How to Kiss a Woman to Make Her Want Sex

Ways to kiss a woman to make her beg you for sex

kiss a womanThe way you kiss a woman is important. Kissing a woman can make a woman horny and literally beg you for sex.

Here’s a real-life metaphor that I think will help illustrate an important point.

The way you kiss a woman is like a tollbooth. If you do it well you have the right to travel down the road to quality sex. But if you do it badly then your chances for quality sex (if any sex at all) stop right there.

How you kiss a woman can set the tone for the whole of sex.

If you kiss a woman right, it can have a woman desperately wanting sex. Kissing a woman well can actually make it easier for her to experience an orgasm.

kissing a woman to make her hotPlus, discovering how to kiss a woman in a way they love is transformative. It can get a woman who is normally completely disinterested to become desperately horny and want sex from you.

So how do you kiss a woman in a way that drives a her wild?

The key is to do it in stages. And this is very different to what you see in the movies.

Kissing in the movies often happens after hours of built-up sexual tension, and therefore kissing becomes the release of that tension. As a result a big smoochy kiss looks good in a movie.

However, what I actually recommend is to build up sexual tension throughout the kiss itself.

Don’t just look at a kiss as one thing. Look at is a process.

Just like you may consider foreplay a process that involves touching, kissing, stroking, stimulating, clothes off, licking, grabbing, fingering and so on. Look at kissing a woman in the same way.

See it as something that involves multiple stages that you need to work through in order to get the most out of it.

Now why is it that working through multiple stages is so powerful? Because this process builds up anticipation for the next level of pleasure.

For example, when it comes to foreplay.

If you were to instantly rip each other’s clothes off and begin having sex within seconds of having no previous interaction that would probably feel pretty good as a guy. But as I’m sure you know, women rarely work that way.

Rarely can a woman go from not aroused at all to completely aroused and ready for sex within a matter of seconds. Why is that?

Because arousal is a process not a switch. And this process is what builds desire.

The gradual movement from one step to the next creates a desire for more, it creates a feeling of momentum, it creates a feeling of wanting. From this movement and process
sexual desire is magnified.

Well everything I’ve just described is just as true for kissing as it is foreplay.

Kissing as foreplay

Look at it as a process. Next time you go to kiss look at it in stages.

Start with “the tease”. Give her the lightest kiss possible and then pull away. Show her some pleasure, then stop it.

This will make her want more of it.

Then gradually build up and kiss her for slightly longer, still just on the lips. When you stop again it’ll make her want even more. Then gradually build your way to kissing more and more. But stay kissing only her lips.

Doing this will create anticipation inside of her for a more passionate kiss. Then, having done this for a while, finally start kissing with your mouth more open.  Suck lightly on her bottom lip. And from there just slowly increase the intensity until you’re eventually using tongues.

Now can you see how this approach is entirely different to how most people approach kissing a woman?

Most people go straight for the tongue or intense kissing. Or they never go there and just stick with light kissing.

But the real secret is to gradually work your way through each of stages.

When you do this your lover will begin to anticipate and therefore welcome the next stage.   And all the time you’re making her wait for the next stage her arousal will be going
through the roof because it’ll drive her wild to have to wait for sexual pleasure from you.

Try this out the next time you have the chance and let me know how it goes. If you’d like to learn some more techniques for driving a woman wild, from how to kiss a woman to specific sexual and orgasm techniques, watch the video.


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