Make a Woman Come Hard

Trick To Make a Woman come Hard During Intercourse

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Make Her LOVE Sex With This Intercourse Orgasm Method

So the other day I was chatting to my buddy Adam Armstrong. Adam was telling me about a client of his called Dave. Dave had decided to get coaching from Adam because his relationship with his wife (of 13 years) was not in a good spot.

It was pretty much SEXLESS.

Dave couldn’t understand why his wife was ‘never in the mood’ – even though Dave ALWAYS gave his wife oral and a clitoral orgasm before intercourse whenever they did have sex.

“Dave, you’re paying me for coaching. Man the f**k up and do as you’re told”

Long story short – Adam explained that clitoral orgasms aren’t enough to truly SATISFY a woman. And he then taught Dave a simple technique for giving his woman MULTIPLE orgasms during intercourse.

Naturally, Dave was sceptical. He wasn’t very big “down there” and had never given her an orgasm during intercourse in 13 years.

At this point Adam decided to stop playing Mr. Nice Guy and give Dave the medicine he needed

“Dave, you’re paying me for coaching. Man the f**k up and do as you’re told”

3 days later Dave sent Adam this text:

“Adam mate – you were right! I used the technique you suggested and gave my wife four intercourse orgasms last night. No clitoral stimulation required!

“This morning she woke me up with a blow job – then begged me to feel me inside her.

“Looks like everything you said is true – those intercourse orgasms really bring a woman’s desire to life and make her want to please you!”

Here’s what I’m really excited about and the reason I’m writing this post – If you want to make a woman come hard and send her desire through the roof – and make her want to fulfil all your desires – I highly recommend you grab a copy now.

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For more ways to make a woman come hard how about this controversial new way to activate female sexual desire

Some men will instantly dismiss this as total bull, but I think that’s a mistake.

Yes, this seems “too good to be true”. Yes, it seems unbelievable that such a small thing could produce such a dramatic breakthrough in triggering deep sexual desire in women.

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New Way To Trigger Animalistic Mating Instincts In Women

Have you ever been in a situation where you start talking to a woman (whether that be a woman you just met or your wife of over 10 years) and it’s clear there’s no sexual energy there?

The kind of experience where you know if you even tried something sexual you’d get rapidly rejected?

make a woman orgasm quicklyPerhaps this has happened more than just once? The point is it sucks when that happens, doesn’t it?

Well, look,  I want to share something with you that’ll help you substantially reduce the chances of this happening to you again AND help make it easy for you to trigger sexual desire in her.

This was actually discovered back in 1986 by a group of scientists and PhDs at the chemical senses centre in Philadelphia.

What I’m talking about is a nearly odourless stealthy pheromone scent I discovered from a doctor friend of mine that makes it, and has been quietly selling it on-line for the past 15 years.

When I first heard of the idea behind pheromones I instantly figured it had to be a total load of B.S.

The idea that you can apply a special scent to yourself and have women feel more sexual desire for you actually works! It turns out this whole idea of “pheromones” is a little more sophisticated than just applying a special scent.

See, the odour of the right pheromone oil can trigger a real biological response within a woman and multiple peer-reviewed studies have found that these special compounds can activate a measurable hormonal response.

Look, I won’t go into all the science here (there’s a link below where you can read more about that if you like).

If you’re looking for an edge to help you attract more beautiful women – and make a woman come hard every time you get her into the sack then I recommend you at least explore this further.

A surprising number of men are experiencing extraordinary success with these special pheromones and I want to give you the opportunity to join them.

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New Lust Hormone Scent Triggers Deep Attraction In Women


PS – Remember, sexual desire starts in a woman’s mind.

Fundamentally it’s a biological reaction that takes place in the brain. It’s only from there that she starts thinking sexual thoughts and acting on them.

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The 7 Different Types Of Orgasm (Or how to make a woman come hard in 7 different ways)

If you’re currently relying on only one or two different orgasm types to satisfy your woman you are making a big mistake. Discover the SEVEN different types of orgasm you can start giving your lover immediately here…

7 Different Female Orgasms Revealed

Let me ask you a question – Are you unhappy with the amount of sex your getting?

Are you frustrated that your lover doesn’t yell and scream your name out loud every time you make love?

stay hard in bed pillsDo you ever wish your lover would beg you for sex, instead of having to chase her for it?

Do you ever dream of having the power to make a woman come hard and give her so much pleasure that her entire body shakes with ecstasy and becomes physically addicted to sleeping with you?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then it’s likely you’re stuck in a very linear way of thinking when it comes to satisfying women in bed.

Now I’m not pointing any fingers. For a long time I was the same. Who would ever have thought there were 7 different types of female orgasms? It’s not exactly the kind of thing we’re taught in school now, is it?

But the truth is that there are 7 different types of orgasm you can give a woman. There’s are 7 different ways to make a woman come hard.

And if you’re not utilizing them, this could be the reason why your lover isn’t jumping all over you, begging to have sex night after night.

To ensure the next time you have sex truly blows her mind use the techniques necessary to give her these different types of orgasm.

You won’t believe how she responds when you start giving her body this type of stimulation.

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Make a woman come hard -7 female orgasms tricks

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Some of these orgasms I guarantee you’ll NEVER have heard of before.

How To Create A Date That Leads To Sex

Have you ever wanted to turn a date into an exciting, fun and passionate sexual experience in the bedroom, but then struggled to figure out all the actual “mechanics” of making it happen? Like which accessories to use, how to make the room perfect, how to set the stage just right?

Or how to naturally transition a seemingly platonic, average or uneventful date into a wild passionate sex-filled experience? The truth is that most guys struggle with this.

Most guys would love to turn their dates – whether with a long-term partner of many years or first date – into nights of exciting and engrossing love-making.

But few know how to pull it off. And honestly, this is one of those things you need to do just right.

Take a wrong step in the process and you can fall flat on your face, get rejected or just end up watching a movie on the couch with no sexual electricity to be felt whatsoever.

But if you get it right you’ll know one the biggest secrets to triggering intense sexual desire in a woman.

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The Orgasmic Fantastic Sex Date