Make a Woman Wild in Bed

Make Her Wild in Bed Tonight

make a woman wild in bedHow to make a woman wild in bed – this is a common problem.

So, what do you do if your lover says she can’t orgasm during intercourse, she can’t experience multiple or squirting orgasms or she can’t orgasm at all?

Look, if your lover thinks she can’t orgasm it can be a challenging situation.

As a result she may not enjoy love making as much. She may even sometimes avoid it. So here’s the deal: In my opinion, every woman has the ability to orgasm. If they haven’t orgasmed yet or they rarely do, then it’s for one of two reasons:

1. You’re not using effective enough techniques to make a woman wild in bed.

This is nothing to worry about.I’ve been there. It’s solvable

2.  Her beliefs about not being able to orgasm are actually stopping her from experiencing one.

This is more challenging, but also possible to get around. This is most easily done by gradually and step-by-step. Provide her with case studies and reasons to believe she can orgasm.

For today’s post let’s address reason number 1.

I’m doing this, partly because, if you can use effective enough techniques this will change her beliefs without you having to do persuade her of anything.

I mean think about it – if you use a powerful technique and actually give her an orgasm it kind of forces her to change her beliefs, doesn’t it?

OK, so if you’re struggling to make a woman have an orgasm what you’ve got to do:

Firstly, you’ve got to study up. Most men, myself included, are not born with the knowledge of how to give a woman multiple intense orgasms. But, fortunately it can be learned. So go out and learn it!

Pay Attention  to Her

make a woman come every timeSecondly, start paying a lot more attention bed. Instead of just routinely going about love-making, become acutely sensitive to how she responds to everything you do in bed.

Become a sniffer dog, where you’re trying to sniff out the perfect technique for satisfying her.

Try different positions, try different speeds and tempos, try different techniques, try different pleasure points.

Try every variable you can. And while you’re doing it, pay close attention to how her body responds.

She may not be the type of scream out loud with pleasure. But every woman gives off subtle cues in the form of tiny twitches, movements, spasms, temperature changes and so on. So start looking out for them. This is one of the keys to learning how to make a woman wild in bed.

Do this and you’ll become substantially more effective in bed.

If you’d like to discover some actual techniques that are proven to increase her satisfaction, then watch the video below.

While every woman is different, and while yours may be special in the sense that she finds it difficult to orgasm or experience intense pleasure in bed, there are certain universal principles that apply to all women and their ability to orgasm.

If you apply these principles to make a woman wild in bed I bet even your lover could be made to go wild in bed with pleasure. Discover exactly how to do it below:

make a woman have powerful orgasms