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World’s largest penis

Once I watched a documentary about a German man with the world’s largest penis.

This guy had apparently become obsessed with the idea of increasing his penis size.

And so he went through a whole range of techniques.

  • Pills.
  • Manual exercises.
  • Pumps.

And while all of these gave him results, he still wasn’t satisfied.

So he started scouring medical journals for ideas.

And when he found the one that seemed the most promising, he had a friend perform a risky procedure on him to make his penis truly enormous.

Fortunately, the procedure worked without horrible side-effects, and the guy got his wish of a mammoth member.

He now walks around in specially made loose pants that accommodate his huge size. Passers-by on the street stare in amazement or shock as something python-like seems to sway between his legs.

Even though the guy got what he wanted, I still think there’s a dark side to all this.

I’m not just talking about the dangerous medical procedure, or that his size is probably too large to be very useful.

The trouble is also that the guy’s personality seems totally invested in his giant tool, and his life has started to revolve around making space for his big friend.

This is why I don’t think that extreme forms of increasing size are ever a good idea.

However, I also do know that for some guys, some extra size really would have an impact on the quality of the sex they’re having, or on their confidence.

The good news is that if this is something you’re interested in doing, then you don’t have to go to the crazy and dangerous lengths that the German guy went to.

Increase penis size the smart way

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