How to make a woman want you sexually

make a woman want you sexuallyHere’s a tip on how to make a woman want you sexually – it’s to focus on giving … what do I mean by that?

I’ve talked about this before in the past, but I want to share a new perspective on it today…

You’re probably already be giving to your loved ones to a great extend, but today I’d like to challenge you to give even more.

Take some time to really understand their view of the world, understand how they see things, understand their problems and challenges, their goals and aspirations, and understand them from their point of view.

Often this will mean actually sitting down, taking some uninterrupted time and imaging being them…

Put aside your own point of view, stop thinking of how they “should think” and instead just understand their point of view completely.

When you do this, when you really understand another person’s point of view, something incredible happens.

You get to see their challenges and problems in a whole new light.

And as a man dealing with a woman, you’ll find that when you do this your solutions to her problems will be completely different. And the upshot of this approach is that it’s the best way to make a woman want you sexually.

Instead of trying to suggest logical steps to fix a problem she talks about, you’ll understand that really what she wants is your undivided focus and attention, and often when you demonstrate that you whole-heartedly emphasize with her, that in itself solves most of the problem.

When people get frustrated and angry it’s quite often because they feel misunderstood.

So by letting go of yourself and instead focusing completely on their perspective, their point of view and their model of the world, you become able to solve relationship challenges and take your relationship with anyone who you do this exercise with to a whole new level.

This is an amazing gift you can give over this holiday period.

And of course, this approach is just as valuable when it comes to sex too.

Understanding how your lover REALLY feels about sex will enable you to solve a whole host of challenges including why you may not be getting as much sex as you like or why she’s not orgasming as much or enjoying sex as much as she could.

So take some time to think about this idea of really getting into your lover’s head and thinking from her point of view and I think you may just have your biggest breakthrough yet.

Warmly, Phil

PS – I want to provide you with an opportunity to take your education and knowledge further, because I know this is what many of you are looking for.

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