How to last longer in bed naturally

Need to last longer in bed? Try this natural method.

last longer in bed naturallyThis is a cool little trick for helping overcome P.E. and to last longer in bed naturally. I call it “Interruptive Breathing”. And how it works is as follows…

When having sex you’ve probably had the experience of feeling like you’ve lost control over your arousal. You know – the feeling when you wish you could last longer and avoid early orgasm, but it seems like there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

Some people call this “the point of no return”. Well this trick helps you return from the point of no return. And the reason it can do this is because it acts as a powerful interruption to your body. In the past I’ve likened this to throwing a spanner in the cogs of a running engine.

Doing this completely disrupts the natural flow and therefore stops and resets it. Well the intention of this technique is to do the same with your body. So here’s how it works…

Whenever you notice yourself approaching orgasm and you’d like to buy yourself some more time do the following…


Give it a try now while reading this if you like. If you really do this quickly and you make it a full breath you’ll notice the immediate impact it has on your body.

It really is a powerful disruption technique, isn’t it? Can you feel your body change when you do it? In order to do this your physiology has to change.

And as I’m sure you know if you’ve been following what I teach, the state of your physiology is intimately linked with your ability to last long in bed. So by changing your physiology you have the potential to change your sexual stamina and how long you last.

Simple, right?

Well I highly recommend you add this technique to your arsenal of tools to use to help you last longer. And be sure to try it out the very next time you have sex while the idea is fresh and I know you’ll be happy with the results.

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