Make a woman come fast

A lot of guys might think they already know how to make a woman come fast ard– but how do they know she’s not just faking it?

You want to be able to know if she’s faking orgasm because a woman who fakes it is usually keeping here eye open for a new lover where she can have orgasms for real.

Learning how to make a woman come fast and hard – orgasms that will keep her loyal to you – is some of the best learning you can do.

How to know if she’s faking orgasms

So .. is she faking her orgasms?

Sometimes guys will ask me – “How do I know if she’s faking it?” Or another version of the question is “how can I tell if she’s experienced an orgasm?”

And while there are a number of subtle indicators like increased skin temperature, slight muscle convulsions, sweating, pupil dilation and blushing of the skin, especially the cheeks.

Here’s a much more effective, although perhaps a little more brash way to tell – If you have to ask the question the chances are she has not experienced an orgasm.

make a woman orgasm quicklyYes, some women do orgasm quietly and it can be difficult to tell but let me tell you something… when you truly blow her mind in bed it’s obvious that she orgasmed and that it’s real.

If you give her the ride of her life and her entire body vibrates with pleasure, do you really think you’d walk away wondering if she was faking it or whether she had an orgasm?

Just by her body-language and response after sex it will be obvious if you gave her an incredible time.

If you just gave her the best sex of her life and she’s all over you afterwards you wouldn’t be asking the question “did she fake that?”

You only end up asking the question “did she fake it” or “did she orgasm” if you’re uncertain of her reaction.

Typically women will want to be kind and won’t want to make you feel bad for not satisfying them so they’ll demonstrate signs that they were pleased to make you happy.

But even us guys have great intuition about how a person is really feeling.

So if you’re not 100% certain that she’s satisfied, she’s probably not.

I hope that helps answer the question I get asked a lot.

Now, what do you do if she’s not yelling your name out loud and regularly telling you you’re giving her the best sex she’s ever had?

You study up on techniques that are proven to make a woman come fast and satisfy her.

It’s not your lover’s fault, it’s not due to your ‘size’. It’s what you’re doing in bed. If you want to give her more satisfaction then study what works.

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female pleasure orgasm video

Let me highlight something you may have missed, because it’s a common sticking point for a lot of guys…

Her satisfaction is not to her personality or your size “down there”. It’s down to the techniques you use. Use ineffective techniques and you won’t satisfy her.

Use effective techniques and you will know how to make a woman come fast every time..

Make a woman come fast  (how to avoid being boring in bed)

How To Stop Sex Being BORING

Want to discover how to give your lover the kind of sex that makes her beg you do it again… and again and again – night after night?

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How To Get Her ADDICTED To Sex With You

This is a common problem – in a long-term relationship both the man and the woman find sex becomes boring. While some admit it and some don’t – it happens a lot.

And if you’re finding yourself on that trend – or perhaps you already experience the pain of leading a boring or almost non-existent sex life, then listen up.

I’m about to solve this problem for you right now.

But here’s the thing. The solution to this problem isn’t some magic bullet. It’s not a secret sex technique, a mysterious pill or a special text you can send her and completely change how she thinks and feels.

Yes, if you make sex more pleasurable for her she is going to want more sex, but that’s not what I want to talk about here…

I want to talk about passion.

If your sex life is boring here’s what you need to do – Inject passion into it. And not just while you’re having sex. Inject passion into your relationship. Inject passion every day. Make your interactions passionate, make the time you spend together passionate. And make it sexy.

Don’t act 100% platonic all the time until it comes to the bedroom. Grab her ass when she’s around the house or you’re out on a date. Grab her hand and spin her around. Kiss her with passion. Stroke her hair look deep into her eyes. Have deep, meaningful and inspiring conversations with her.

Are you doing all of these things at the moment? If not don’t beat yourself up about it – there’s time to turn this around. It’s common to fall into a pattern where you forget to do these things.

But if you want an exceptional love life, if you want more passion, joy and sex – then start doing these things – often.

Bring to the relationship what you want out of it. Do the things necessary to create the results you want. And then once you’re doing that, add in some amazing sexual techniques as well.

If you’re injecting all sorts of passion, love and excitement into the relationship you want to be damn sure that when it comes to sex you deliver.

So if you’d like to know exactly what to do in bed to give your lover the kind of orgasms and satisfaction that makes her crave for more, then make sure you watch this free video:

female pleasure orgasm videoIn it I outline step-by-step what to do to make a woman come fast during sex to give your lover addictive sexual pleasure.

Every woman can love sex and come quickly and hard when you know how.

Yes, even your lover.

Even the coldest of women who seem like they would never be interested in sex can be made to love sex when you use the right strategies for activating that desire and give her orgasms that will make her sexually addicted to you.