Make a Woman Come First

What you need to know to make a woman come first in bed

make a woman come firstImagine the next time you have sex you know how to make a woman come first and give your lover the most intense orgasm she’s ever experienced…

Imagine you give her an orgasm so pleasurable and overwhelming that it causes her entire body to shake with satisfaction and forces her to yell your name out loud…

After which she melts in your arms…

And then less than an hour later she’s begging for you to do it again.

So we’re not just talking about how to make a woman come first but how to make a woman come every time.

Now, if you’re like most guys, I would guess what I’ve just described is not a reality for you.

This is something you, respectfully, at the moment, can probably only dream of.

But let me ask you a question.

What if you knew how to make a woman come first and could give your lover that much pleasure?

What if you really could give your lover such intense orgasms that she then begged you to give her more?

Then, let me ask you this. Why not you? Why shouldn’t you be able to do that?

The reality is that you have the ability to give a woman that much pleasure right now.

You already have the physical capability, the chances  are that you’re just not tapping into it.

How to make a woman come fast and hard

So how do you give your girl the kind of sexual pleasure she dreams of?

Well it all starts with the vision of believing that it’s even possible.

hardon pillsAs I was describing the intense pleasure you could be giving your lover just now were you optimistic, considering what it really would be like. Or were you sceptical and thinking about how it isn’t really possible?

To know how to make a woman come first and to achieve the kind of results I’ve just described you must open you mind to the possibility of it happening.

And I don’t mean just some abstract idea that it is theoretically possible.

You have to believe that you really can make it

That you really have the potential to make it happen.

When you begin to really believe it’s possible you’ll suddenly feel a whole new sense of drive to make it a reality.

Overcoming fear to become the stud she dreams of

What quite often stops us from pursuing our dreams or making a dramatic change in our lives or discovering what it really takes to satisfy a woman is our fear.

It’s our fear that it may not work out.

So what we do is we convince ourselves that we don’t really want the end result.

We convince ourselves we don’t really want to know how to make a woman come first and give our lovers the kind of sexual satisfaction that causes her entire body to vibrate with ecstasy.

But, really we do want those things. We want them desperately. We’re just afraid to fail. So we cover up that desire with excuses, stories as to why
it’s not possible and other reasons why we don’t want it or it can’t be done.

Things like:

  • my wife’s not the kind of woman who can orgasm through sex,
  • my girlfriend can’t squirt,
  • we don’t have a very sexual relationship,
  •  my partner only enjoys oral sex or fingering
  • and so on.

I want to tell you that it really is possible to take your sexual abilities, and your ability to make a woman come first and give a woman intense sexual pleasure to a whole new level – without the use of premature ejaculation treatment pills :).

And it all starts with believing that it’s possible.

From that sense of believe will come the drive to make it happen.

And as metaphysical as this might sound.

The path towards what you want will reveal itself only when you really believe you can achieve it.

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