Last Longer Before Ejaculating

how to last longer before ejaculatingIf you’ve ever looked into the reason why so many men have trouble to last longer before ejaculating you’ll know that one of the leading causes of premature ejaculation is performance anxiety.

Meaning that when you experience fear, anxiety, worry or similar emotions before and during sex you significantly increase your chances of orgasming earlier than you’d like to.

So if right now you need to last longer before ejaculating , it could be that this one thing is what’s holding you back from finally breaking through and lasting as long as you want and deeply satisfying your lover.

Now fortunately performance anxiety isn’t some incurable “disease” that takes control of you and there’s nothing you can do about. Far from it. Anxiety is almost always the result of a thought process – meaning anxiety only happens when you think specific thoughts in your head.

To put it yet another way, for you to experience anxiety you must first think the thoughts that trigger it.

Am I making sense?

Look, if whenever you enter a sexual situation you begin to imagine yourself failing, being embarrassed, screwing up, being criticized – and you repeat negative phrases over and over to yourself – whether you do this conscious or not, isn’t it obvious how this will cause you to experience anxiety?

So let me ask you another question…

What if you could replace these habitual thoughts with thoughts of confidence?

What if instead of picturing yourself failing before sex you pictured yourself wildly succeeding, deeply satisfying your lover and lasting as long as you wanted?

How do you reckon that would impact your stamina?

The answer is obvious… You’d be able to last way longer. The challenge, however, is that training your mind to act this way can be pretty difficult.

Once your mind is used to thinking certain patterns they become habitual and they become difficult to break on your own.

In the prevent PE system you’ll discover how to bypass your conscious mind and directly program your subconscious mind to last longer before ejaculating.

So instead of thinking thoughts that make you nervous and lead to early orgasm, you think thoughts that make you feel confident and help you last longer before ejaculating.

How exactly does this process work? Well I explain exactly how it works in the video.

Go check it out now.

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