How to Satisfy a Woman in Bed Techniques Videos

To satisfy a woman in bed you first need to learn the most important moment during sex

how to satisfy a woman in bed adviceThink about this. This is hugely important and it could represent a potentially huge breakthrough for you.

I’m talking about a very important moment during sex, which if you can identify and use to your advantage will give you the power to ten times the intensity of your lover’s orgasms.

Now I know that might sound like a bold claim but think what it could be like if you really could increase the intensity of your lover’s orgasms by 10 times.

That’s substantial, isn’t it?

The ‘moment’ before orgasm

The moment I’m talking about is the moment just before your lover reaches orgasm. This moment offers you a very unique opportunity.

See, most guys don’t even realize when this moment happens and missing it is a big mistake.

Here’s why – something very special happens at this moment.

When a woman is just before orgasm the energy in her body is reaching a certain threshold.

Another way to think of it is as tension.

Throughout sex tension has been building, building and building until eventually at the point of orgasm it is to be released.

This means that this moment just before orgasm is the moment where tension is at its absolute highest.

So let me ask you this question…

What if you could increase this sexual energy or tension before giving her an orgasm?

Do you think that would increase the intensity of her orgasm when she finally had it?

Yes it would! But what do most guys do?

Timing is everything

Most guys don’t even realize when this moment occurs, unknowingly blast through it and just celebrate when their lover finally orgasms.

What if just as you reached this moment before she tips over into orgasm you dropped off or slowed down your stimulation to bring her back from the brink?

Doing this would temporarily stop her from experiencing her orgasm.

She may even get frustrated at you for not letting her climax. But you’re not done yet.

Just as her arousal levels begin to drop a little too much start up the stimulation again. Bring her closer and closer to orgasm until she gets to that point just before orgasm – the moment we’ve been talking about all this time.

And then just as she’s about to orgasm, drop off the stimulation again. And repeat this process several times. Now what happens when you do this?

Increase her orgaasm

Well, every time you build back up to the point just before orgasm the energy in your lover’s body will build to a higher threshold. The tension in her body awaiting orgasm will raise even higher.

And what does this mean?

Well it means that when you do finally push her over the edge. Allow her to experience orgasm the satisfaction she experiences will be 10x that than if you just let her have her orgasm the first time.

Pretty cool, right?

I can promise you your lover will find it very cool when you use this to give her the most intense and deeply powerful orgasms she’s ever experienced.

viagra online canadaNow, pulling this off does take a bit of practise, you’ve got to know your lovers orgasm signals. Know what triggers her to orgasm, how to stimulate her effectively and so forth. But get this right and this is a very powerful technique to have in your arsenal.

Tip for advanced lovers: Keep her teetering in the moment just before orgasm for as long as possible. Don’t let her drop off but don’t let her orgasm either. She’ll experience a seriously intense orgasm.

Discover other techniques for giving your lover intense whole body orgasms. Watch the video below.

Discover a unique sex position for stimulating both the Clitoris and G-Spot at the same time.

Here’s How To Hit The G-Spot Every Time

Want to know step-by-step what to do in bed to give your lover an intense G-Spot orgasm (as well as 8 other types of orgasms?) then watch the video below.

Today I want to share a very exciting tip.

With this tip you can turn many regular plain sex positions into positions where you hit her G-Spot hard – and therefore seriously enhance her orgasm potential.

First up, let’s cover the basics of the G-Spot

The G-Spot is an area of spongy tissue found several inches inside of the woman’s vagina that has the potential to seriously enhance a woman’s sexual pleasure.

It’s located on the roof of the vagina and is about the size of a bean.

You can stimulate with your fingers, toys or you can stimulate when you thrust during sex.

The challenge with many sex positions is that often the angle with which you enter your manhood inside of her means you don’t always make contact with the G-Spot.

Here’s a simple way to fix that problem…

Get your lover to arch her back.

viagra onlineFor example, if you’re making love in the missionary position place a cushion underneath er back to change the angle of her pelvis.

Or, if you’re doing her doggy style, get her to arch her back.

Or, if she’s riding you cowgirl style, get her to lean back and rest on her hands while arching her back.

You can repeat this process in many different positions.

And what it will do is it will tilt her pelvis in such a way that when you thrust into her you make strong contact with her G-Spot.

Keep thrusting this way, and assuming you’ve done everything else right and you have the potential to give her a very powerful G-Spot orgasm.

Go ahead – give this a shot.

And if you’d like to discover more sex positions for maximizing her pleasure and other techniques for driving her wild in bed, then watch the video.

Ramping up her pleasure with knowledge and technique

What if, hypothetically, everything you’d been taught about satisfying a woman was wrong?

What if what you thought was satisfying her 10 out of 10 in bed, was actually only a 1 out of 10 in terms of her potential to experience pleasure in bed?

Interesting to think about it, isn’t it?

Well, in this video you’ll discover how to radically increase how much more satisfaction your lover experiences – to the point where she has the potential to become physically addicted to sleeping with you.

But of course knowing how to drive her wild through stiumulating her G-Sopt won’t be very usful if you can’t get her in the mood in the first place. If that’s your problem, check this out:
make a woman want sex more often
This video reveals the simple trick to getting even the coldest woman to beg you to make love to her!

But let me tell you something.

Sexual desire is a simple matter of cause and effect.

How much sex your lover wants doesn’t come down to her genetics, her personality, her age, whether she’s been through the menopause or had kids or how long you’ve been in a relationship together.

Sexual desire is triggered

Which means that if right now you’re not getting as much sex as you’d like in your relationship it’s simply because you’re not using the right strategies and techniques for triggering her animal lust.

And let me tell you something,  this animal lust, this deep engrained sexual desire exists in all women.


Even women who seem cold as ice and could never like sex can be quickly awakened if you know how to activate that sense of passionate desire.

Most guys don’t know how to do this.

That’s why they end up blaming things like her personality. Saying things like “she’s just not that type of woman”. Or falling for common myths like “as a relationship develops it’s natural to have less sex”.

But all this is total crap.

I want to show you the simple thing you can do to quickly activate a deep sexual hunger in your partner.

I’ve created a free training video that reveals how to do it.

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make a woman want sex more often

The way to get a woman to beg you for sex is surprisingly simple.

I bet it’s not what you expect. I bet you’ll be surprised by how easily it can be used on your partner.

Of course you might want to cut to the chase and find what is the –

Best Method For Female Sexual Satisfaction

To clarify this I want to cover an important big picture concept.

This concept I want to share with you is simply thinking from your lover’s perspective.

I strongly believe that 90% of the reason many guys can’t satisfy their lovers – at least to the extent where the woman then begs the man for more – is because they don’t spend enough time thinking from their perspective.

To most guys sex is about themselves

They want to perform the fun sex positions, they want their lover to act a certain way and they want to reach climax.

Yes, they do also want their lover to be satisfied, but it’s really not a top priority.

Now if you want to be the kind of lover that a woman loves to have sex with, you need to become positively obsessed with satisfying her.

I’m not talking about just feeling good about it.

I mean you need to be passionately excited about the idea of pleasing her.

And to do that you need to think from her perspective.

Consider questions like –  What’s it really like to be a woman? What does SHE value during sex?

What kind of things would she like you to do? (But would probably never tell you because she’s afraid you wouldn’t like it, may judge her or dislike her for it)

Get into the female perspective

Is it simply to take more time before you actually initiate intercourse?

Really think about what’s going on in her mind.

Most guys are so caught up in discovering the latest special techniques they sometimes forget to act out the fundamentals like what I’m sharing here…

Begin to enjoy looking at things from her

What does she secretly want you to do in bed?

It could be that she wants you to do something you don’t enjoy 100%. But something interesting happens when you become passionate about pleasing your lover. You become engrossed in her perspective.

It can actually become fun to do the things you previously didn’t want to do because your focus is completely shifted.

Instead of focusing on your personal comfort you can instead focus on the satisfaction you’re delivering to your lover. And that feels good, right?

You’ll be amazed how things changed when you spend more time focusing on your lover’s point of view. So do it more often.

But of course you may be asking –

How Long Does It Take A Woman To Orgasm During Sex?

Most women take longer than men to reach orgasm during sex…

We all know this. But just how long does it take a woman to reach orgasm?

Well, obviously it varies depending on what you do. Some studies have found it can take women an average of 15 minutes to reach their first orgasm. Remember women can – and often want to – experience multiple orgasm every time they have sex.

Now let me ask you a serious and important question – How do YOU compare to those statistics?

last longer pillsCan you last at least 15 minutes in bed consistently?

Can you last the 30 minutes necessary to give your lover multiple orgasms during sex?

If you can’t, then don’t worry – because lasting long in bed is something you can learn and master.

It’s not something you’re either born with or not… Your stamina depends on the specific things you do during sex…

It depends on the specific techniques you use that influence your body’s desire to climax.

Look, I’ve created a video training where you can discover these techniques for influencing your stamina and gaining complete control over how long you last.

It includes advanced sexual techniques that are very effective at boosting stamina and controlling premature ejaculation.

If you want to last longer in bed it’s a must watch.

Last longer in bed video

Remember sexual stamina is not some mystical mysterious ability a few men are gifted with at birth…

It’s simply a matter of what you DO during sex. Do the RIGHT things during sex and you’ll last longer than you ever imagined.

Do the wrong things and you’ll continue to struggle to last as long as you want!

Discover the right things to do in bed here

Advanced Method Gaining Orgasm Control (VIDEO)