Lasting Longer in Bed

lasting longer in bedToday I want to share a very effective method to lasting longer in bed – this is one of several methods that helps me last over 30 minutes in bed consistently.

If you want to outlast your lover and give her multiple orgasms during sex – use this technique.

Lasting longer in bed – orgasm response

OK, so what this technique does is it helps you overcome what I call the “Orgasm Response”.

The Orgasm Response is when your body almost instantly orgasms in response to overwhelming stimulation.

See, most men who can’t last long in bed and who experience P.E. do so because they unknowingly trigger their own Orgasm Response. In other words, most men do certain things in bed which actually increases their chance of orgasming quickly.

priligy onlineIf you want to last longer, you obviously need to stop doing these things and therefore overcome your Orgasm Response.

OK, so what triggers the Orgasm Response is when you allow your body to experience too much stimulation too quickly.

And how most guys trigger their Orgasm Response is that as soon as intercourse begins they start thrusting away at full depth and speed.

The reason this is so common is because it’s instinctive for us as men to do this.

Since we have such a strong drive for sex and to experience the pleasure of climax our bodies want to thrust as quickly and fully as possible.

And thrusting hard and fast in combination with the unique pleasurable sensation of first entering the vagina causes overwhelming stimulation – the result of which is triggering the Orgasm Response.

Now most guys complete this entire process unconsciously and so they aren’t aware that their own actions are triggering their P.E.

So here’s the solution:

For starters you’re now aware of this phenomenon and now that you’re conscious of it, you can prevent it.

And here’s how you prevent it.

You simply take the first few minutes of intercourse very, very slowly.

Now when you do this for the first time, it’s going to feel strange.

It’s going to feel weird and you’re going to feel an urge to start thrusting full and deep and perhaps your lover will be wanting you to do it as well.

Don’t fall for either of these temptations.

Instead, progress excruciatingly gradually.

Take it very, very slowly.

Enter just a fraction of an inch, thrust slowly, and progress only a fraction of an inch at a time.

By going slowly you give yourself a chance to adapt to the intense stimulation of being in her vagina without adding to it with intense thrusting.

By giving yourself a chance to adapt you get to overcome the Orgasm Response and once you’re adapted you can then thrust hard and fast and last much longer than if you started thrusting hard and fast from first entry.

This is a very powerful technique.

It’s counter-intuitive – so it will take effort and willpower and perhaps practice to master – but I guarantee the stamina gains that result are well worth it.

Lasting longer in bed – additional advanced methods

Now, while this is a powerful technique, and one I use personally, it is only one of several  effective techniques to last longer in bed.

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Techniques To Last Over 30 Minutes In Bed

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I think you’ll get a lot out of it.

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