How to Stay Hard Longer

Why knowing how to stay hard longer so important

how to stay hard longerA full and hard erection is crucial to satisfying a woman in bed – which is probably why you want to know how to say hard longer.

Ask any woman and they’ll tell you just how important hardness is and ho important it is to stay hard.

Even 80% hardness will significantly reduce how much you can stimulate and therefore pleasure a woman…

And if you can’t even get to 80% then you’re obviously going to have serious problems satisfying a woman.

Do you need any more reasons to learn how to stay hard longer? Okay how about this:

Almost every woman would happily trade in a large but less than fully hard cock for a fully hard but small to medium sized cock.

And if you can maintain full hardness throughout sex. That gives you the ability to give women intense orgasm after intense orgasms.

When you can make a woman orgasm multiple times she’ll be much happier. She will want more sex. How she looks at you will never be the same again. Learn how to stay hard longer and this woman could be yours.

How to stay hard longer – Why can’t I get and stay  hard?

To quote the International Journal Of Impotence…

“Anxiety plays a major role in the development of the problems associated with ED”

For many men, anxiety is the reason why they can’t get or keep it fully hard.

Whether they’re aware of it or not, experiencing excessive anxiety in life or during sex kills a man’s ability to get hard.

If you’ve tried other approaches and techniques for regaining control “down there”, but you’ve found none of it to work, chances are that its some form of anxiety that’s holding you back…

In many cases if you can eliminate anxiety you can master how to stay hard longer.

How to stay hard longer – get rid of anxiety then?

Anxiety is an emotion.

And it’s an emotion that’s the result of thoughts in your head that happen often without you even realizing.

To get rid of anxiety you need to change these unconscious thought patterns.

Now, normally unconscious thought patterns are very difficult to change. By their very nature you often don’t even know when they happen or can’t control them when they do.

Attempting to change your thoughts consciously or through willpower would be like someone with fear of heights looking down off the top of a tall building and trying to talk their fear away.

That just doesn’t work.

Instead you need to reprogram your thought patterns if you want to know how to stay hard longer for the long-term.

And the most effective way I know how to do this is with a special type of hypnosis I call Somnambulistic Suggestion.

Somnambulistic Suggestion works by getting your mind and body to fully relax. At which point carefully chosen suggestions are given directly to your subconscious mind. So that as a result you’ll begin to think differently and therefore replace anxiety with confidence.

How to stay hard longer – Does hypnosis really work?

For a long time many people thought hypnosis didn’t work and was something only used by people considered to be “new-age”, into weird stuff or kind of crazy…

But times have changed.

More and more people after trying hypnosis are discovering that it does in fact work. It can produce some amazing results. It can solve serious long-term problems that many other traditional approaches can not.

And not only that, scientific researchers are now producing real tangible evidence that hypnosis works.

Dr. David Spiegel, Associate Chair of Psychiatry at Stanford University scanned the brains of volunteers who had been hypnotized during an experiment.

In short, this experiment found that parts of the brain that were being tested as a result of the hypnosis actually changed directly as a result of hypnosis.

Meaning that hypnosis was causing real change in the mind – and possibly the answer to the question how to stay hard longer.

To quote Dr. Spiegel directly… “This is scientific evidence that something happens in the brain when people are hypnotized that doesn’t happen ordinarily”.

So to answer the question. Yes, not only have many people found hypnosis to work for them, but Scientific research has proved it works as well.

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