How to Make Your Girlfriend Come

You can learn how to make your girlfriend come harder and for longer

how to make your girlfriend comeSo I was chatting with a buddy of mine the other day…

And this guy has an awesome sex life…

His girlfriend’s always begging him for sex and they have sex so often that they’ve even woken up from their sleep to find themselves having sex.

Pretty cool, right?

So anyway I was chatting with him and we were talking about general sex stuff and then he starts talking about a position he’s been absolutely loving recently.

He says this position is awesome and I’ve got to try it.

I of course did try it and because it’s so great I wanted to now share it with you…

How to make your girlfriend come – positions

As the guy place yourself on your knees with your knees together and your back perpendicular to the floor – in other words kneel with your knees together but keep yourself upright.

From this position have your lover sit on top of you facing you.

It’s easiest for her to do this with her starting from a squat position.

She then leans back and supports herself by placing her hands on the floor (or bed or whatever) behind herself.

And that’s the position.

It’s kind of hard to explain without a picture, but there you go.

Once in this position it’s really easy for you to stimulate her clitoris with your pelvis.

See, by her leaning back it pushes her pelvis out, exposing her clitoris more than in some other positions.

Plus, since you’re on your knees you have a lot of control of the hips, so you can easily perform a rotating motion on her clitoris.

This position, when done right, will drive a woman wild, because you’ll be stimulating both her clitoris and her vagina through intercourse.

It’s been a challenging position to describe so have a re-read if you’re not 100% sure of what to do.

It’s worth figuring it out.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes.

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