How to last longer before ejaculating

Last longer in bed without ejaculating

how to last longer before ejaculatingWhat I’m about to share with you about how to last longer before ejaculating  may sound obvious. It may even sound almost pointless for me to say.

But from my experience from helping many men with sex advice, I can tell you that this is worth paying close attention to.

If you want to last longer in bed then follow this simple strategy – slow down.

Sounds simple, right?

Well let me tell you exactly what I mean by it. Slowing down is so powerful when it comes to lasting longer in bed and giving your lover more sexual satisfaction.

Firstly, most guys approach sex way too quickly.

Most guys don’t realize that they’re moving quickly, but they are. When the opportunity for sex arises excitement overwhelms them and they can’t wait to get it in and start thrusting away.

Unfortunately this approach presents a number of challenges.

For starters it encourages you to orgasm quickly.

It doesn’t take an expert to realize that the more intense the stimulation you experience the faster you’ll orgasm.

Therefore just by slowing down you reduce your stimulation and therefore help yourself last longer in bed.

Slow sex- what is in it for her?

Now that in itself should be reason enough, but let me give you some more, because you may be thinking but won’t she find that boring?

And the answer is No.

When you take things slow the result is actually the opposite.

When you take things slow you create anticipation inside of her.

By taking things slow you get her thinking about what’s going to happen and you begin to stimulate her psychologically as well as physically.

And stimulating a woman’s mind is significantly more effective than stimulating just her body.

While she may ask or beg you to speed up and put it all the way in, don’t give in.

She wants the release of tension, but by making her wait you get her to crave it even more.

And then when you do finally give it to her at full speed and depth she’ll love it 10x more than if you just go straight for it.

Plus, as an added bonus you’ll be able to last much longer when you do because you’ll have given your body a chance to “adapt” to the feeling of being inside of her so as to reduce your chances of experiencing early orgasm.

So, while the whole idea of slowing down may sound overly simple, it’s actually a very effective strategy.

It may feel weird when you do it at first, you may feel as if you’re going too slow. She may not be used to it either, but that’s only because you’re doing it for the first time.

Trust me on this one and give it a fair shot. I’m sure you’ll thank me for it.

Avanced techniques to last longer before ejaculation

Now, if you’d like to discover more methods for lasting long in bed then check out the video.

Much of what works to help you last long in bed is counter-intuitive. It doesn’t come naturally and you’ll probably never guess it.

You have to either figure it out painstakingly over years’ of research and trial and error (like I did) or you can short-cut all that by copying someone who’s already figured it out.

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