now I appreciate that it might sound like I’m going off the deep end here and talking all crazy, so let me bring this back down to Earth.

Is everything you know about sex wrong?

What if everything you thought you knew about sex, women, relationship, attraction, passion and pleasure was all wrong?

Perhaps you currently believe about your own limitations in terms of stamina, your ability to satisfy a woman, how much women really enjoy sex is also wrong.

What if you hadn’t even scratched the surface of your true potential?

Maybe everything you’ve been raised to believe about women and sex is wrong.

With the right approach you have the power to live the life of your dreams and be happier than you ever imagined you could be. And as a result, you start to enjoy your relationship with women to its maximum potential.

Kind of weird to think about isn’t it?

I guess what I’m really trying to do is get you to consider just how much potential you have.

And if you’ve come up with reasons as to why you may not be experiencing the results you want, then perhaps you need to examine those reasons more closely.

Perhaps they are just convenient stories that are holding you back from taking action and experiencing true joy through women.

That’s something important to think about.

Because when you discover that what you thought was holding you back actually isn’t holding you back.

You’ll experience a dramatic breakthrough in your sex life.

OK, so enough of my ramblings for today.

Techniques to keep a hard on longer

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I strongly believe that every man has the potential to last over 30 minutes in bed.

The only two things holding guys back is their belief that they can, which I’ve discussed today…

And secondly, having the right techniques and methods to make it happen.

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