Make her come fast

How to make a woman orgasm quickly

make her come fastMen often ask me if their stamina affects the amount of sexual pleasure it’s possible to give their woman.

Sometimes it does, but it’s often not the only important factor.

With the right special method, it’s possible to trigger deep waves of pleasure (that leave their lovers longing for them every night) in no time at all.

And with sex, seeing is definitely believing.

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How you use your cock is just one factor affecting the intensity of your partner’s orgasms. Arguably it’s not even the most important one.

After all, multiple studies have shown only 25% of women can orgasm from intercourse alone. The rest of them need other sources of stimulation to really start enjoying themselves.

And where does that come from most of the time?

Their clitoris

Since it’s packed with nerve endings, combining clitoral and vaginal stimulation unleashes deep orgasmic pleasure.

However, most men aren’t scratching the surface of the pleasure it’s possible to give their woman from a clitoral orgasm.

It’s for a very simple reason:

2/3 of a woman’s clitoris is actually just below the surface of her body.

Since most men are preoccupied with what their member’s doing, they’ll only focus on fingering the visible third.

So the part below the surface gets ignored, severely limiting the amount of stimulation the clitoris received.

This part is so often neglected. This makes the nerve endings absolutely ripe for triggering powerful orgasms. A unique way to make her come fast and increase orgasmic pleasure from her brain.

And finding this part of the clitoris is just the first step.

There’s an advanced sex technique that stimulates a woman’s entire clitoris. Both the visible and hidden parts and allows you to unleash wave after wave of body-quaking orgasmic pleasure all through her body.

To learn these powerful methods demonstrated step-by-step, check out the video below:

make a woman have powerful orgasms

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