How to Make Orgasm Last Longer

The secrets to make an orgasm last longer

viagra for womenIt’s so easy to get stuck in one way of thinking so today I want to challenge you to adopt a new way of thinking to help you make orgasm last longer 🙂


Because sometimes it’s what’s going on inside your head that’s holding you back from experiencing the sex life of your dreams and not just a lack of knowing the right techniques.

OK, so what the heck am I talking about?

Best-selling author Maxwell Waltz popularized a very important concept that is DIRECTLY relevant to giving women more pleasure and being an exceptional lover…

That concept is the “self-image”.

Every person has a self-image.

Our self-image is like a thermostat for the results we have in our life.

Let’s take our body weight for example.

Pretty much everyone has a certain body weight that meets their self image.

Some people see themselves as “skinny”, some people see themselves as “athletic”, some people see themselves as “big”, etc.

Here’s what’s interesting…

Let’s take the example of an athletic person.

How do you think something like this responds if they notice themselves gaining fat?

They INSTANTLY start doing whatever it takes to lose the fat…

They’ll go on a diet, they’ll exercise more and they’llkeep doing different things UNTIL they regain the weight that matches their self-image.

In other words, their thermostat kicks in.

Just like how if the temperature drops too much in ahouse the heating will kick on, the same thing happens here.

Now why does this happen? Because this person has an IDENTITY of being an athletic person. It’s how they see themselves.

It’s a standard for them (in other words, not a “should”, but an absolute “must”). And it’s their self-image.

Now you could argue that no person that calls themselves “big” would be happy to gain fat, however, if their self-image isn’t one of being an “athletic” person,then although they’d probably quite like to lose any excess fat, since having the fat isn’t out of line with their
identity they aren’t driven to the point where they’ll do WHATEVER IT TAKES to lose it.

Now the self-image applies to ALL areas of life.

It applies to things like how clean you like your house,the type of friends you have, how you perform at work, which sports you play / how good you are at them, how much money you make (a difficult one to get your head around, but true nonetheless) – and your sex life.

You have a self-image of your sex life.

You have a subconscious thermostat of what you’re willing to accept and what you’re willing to do whatever it takes to have.

Here’s the interesting thing – When you change your self-image you change EVERYTHING.

See, sometimes I’ll share the exact same techniques with two different guys and they’ll come back with dramatically different results.

Some may say it didn’t work while another will say it worked incredibly well. The reason is because for the second person the technique aligned with his self-image.

He felt he DESERVED the change he wanted so it was that much more likely to be successful.

OK, so how does this all tie together…

If you want to make orgasm last longer you need to decide what you want your self-image to be when it comes to sex.

What are you willing to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to make happen?

NOT what would you LIKE to have happen?

What MUST happen for you and what WILL you
make happen?

When you decide that and ACT on it your entire sex life will change for the better, because it’s WHO you are to have it.

It’s an intense concept to think about it, but it’s exceptionally powerful.

Take some time to evaluate and decide what you’re no longer willing to accept and what you must have in your life and the actions to make it happen will become obvious to you.

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Warmly, Phil
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