How to increase stamina in bed

Increase stamina in bed with simple but effective techniques

increase stamina in bedDiscover how to increase stamina in bed and make sure you rock your lover’s world in bed today.

If may seem a little crazy but one tip for increasing stamina in bed and being able to go the distance for her complete pleasure and satisfaction is focus on giving.

Here’s one of the main reasons why men struggle to last long in bed – they get nervous, fearful and they experience performance anxiety.

Now why does this happen? What creates these emotions?

Well, for the most part what creates these emotions is focussing on yourself rather than your lover. Think about this comment for a second.

What do you have to think about in order to be anxious?

You have to think about how you are being perceived. Ultimately it’s an emotion that’s about you.

how to increase stamina in bedAnd while there’s a time and place to think about your own needs, if you’re trying to eliminate anxiety and therefore increase stamina in bed, I actually recommend you do the opposite – take the focus away from yourself and put it on your partner. Make it all about your partner!

Because when you do that the following will happen:

You will stop thinking about how you’re being perceived. Instead you’ll spend your time thinking about what you can do to make her feel even better about herself and experience even more pleasure.

And when you really focus hard on that, and when you fully immerse yourself in that way of thinking you won’t have any space in your mind to be worrying about how you’re coming across, because it’s not about that.

It’s about giving to her the absolute most you can

Now you can apply this strictly in the bedroom. Or apply it in a broader context of the entire relationship you have with your lover.

At the very minimum use today and the next few days as an “excuse” to adopt this mindset.

You can always go back to worrying about your performance later if you like. But for now, give this a fair shot.

If you really commit to this I’m confident you’ll never want to go back. There’s whole new world of pleasure available when you learn to love making your partner feel amazing in bed. It is the beginning of learning how to increase stamina in bed.

Now today has been a sample of an “inner game” technique for lasting longer in bed.

To discover more of these, as well as tangible physical techniques for lasting longer in bed, watch the video.

Something special happens when you give yourself fully to something greater than yourself.

It’s a scary thing to do for the first time, because it means giving up a degree of certainty and control, but ultimately it’s well worth it.

You’ll thank yourself for having done it, because not only will it help you increase stamina in bed which helps you to last longer in bed, and also it will open up a whole new realm of fulfilment for you and your lover.

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