How to make yourself last longer during sex

How to last longer during sex

How to make yourself last longer during sexA lot of guys write in and ask me how to make yourself last longer during sex and then go on to tell me something along the following lines …

I used to have no problems getting hard, but ever since ‘x, y or z event’ I can’t get hard any more and I don’t know what to do.

Perhaps it was a break-up that triggered it, perhaps it was a stressful experience in bed, it could be anything.

The fact is that this is a pattern a lot guys share, so what I’d like to do today is tell you what to do if this has happened to you and you’d like to be able to reclaim your ability to get hard.

OK – so let’s explore the situation I’ve described a little further.

Before the event you were able to get hard without much problem, but after the event you struggle.

Obviously the event has triggered something.

And the tempting thing to do is to try and blame the event or fix the event.

Some guys will end up thinking that they need to get back the woman that broke up with them in order to be able to get hard again, for example.

Now in many cases, this obviously isn’t practical and not even necessary if you simply want to know how to make yourself last longer during sex.

Need for a different approach

Therefore we need to find a different approach and this different approach happens to be a much better approach anyway.

And what we need to do is figure out what’s really going on here.

What’s really going on is that this event has triggered a change in behaviour on your part.

See, your ability to get hard is very, very rarely caused by a physical problem.  Most of the time it’s caused by a psychological problem.

The problem, and answer, is all in the head

Therefore if you want to get hard again and master how to make yourself last longer during sex, you need to figure out what’s holding you back psychologically.

And what’s going on is that since the event has happened you’ve started doing something different psychologically.

And this different psychological behaviour is what’s stopping you from getting and staying as hard as you’d like.

So what exactly could this be?

Well, often when a stressful or emotional event occurs like we’ve been talking about it causes us to start thinking differently.

Say you have an experience where your lover breaks up with you and says some awful things about you. Say you by chance have a night where you perform very badly in bed and you take it incredibly personally.

Some guys, after an event like that, begin anticipating the same thing happening again in the future.

Whenever they have sex they begin to visualize themselves reliving the terrible experience they had in the past.

They picture all the negative things happening. They start saying negative things to themselves. Their entire physiology changes to that of a less confident and more timid person.

And this is exactly what causes guys to lose their ability to get hard.

Breaking the negative cycle

It’s when guys get trapped in a negative cycle where they repeat over and over again a negative outcome.

It happens when they anticipate failing or doing a bad job.

The impact of this kind of negative anticipation is an inability to get hard.

When you’re anticipating failing, when you’re nervous and when you’re anxious, it’s very difficult to get hard.

If what I’ve been describing today is similar to your situation you need to begin interrupting your negative pattern. Instead, begin anticipating positive  outcomes.

Whether or not the positive outcomes actually happen at this stage isn’t important. What matters is what you anticipate. What you anticipate will directly impact your ability to get hard.

This is why when it comes to sex we really do make our own self-fulfilling prophecies.

When we anticipate failure, we get nervous. Then, it’s much more difficult to get and stay hard. But if we anticipate success, we can easily get hard. We can easily do a good job of satisfying our lover.

Lern the techniques to overcome PE

Now, if you’d like to discover more on what I’ve just been talking about and find out how to get and stay rock-hard for as long as you want during sex, then watch the video.

Being able to reclaim the capability get and stay hard naturally really is possible.

I know if you’ve been struggling for a while at getting hard it can seem like medication is the only answer. But with the right tools and techniques you’ll be amazed at just how quickly you can regain your ability to get hard naturally.

And as a result satisfy your lover a whole lot more.

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