Make a Woman Crazy in Bed :D

How to make a woman go crazy in bed

make a woman crazy in bedWant to know how to make a woman crazy in bed and give her so much pleasure she begs you for more?

But first, I want to share a powerful technique with you right now. I call it “staggered thrusts”. And here’s what you need to know: Women like to be teased.

(This is just a warm up technique of how to make a woman crazy in bed. Watch the video below to get the more advanced techniques.)

They may not ever actually say that to you. But if you watch the result of teasing a woman sexually (in a positive way obviously) you’ll be blown away by how much you can enhance her pleasure.

Think about it. People want what they can’t have. And teasing is how you make someone want something by showing them what they can have. But not letting them immediately have it.

viagra for womenAnyway, I think you get what I’m talking about so let’s get straight to the technique itself.

Tease her to please her

This technique incorporates teasing. And here’s how:

Staggered thrusting means instead of going full depth at the first opportunity – progress inch by inch. Thrust 10 very shallow thrusts, perhaps only an inch or so. Then, after that, thrust slightly deeper. No more than 2 inches.

And again, thrust 10 times at this depth. Never going any deeper. Only after those 10 thrusts, then you go deeper by an inch. And repeat this process to slowly progress the depth of your thrusting.

Here’s what effect this has: It gets her thinking (and wishing) about you going full depth before you actually do it.

See, instead of you going full depth right from the get-go, you make her wait for it. And by making her wait for it, she starts thinking about it and therefore wanting it more.

This creates positive tension. When you do finally reach full depth it will be a huge release of tension. Sometimes doing this alone can bring her to orgasm. It will certainly go some distance to make a woman go crazy in bed.

Pretty cool, right?

Well there are a lot of ways to tease and create tension through the way you thrust. And I recommend you experiment with what I’ve just shared as well as other methods for positive sexual teasing.

Advanced techniques to give a woman extreme sexual pleasure

Anyway, what you’ve discovered here is really only the tip of iceberg. There’s a lot more to this topic, and if you’d like to discover advanced ways to manufacture sexual tension and give your lover powerful orgasms, watch the video.

You could be just one technique away from having your lover melt in your arms and giving her this much pleasure could be the one thing stopping her from wanting you over and over again.

Discover multiple techniques here:

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