How to make a woman hot in bed

So you want to make a woman hot in bed …

make woman hotHave you ever wished your partner would be more adventurous? Or ever wished for your partner to want to try something new? It could be a new sex position. Or a new sex location. Maybe giving you oral sex. Or having anal sex, having a threesome, or anything else. If you want to make a woman more hot in bed, keep reading.

I will acknowledge outright that some women will never  try certain things. However, most men underestimate what their lover can be persuaded to do. With the right technique you cane significantly increase a woman’s desire for sex, of all kinds, with you.

Many guys fall into the trap of thinking that their lover is a ‘reserved’ type. Or that she’s the type of woman that doesn’t want to try new things. But this is much less often the case than most guys think.

Deep down women actually want to be adventurous. The challenge is just that often most
guys don’t know how to unleash that desire in her to try something new and make a woman hot in bed.

Women need guidance

Many women are naturally reserved when it comes to trying new things sexually. Therefore they really need someone to guide theme through the process.

See, trying something new, especially when it comes to sex, is a scary experience.

Trying something new can mean potential embarrassment. It can mean potential rejection. It can mean potentially not looking sexy.

Without the proper guidance from you, trying something new may not initially seem worth it to her.

Therefore, if you want to make a woman hot and start experiencing some radical new things with your partner, you have to guide her through the whole process.

You have to reassure her all the way that it’s going to be a pleasurable experience.

And you can use words to do this.  Also through your body language and your actions when you hold the belief that she’s definitely going to enjoy the new thing you’re going to try together. You’re going to be focusing on her pleasure, not
yours. So she knows that if anything does come up that she doesn’t like then you’ll be happy to stop and she won’t have to feel guilty. It’s not about you, but about her.

First steps to making a woman hot

OK, so how do you get her to try something new in the first place?

Well the key is to create a positive association to whatever it is you’d like her to

To take a simple example, say your lover right now won’t give oral sex, but you’d like her to start doing so.

By the way, don’t get caught up in the specific example. This can be interchanged with any specific thing you’d like her to start doing or just her being more adventurous in general.

The key here is to get her to think positive things about the idea of oral sex.

Right now, she’s probably not wanting to give oral sex because for some reason she thinks it won’t be enjoyable for her.

She may be worried about not doing it well. Or she may be worried about not enjoying the process. She may be worried about the taste, etc.

Positive reinforcement

Well, if you want to her to start giving you oral sex, then you need to either disprove the negative beliefs she has about giving oral sex (which can be difficult, especially if you don’t even know what they are) or you can create positive associations that outweigh the negative.

I recommend the latter, at least to begin with.

Now the way to actually do this is to begin to build a positive picture of what will happen for her when she does it.

And be prepared to do this over a period of time, not all at once.

What I recommend is you start mentioning how sexy you think it will be for her to do it.

Let her know how pleasurable it’ll be for you. She’ll get excited about the idea of successfully making you feel great.

And create an image whereby if she were to do it great things would happen in terms of how she would feel.

And do this over time by talking about it and mentioning it now and again.

Things to do and to avoid

Now as an important side-note: you should do all these things from a loving place.  Never use negative reinforcement.  Don’t imply that you won’t be happy if she doesn’t do it. Imply that you’ll care for her no matter what she does, but just let her know that you’ll really enjoy it if she’s tries the new thing.

Also as a second side-note: don’t ever push her to try something she doesn’t want to do.  If you’re coming up against resistance when getting her to try something new it means you haven’t done a good enough job of persuading her of the benefits.  Go back to creating a
positive association for her and don’t force her to do something she isn’t ready for yet.

If you have the patience and stick at it you’ll be incredibly surprised at just how much your lover is willing to do.

To discover more strategies for persuading your lover to try new things, as well as techniques to give her more sexual pleasure, check out the video below.

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