Last Longer in Bed Position

Positions that help you last longer in bed

last longer in bed position“What positions can help me last longer in bed?”

Well I want to share one with you this great last longer in bed position.

First, let me explain why this works, rather than just giving you the position.

One of the things that triggers early orgasm and prevents you from lasting long in bed is when there’s a very high energy build-up in the genital area. There being too much focus and attention on the genital area.

You’ll know what I’m talking about if you’ve ever been in that situation where your pleasure levels are running wildly out of control. You know fast orgasm is inevitable and it’s frustrating. It feels like there’s nothing you can do about it.

Well, fortunately there is something you can do in this situation and this is exactly what this position does.

This position diverts attention, focus and energy away from the genital area therefore making it much easier for you to last longer.

OK, so here’s the position.

Stand up to last longer

Any position that involves you standing up.

And, ideally, if appropriate, where you’re carrying your partner – either fully or to some extent as a result of the position.

In other words you could be lifting her fully off the ground while having sex. Or perhaps she’s on the edge of the bed and you’re partly holding her while you stand up.

Why does this type of position work so well for helping you last longer?

Because when in this position energy and focus is required in parts of the body other than the genitals.

To stand up requires more blood being pumped to the legs and perhaps the arms if you’re carrying your partner. It requires mental focus for things like balance and holding you up.

Focus and control

This combination of factors draws your focus and energy away from just the genitals therefore preventing over-stimulation. It avoids situations where your pleasure levels get out of control and early orgasm happens automatically.

Now, this may sound simple, but it’s very powerful.

And it’s best used in combination with other techniques for lasting longer in bed and strategically during sex.

Don’t become dependent on just this last longer in bed position. Use it as one of many tools in your toolbox for helping you last longer in bed.

If, for example, you notice yourself approaching orgasm, then switch to a standing up position to recover some stamina. Then return to other last longer in bed positions and other techniques.

To discover more sex positions as well as other techniques for lasting longer in bed, preventing early orgasm and giving your lover more sexual satisfaction check out the video below.

As you’re probably realizing by now, lasting longer in bed isn’t about ED pills, special condoms or having the right genes.  It’s about using the right techniques.

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