Make a woman have an orgasm – the triggers

make a woman have an orgasmThe main thing you have to realise if you want to make a woman have an orgasm every time you have sex is that it’s simply matter of cause and effect.

If you perform a very specific set of actions and techniques it can be easy to make a woman have an orgasm that is very intense and pleasurable.

But of course this works the opposite way too…

If you don’t do the very specific things necessary, then even if you try very hard in everything else that you do but you miss the specific actions and techniques necessary, you’ll find it incredibly difficult to make a woman have an orgasm – or at least to have her orgasm in the kind of way that gets her to beg you for more over and over again.

So if you want the kind of results that only very few men get…

If you want to live a sex life where your lover is constantly wanting more sex, is constantly trying to surprise you sexually, is constantly wanting to explore new sexual adventures with you and just all-round can’t get enough of having sex with you…

Then you need to become a student of these triggers.

You need to study what these pre-determined “buttons” are which when pressed, can drive a
woman wild with satisfaction.

Every woman has them. Every woman has certain things that drive her wild.

You may even have witnessed glimpses of them.

You may know some particular approach or method that drives her wild, or you may once or twice have seen the potential in your lover to experience significantly more sexual pleasure… or you may just understand that it’s at least potentially possible.

Remember, what most people think a woman can experience in terms of pleasure in bed is probably only 1% of how much pleasure she can actually experience.

Imagine if right now the pleasure you regularly give your lover was only 1% of her total potential for pleasure.

It doesn’t matter how good or bad you think you already are, no matter what you’re doing, imagine that her current sexual satisfaction is only 1% of its full potential.

Now then imagine what that 100% could look like.

This may seem like a stretch or difficult to believe, but I’m asking you to imagine this with me because few men ever tap into a woman’s full capacity for pleasure.

When you know the right techniques, you can make a woman have an orgasm so powerful it can take over her entire body and mind.

They can literally vibrate with pleasure and experience ecstasy right from their loins all the way to their finger tips and have their minds frazzled for hours afterwards.

It’s hard to put into words just how much potential there is for female pleasure, but I’m trying my best because I want you to understand that there’s a good chance that you’re only scratching the surface of how much sexual pleasure is possible.

And when you start moving beyond the surface and driving a woman WILD with sexual fulfillment… how she looks at you, treats you, respects you and loves you… will never be the same.

Very few men can offer a woman this level of pleasure, but to those who do get the kind of
rewards most men dream about.

Now it may sound like I’ve gone a bit metaphysical, but I’ve only done so because I’m trying to describe something very intangible and unfortunately something that very few men understand, but would very much appreciate the results of achieving.

Set an intention to give your lover more pleasure than she’s ever experienced before, pay careful attention to her body during sex, watch closely how it responds to your actions and do what it takes to give her a whole new world of joy in bed.

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Talk soon,

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